i....can't anymore

Anyone else notice the symbolism here?

Jack is in the middle of the picture, both here and on the comic’s cover

How convenient that the call from Petras covered Gabriel’s side of the picture - because, as I’m sure we all remember, a part of Jack died when Overwatch fell, and maybe that was also because he’d just lost one of the most important people in the world to him

I am honestly trying very hard to accept that S4 is real, trust me, but I just can’t. Each time I am like: okay, this is it, it was real after all. I remember all the inconsistences, plot holes and horribly bad writting, all the things they said before it aired and I can’t! I simply can’t! Where is the rug pull? where is everything? Why didn’t they care about their final episode, the most secret of secrets (remember they wouldn’t even give us the name) being leaked twice?
Do I have to believe that the same people who wrote TAB wrote this shit? Pleople don’t change their writing like that, don’t go from taking care of every little detail to this, the same way any other artist wouldn’t screw their creations when they know they can do better and claim it’s their best. It just makes no sense at all.
I wish I could just accept it.