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For the 5 ficlet, how about percabeth and the five times one of them tries getting a pet?


Percy was six years old when his mother took him to the aquarium for the first time. Sally and Gabe had gotten married a few months ago and things at home hadn’t gone the way she planned, but she finally managed to save enough money to take Percy out to a nice place.

Percy was more than happy to visit the aquarium, even though he wasn’t sure why he was hearing voices calling him “Lord”. When he told Sally, she just laughed and told him to find his favorite exhibit, Percy didn’t see the worry on his mother’s face.

Percy loved the aquarium, he couldn’t remember the last time he had felt this happy—well, a time when his mother’s cooking wasn’t involved. They stayed there from opening time until closing, enjoying each other’s company and feeling happy to be together, away from Gabe.

“Can we buy a fish?” Percy said when they were walking back home.

“I don’t think right now is the best time to get a pet,” Sally said, holding his hand a little bit tighter.

“I can take care of it, mom!” Percy replied. “Please! I can buy the food with my allowance!”

“Gabe won’t allow it sweetie, but I promise you, one day I’ll get you a pet,” Sally said.

“But mom!”

“I’m really sorry baby, I truly am.” Sally couldn’t look  Percy in the eyes; she didn’t want to see the sadness in them. “But maybe I can bake you some cookies?”

“Can I help?”  

Sally laughed. “Of course you can! You’re my little assistant after all!”

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Patty Tolan, queen of the bisexuals ™

I’ve seen people make these three friends and it’s so pure and wholesome that I just have to agree

therefore: casual hangouts~

300 words prompt: { weecest!first kiss | little gift to @jaredpadacock who also deal with my random shit and doesn’t run away lol }

Dean has already kissed a lot of girls– at least that’s what he says every time Sam asks him, and Sammy believes him because his big brother is almost 15, so it means Dean knows a lot of things. But for some reason, he doesn’t tell Sam how it feels to kiss someone. Dean says it’s something Sammy has to find out for himself, but Sam just thinks it’s kinda gross to put his lips against some random girl’s.

“It’s fine Sammy.” Dean says. “You’ll find a cute, special girl when you’re older and you’ll just want to kiss her.”

“But Deaaan–” Sam drags his brother’s name a little longer than necessary, knowing how perfectly well that trick would work on Dean at any time. It’s a low blow, but Sam doesn’t care too much in that moment. He’s curious and he wants to know what’s like to kiss someone. “I want to know now.”

Dean just laughs and pushes the swing a little higher, trying to distract him. It’s a good trick, okay. Sam giggles at the sudden movement, but even so it’s not enough to make him forget about the current subject. Sam is just too stubborn for his own good.

“De, show me!”

“This isn’t something… brothers do.” Dean replies a bit too quickly. “You know? Just friends kiss like that.”

“But we’re friends too!” Now Sam is shocked. He forces the swing to stop and looks over his shoulder to stare at Dean, eyes wide and at verge of tears. “We’re not friends anymore, Dean?”

“O-of course we are, Sammy.” Dean gulps loudly. “We’re best friends, right.” But Sam keeps staring at him, waiting and finally, finally Dean gives in. “Okay! Okay, just one kiss– and if you ever tell Dad we did it, I’ll never talk to you again!”

“I won’t! Promise!”

Sam smiles and readies himself, closing his eyes as Dean moves around the swing. He’s almost jumping out of his skin in anticipation, but then Dean’s hands are resting on his cheeks and warm lips are touching his–and it feels nice. He kinda likes how Dean’s lips feel soft. It’s nothing like Dad’s kisses on his forehead. Dad’s stubble make his skin feels weird and itchy. Dean makes him feel… loved, in some way.

Dean keeps kissing him for a minute before moving away and Sam’s smile is brighter than before.

“Happy now?”

“I don’t think you did it right, De.”

His big brother rolls his eyes, trying to look annoyed–but his smile is just as big as Sam’s, so Sammy knows it’s okay to ask for another kiss.

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@kadarakings okay I hate you because now I’m actually thinking about this gd Moulin Rouge AU. I haven’t written fanfiction since I was like 12, but here’s a long ass synopsis that I’m literally making up as I go. 

Scott Ryder is a young Romantic searching for freedom, beauty, truth, and above all else: love. His mother always urged him and his sister to fall in love once, but a life lived under his father’s strict rules made it difficult for him to follow her advice. He enlisted in the Marines as soon as he was old enough, following in his father’s footsteps, and has spent the last five years watching others go off on to bigger and better things. However, he finally gets his wish to see the world after his family is involved in a scandal that tarnishes their name. I have no idea what the 19th century version of AI research would be so you’ll have to fill in that blank yourself lol. 

Naive and full of big dreams, Scott is absolutely starstruck by Kadara Port. His father always warned him that the city was full of nothing but criminals and unchecked debauchery - so of course that’s why it’s his first stop. He also hopes it’s the one place where people wouldn’t immediately connect him to Alec Ryder. Scott’s lucky that a smuggler named Vetra Nyx is the first to run into him; anyone else would have mugged him and left him for dead in the Badlands, or so she tells him. Vetra is charmed by Scott’s spirit and takes him under her wing, which is how he ends up spending his first night in Kadara drinking and getting high with a ragtag band of artists and thieves. One man in particular has Scott’s attention, a charming smuggler named (of course) Reyes Vidal. The two are drawn to each other from the moment they meet and after a night of flirting that has Vetra rolling her eyes every time she overhears them, they finally head up to Scott’s hotel bedroom and sleep together. Scott is convinced that this must be love at first sight, and he says as much. 

Unfortunately, when Scott wakes up the next morning, Reyes is already gone. Scott is heartbroken and it’s only made worse when Vetra just laughs and tells him, “Welcome to Kadara, kid.” Scott spends every night after that partying with Vetra and her group, low-key hoping that Reyes will turn up, but he never does. One night the gang, already trashed, decide they need to finally show Scott the jewel of Kadara Port and, more importantly, get him laid so he can finally shut up about his one night stand. They take him to Tartarus. It’s a dance hall, a brothel, a place where dreams come true; it’s like nothing Scott has ever seen before. He’s sucked into the club’s wild party and almost forgets why they came in the first place, until suddenly the dance floor goes still and all eyes turn to see the main event. A man dressed in sequins, a mask, and little else descends down upon the crowd like an angel from heaven, sitting in a hoop that’s being lowered from the ceiling. He begins to sing and Scott recognizes him immediately. He turns to Vetra and asks, unable to believe his own ears, “Who is that?” Vetra doesn’t seem to see what he’s seeing, because she tells him, “That’s the Charlatan.” When she notices the lovestuck look on Scotts face she laughs and tells him, “Normally I’d tell you not to get your hopes up, but we came here to cheer you up, right? How would you like to spend a night with Tartarus’ biggest star?” Obviously he loves this idea.

Vetra calls in a favor and gets Scott set up for a night in the Eiroch suit (named such because the building is shaped like a beautiful, colorfully painted eiroch. Naturally.) If you’ve seen Moulin Rouge, you can guess where this is going. Scott professes his love, Reyes is mortified that he’s been found out and adamantly refuses to admit that he even understands the concept of love. Scott can’t believe this of course because how can someone not believe in love? Love is like oxygen! All you need is love! Too bad for Reyes, Scott’s paid up for the night so he has no choice but to listen to this innocent boy’s ridiculous song and dance. But as the night goes on, Reyes softens and finds himself genuinely warming up to Scott. Eventually Reyes admits that he hopes to run Tartarus one day. Being Reyes Vidal gives him freedom, but being The Charlatan gives him power over so many hearts and minds. He says that’s who he really is - that Reyes is just one of the masks he wears - but Scott doesn’t believe him. “I know you’re better than that,” he insists. Reyes shakes his head, because how could Scott possibly know that, but he’s smiling. “You have terrible taste in men.” 

After that night, Scott and Reyes carry on a relationship in secret. The Charlatan is supposed to be whoever you want him to be, but no client wants their lover to already belong to another man. If Sloane Kelly, the woman who runs Tartarus, ever found out, Reyes could lose everything. Cue jealousy on Scott’s part - “You’re free to leave me, but just don’t deceive me! And please believe me when I say I love you!” Zita, another dancer and an ex-lover of Reyes’ - only fans the flames, whispering to Scott things like, “why would he ever stay with a penniless army brat when he could have anyone here?” Up until that point Scott had been sure that no one knew who he was, but if Zita obviously realized who’s son he was, then Reyes must know too. Things come to a head when Reyes comes to Scott with a plan to take over ownership of Tartarus, which requires killing Sloane Kelly first. Scott accuses Reyes of using him, saying he’s been leading Scott on just so he can seize power for himself. “I’m not a mercenary,” Scott insists as he storms out, “and you’re not the man I thought you were.” 

Things are bad after that. Reyes’ plan goes on without Scott, and all of Kadara hears that its epicenter is under new management. Scott is miserable and inconsolable. He tells Vetra that he was stupid to ever believe in love, to believe that he would ever escape his father’s tarnished legacy. He begins preparing to leave Kadara; the city has lost any of the magic he once saw in it. But!!! As he says goodbyes to Vetra and the group and leaves behind the shabby hotel that’s served as his home, who else does Scott find waiting outside for him but, of course, Reyes Vidal. Scott almost doesn’t hear him out, but Reyes is so earnest and hurt when he tells Scott that he was wrong to have kept his plan a secret, that he just didn’t want Scott to look at him differently. He says that if he has to choose between Kadara and Scott, the choice is easy. He’s given a mutual friend the reins of Tartarus, certain that she’ll treat the dancers better than Sloane Kelly did. The club once seemed like the whole world to Reyes, but ever since Scott showed up things seem so much bigger, and he can’t bear to lose that. Obviously that’s all Scott wanted to hear, he forgives Reyes in a heartbeat, and they live happily ever after seeing the world together and doing whatever the hell they want because they’re free and in love. 


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Can people stop warning for moving GIFs as “epilepsy warning” and start actually describing what the warning is for?


- Folks without epilepsy still have seizures

- Folks without epilepsy (like autism, SPD) can have headaches and sensory overwhelm triggered by the same things that trigger seizures and it is important they are also informed

- Many different things trigger seizures and by slapping them all with a vague blanket warning you’re actually just denying folks access to a post that might be safe for them

- You’re not actually helping me at all, as someone who needs these warnings

If you think you’re only warning for folks with epilepsy, you’re failing at inclusivity and accessibility. You’re also being unnecessarily othering by singling out one disabled group when there’s actually many disabled groups that need this information and precise information at that. Please, for the love of all that’s good, describe what problematic material your post contains.

Describe your GIF warning tags like:

- Flickering

- Flashing

- Fast

- Moving

- Flash

- Flare

- Rotating

There’s probably a whole heap of other tags I’ve forgotten, but that should give you some idea. This is accessibility. A vague umbrella term that others and excludes is not.

Describe. The. Warning.

why k/urotsukki is bad, without hating on the actual ship

i feel like this shit is long overdue, as the fandom seems to have not noticed what’s wrong with the portrayal of krtsk and frankly im sick and tired of seeing the same terrible thing in tags. so, without bashing the characters or the actual idea of the pairing itself, i’m about to list the issues of the godawful fanon kurotsukki and why it needs to stop like immediately. i mean there’s been three seasons ffs, with actual interactions between the characters. there’s no excuses now for how terrible it is. 

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🔥 like, elrond? Tell me about elrond

While I don’t remember if I said it myself, I believe my reblogs and tags have indicated my opinion that Tolkien’s wording as well as basic extrapolation strongly suggests Elrond closely identified with his Numenorean kin, but lemme try for something more actually contrary:

This is a prime example of how funny a thing fanon is, but when I read the Silm I was totally insulated from all fandom input and so my ideas about Elrond and Elros as a set of twins wound up very different from fanon. Like, there’s this idea of Elrond being very scholarly and quiet and reserved and unadventurous, especially in contrast to Elros. Which I did not pick up on in isolation at all because, what stuck out to me about Elrond when I read LOTR as a kid was his…ridiculous level of bluntness about how difficult or dangerous something will be or how much is riding on it (I was SO AMUSED at that bit where he’s just, to Aragorn, “lol if you don’t succeed everyone is doomed no pressure!!11”) And that thing where he was simultaneously like gently, “there’s no reasonable way this is ever gonna work” and “we absolutely have to do this” which I didn’t really have the framework to talk about until I read the Athrabeth, but which still struck me very strongly.

And then in the Silm, there’s that idea of, well Elrond became a loremaster, while Elros became a king. But, I imagined, post-apocalyptic loremastery with no stable institutions would be like, exploring this strange ME to collect or write down the lore and stories and history from unknown peoples or from the survivors of Beleriand; whereas Numenor is similar in its unexplored newness but is this specially prepared hallowed peaceful island, and I thought, the first king of such a place would be a visionary, a planner, a builder - a dreamer even! And I guess, it’s often mentioned that Elrond is a healer? But I barely remembered this because he’s not mentioned as a healer until the 3rd Age, whereas Elros…well, one of my first thoughts about Elros was to flash back to the first time I read ROTK, and that line “the hands of the King are the hands of a healer,” where I was like, “since when?” And once I wrapped my head around who Elros was, I was like “oh! since then?”

And in just stitching things together, I was reminded of that ridiculawesome Mary Sue description from the Hobbit: “He was as noble and as fair in face as an elf-lord, as strong as a warrior, as wise as a wizard, as venerable as a king of dwarves, and as kind as summer.” So many different things, and so much overreaching – to live two lives even, or at least, to live one immortal life to the brim! And I feel like, especially given that his choice to become immortal means being separated from Elros by death forever, there’s a strong element of, “what’s the point of being immortal if I don’t take advantage of having all the time in the world?” And so my impression of younger!Elrond was the guy who is like, learn ALL THE THINGS! Become immortal in order to have all the time to do all the things and see all the things, because the world is so great and there’s so much of it…

Ofc this is Tolkien so everyone goes to hell and there’s a ton of war and really, chilling in a green valley and innkeeping is the A+ life, though also over the ages, it becomes more desperate, “what was the point of becoming immortal if I don’t use it” regarding Sauron and the rings, and the Akallabeth, and the Dunedain. But also…there’s this impression in fandom, and a bit in the text too, that Elros was like, an ideal human? Or, no, not the ideal in the sense of being better than other humans, but having an ideal appreciation of human mortality because he chose it freely. I love that, and I think the same would apply to Elrond, for elves. There’s that other description of him in LOTR: “in his face was the memory of many things both glad and sorrowful.” And…isn’t that close to the ideal for immortality? The focus is usually on how immortality sucks because of all the endless inescapable sorrow, but immortality also means unlimited opportunities for gladness and glad times if you can keep them in your memory, like he apparently has. Those fifteen chieftains! The line “both the sweet and the bitter” is applied to choosing mortality in LOTR, but it applies to immortality just as well.

But anyway, the point is, 2nd age Elrond, literally the most carpe diem of elves! Even though he has unlimited…diems…to…carp…I don’t speak latin at all guys.

A playlist for the day when you’ve been wronged for the last time and decide to cross over to the dark side. [listen]

castle - halsey // the driver - bastille // the devil within - digital daggers // control - halsey // seven devils - florence and the machine // everybody wants to rule the world - lorde // sail - awolnation // monster - imagine dragons // bones - ms mr // once upon a dream - lana del rey // yellow flicker beat - lorde 

Privacy rant

So I started watching Dan and Phil last year because an amazing internet friend of mine liked them a lot. I would never have thought that it was going to be like this.

I’m 24 years old and consider myself as an adult. I really don’t give a shit about (in this case) youtubers personal life. I choose to see and judge internet based people for who they show themselves as and I don’t care what part of their life they choose to show. BECAUSE IT’S THEIR FUCKING CHOICE.

The meaning of a personal life should be easy to understand. It’s each persons life. It’s what’s happening in their life, it’s what’s happening in their head. It’s their private experiences. It’s no ones business but their own. They can show it to who they want. They can hide it from who they want. Simple right? It’s privacy. Which also is something that should be easy to understand. The right to share whatever they want. The right to not share whatever they want.

Some people seem to not understand this. That Dan and Phil (in this case, but it’s the same with everyone else) has a personal life and want privacy. That they can show the internet the things THEY want to and hide what THEY want to. THEY are the only ones who gets to decide what to do with THEIR life. THEY are the only ones who gets to share THEIR experiences and who THEY are. They are people. Humans. Just like you and me.

The phandom scares me. It scares me not only because you think that you can treat people any way you want without a care in the world but also because you show no compassion for other human beings. You don’t only show disrespect to Dan and Phil but to everyone who watches their videos, everyone who follows them on social media. You seem to think that you have the right to force them to do whatever you want, that you have the right to be a puppet master snd hold their life in your hands.

The reality of the situation is that it’s very obvious, at least to me, that both Dan and Phil gets very affected by this. By all the phan stuff that they very obviously don’t want to talk about. By being forced to share things about themselves that they don’t want to share. By not getting appreciated for their videos and for everything they work so hard for but being hated at for not sharing and doing what you want to do. They seem less and less inspired to do what they love because they receive so much hate. And that hurts me. It hurts me to see people being hurt for things they shouldn’t be hurt over.

This whole recent thing about Dan actually reacting to peoples stupid expectations is just one example of how so many people is going too far. I wish that they would say something but as I’ve tried to get through with this posts; they can choose to do whatever the fuck they want.

I have no idea what to do about this. I don’t actually want to do anything. I just want people to stop sticking their noses where they don’t belong.

Phan jokes can be fun but there’s a time and place for everything. Don’t tag them in it. Don’t tag them in fanfics. Don’t comment phan shit on their social media (youtube included). Stop trying to prove things. Stop trying to force things. Just leave them alone and appreciate them for who they are (which is what they choose to show). Just respect them and their privacy and right to have a personal life. I’ve never in my 24 years seen anyone act like this. Please stop.