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hi!! so i was thinking about your fic of bruce going to walmart and getting baffled by how cheap things were and i wanted to know how he feels about dollar stores/if he even knows they exist!

I think that while he’s probably aware of things like the Futian market, and the ability of dollar stores to sell cheap products through wholesale purchasing of inferior goods or travel-sized versions of name brand products, he (like a lot of people) was probably less aware of things like Wal-Mart’s ability to decide on price points that they can then force suppliers to adhere to under the threat of not having their products available in Wal-Mart stores, such that any company that does business with Wal-Mart can be forced to completely alter the way they do business.

I also got some shit at the time from people who thought Bruce Wayne would be more than familiar with the horrors of at-will employment, etc, but the fact is that whenever I’ve seen someone discuss the shit they’ve gone through as a retail employee in an at-will right-to-work state, I’ve also seen anyone middle-class or higher express shock and horror that these kinds of things are legal, totally unaware that these things exist and what they really mean for workers. For someone like Bruce Wayne as I write him, as someone who has never been victimized by these laws but to whom it would also never occur to try and victimize anyone else under such laws, I think it’s a completely reasonable blind spot for him to have.

ELI5: Why is the majority of girls handwriting nicer looking than boys?

I am not sure I can tell you why, but it is definitely a relatively new thing. I am doing some work with a historian and she has a giant collection of documents from about 1600 up to the late 1800s all written by men (ship logs, manifests, trade and commerce and tax documents, etc.) and virtually all of it is more legible than anything I see from first year university students.

That suggests some substantial change in how we teach penmanship which has been bad for men/boys but either beneficial or no change for girls and women.

The theory that we teach handwriting when girls are developing fine motor skills while boys are still doing gross motor skills makes the most sense. Most guys I see can write legible math, numerals (1, 2, 3 etc.) and then math symbols are taught at a different time than cursive writing and reinforced differently, so it may be that time context and reinforcement are big factors and simply moving when joined up writing is taught would fix it. Though many of my students have told me they didn’t learn cursive in school or their younger siblings aren’t learning it.

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Why are you so rude to the anons you get?

 because personally i don’t have time for petty cunts who confuse bashing someone for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. hate doesn’t bug me, i’m used to it at this point, there’s nothing you can do to get rid of it, it’s the internet. but me handling assholes the way i need to does not make me fucking rude. 

1. constructive criticism is helping someone get better, plainly calling my portrayal bland without further detail elaborating on why is clearly not criticism but someone being an ass. furthermore, when i ask for criticism, then it’s fine, i don’t need to be bombarded with it. does that make any sense?

2. i’m extremely weary of shit like because every fucking day i get sent messages telling me to delete because apparently i’m keeping other rick blogs from getting people to write with, so how do you think i feel? i was defending myself in a humorous manner. bye.

A few years ago when I was wandering around a cute little town just outside of Budapest, a picture was snapped of me by a stranger on his fancy camera. I was in the middle of laughing and taking a bite of my ice cream. I’ve always wondered how that picture turned out.

Remember that office comedy idea? Did you think I was joking? Might do a part 2 with other characters and ocs including but not limited to, Ed, Edna, Cyrus, Daniel, Sonia, Evie, Sigan, Hatsu, and who knows who else…

Ships will also include Garsako, Kasiko, Wuyu, Dernin, Clillie, and one sided Wusako and Garmalouse… and maybe more as I put in more characters. Most likely they’ll be 4 panel jokes or recreated scenes from parks and rec lol

Note not all of them work in the same office or anything though, Rose is a journalist, Ella is a barrista, Ronin is unemployed, Wu is actually more or less an aid to his dad who’s the mayor, and Namiko and Kasai are just the interns for now.

Go to marmardoesart on deviantart in my ninjago folder or something like that for a lot more on each character lol