i....am trying this

I will just say,

Even though our boys weren’t nominated, and that’s definitely a huge bummer, Daehyun and Youngjae are still BEAMING right now. They look so happy. So all that’s to say, they noticed our efforts. And it brings them joy. And that’s all I need.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to smile with them. And they’re gonna kill the upcoming performance, we already know 👌🏽

to anyone doing theater

pls don’t take ur stage managers shit. ask. if they can afford to have you use it, the will let you. if they can’t, then you won’t be allowed to use it.

you never know if that’s their last pencil, and they need it to take blocking notes because half the cast doesn’t write their blocking until the week they’re supposed to be off book.

sincerely, a stage manager with no pencil.

anonymous asked:

Leo, C5, and the one from Pepbirb, which is linked to the one you did for Kana

LEO ANON, DARLING, SWEETIE, LIGHT OF MY LIFE– yeah ok I am so sorry friend I didn’t forget you I swear just for whatever reason I have problems drawing that one face?? it never looks right buT I POWERED THROUGH IT AND HERE IT IS FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE

(i’m still not sure he looks all that great buT HERE U GO)

lovecats47  asked:

Oooooo! Michael is in trouble!

MICHAEL: You don’t even understand- I am in so much trouble. The moms don’t know what to do with me.

JEREMY: They should make first days illegal. They’re just always terrible.

Stop it.

I’ve been getting a lot of asks from people about Jazzy aka Elder-Jeremiah and I acknowledge them. I will not post them. They are a breach of her privacy and very childish to send me these things. Stop sending me things that may upset her. Stop it. I will not apologize for calling specific people out because you may deserve it at this point- you call yourselves her friends and yet you betray her trust like this? She obviously told you things she trusts you to keep a secret- and you go and share it? Disgusting. My tone implies I am very upset- that is not the case. I am mildly disappointed at best; but either way- Do not betray your friends trust. She trusted you and she may not be upset- but you still betrayed that trust. I will not put up with it. Approximately 430 people follow this blog and by sending that to me in a ask- That is asking me to either share it or delete it. I will delete it. Congratulations, You just tried to share a friends secret to four hundred people.

my life got 100% better when I started dressing how I wanted to dress and not how I thought I should dress. I stopped caring if stripes were unflattering, I just wore them. I started wearing bold prints because they made me happy. I ordered huge shirts, pink trainers, heart shaped sunglasses. I started to let myself look on the outside how I felt on the inside, and let me tell you, I have never felt freer in my entire life 

Realizing how alone you are is one of the worst feelings.

A message to someone I love


morrowind: fill a house with your weird shit no problem as long as you don’t go over the item limit. collect ash statues or stack books all the way up to the ceiling if you want

skyrim: fuck you. you can’t even put a cup on your fucking table without sending it flying across the room knocking everything else over, much less actually stand it upright. lydia takes a seat and absolutely demolishes your haphazard stack of books that were clipping though each other anyway. better not accidentally shout or you’re fucked. next time you load up your save all your shit is on the floor again. fuck you