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South Africa Mens Maggie posting a video of Sam with his top off doing a photoshoot. Hes vain af and hes tainted for me now. I just think absolute prick when I see him.

Lolll I just don’t find him attractive anymore honestly

Color Challenge: Pallet 22, Char Lon'qu please <3


“Woman, if you dare throw that fig hidden behind your back…”

Because I know how much you love throwing figs at the husbando, johnyume.

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I see that u always draw kuroken and others they are HELLLA PERFECT ,but wat about daisuga ;-; SENPAAI DID U FORGET ABOUT THEM?? aahh

I LUV DAISUGA LOLLL I JUST DONT PRIORITIZE THEM … becuas i ship so much… i ship everything… and i dont have time to mull over them all so i just draw my otps  (:3」∠)_