i........was not........prepared

the level of concept acrobatics, story fuckery, and panel salvaging i’ve done to make this comic fit for #mcreyes summer break is unfuckingprecidented.

anyway, Gabe is entranced by simple things and Jesse is just entranced. bonus scruffy Gabe since they’ve been on the road a spell.


[Just a bunch of Sammy doodles, to fill the void.]

Happy Birthday to one wonderful friend and person, @mystofthestars!!

Girl, I hope you get to enjoy a great day and have some time to relax. You are such a hardworking person :D! Also, hope you like this little piece done inspired by your awesome fic, Sleeping Beauty. Very appropied that you kick our feels with new chapter of this masterpiece just a couple of days prior your day XD.

Anyways, you are one of the blessings this fandom has given me; it is always a pleasure to talk to you and the biggest one was meeting you and getting to call you a friend ^^.

Wishing you all best now and always <3.

Nintendo E3

Best Case: Smash 4 Switch, Animal Crossing app looks good, Mario & Rabbids looks okay (or there are more characters wink wonk Rosalina), Zelda DLC out immediately, something about Mother 3/Virtual Console, Pikmin or Metroid that looks good. Arms amiibos are announced with bendy interchangable arms or whatever, Twintelle isn’t immediately sold out. All existing Mario series amiibos are compatible with Mario Odyssey, which also has a health bar ala 64/Sunshine.

Worst Case: Mario Odyssey is delayed until 2018 and they don’t talk about anything we don’t already know about, there’s like more than an hour of Treehouse focusing on the shitty onslaught of upcoming 3DS games, Arms, or even Splatoon 2. There’s no entertaining sketches in between discussing games or whatever.