i...i can't stop

If I’ll write a Lunyx long fic … In more episodes… Sort of following the canon plot but also not … Where Nyx survives and try to “see Luna safe to Altissia” … With all the stuff we see Luna doing in the canon game too, but with Nyx … Would you guys read it?

That would include:
Nyx and Luna changing their clothes somewhere, meeting Umbra/Gentiana out of Insomnia, Luna going to Titan, the actual journey, then Luna speaking with Ramuh, Nyx protecting her all along, Luna healing people with Nyx watching her back, Nyx having back his magic thanks to Noctis becoming the new source of lucian powers, Nyx and Luna in Tenabrae, Nyx seeing her wedding dress designed for her wedding with Noctis, angst, Ravus meeting Nyx in Tenabrae, Ravus yelling at Luna because of her mission, Nyx asking about “what mission”, Nyx feeling betrayed by Luna, Nyx descovering that Luna’s mission is so dangerous she’s probably gonna die, Nyx promising to Ravus that Luna won’t die, angst again, their journey to Altissia, Luna’s affection for Noctis, Altissia! Gondalas, restaurants, sunsets and hotels, maybe a stolen kiss on the gondola, then the Leviatan mess and only god knows what else and how all this could end …

Ok, would you read that?

ive been laughing for like the last hour because likealeafonthewind and I got talking abt obi-wan in general and then specifically Ad Verecundiam (aka the timetraveling vader au) and what Obi-Wan in the original timeline is up to

and while I’m of the opinion that there is no original timeline, that Vader is now a paradox, because otherwise it’s just too sad

it also came up of what master obi-wan would think of the fact that his stupid former padawan traveled back in time and ends up banging his younger self like