i.... i can ship it


You don’t have to go down there, Richie. 

Right. I didn’t have to get on a plane in LA, I didn’t have to go to the dinner, I sure as hell didn’t have to come out here. And now I don’t have to go in.

Me: Well, you know i’m kinda multishpper with Voltron. The only thing I really ship is Klance.

Also me: Well well, I also ship Shiro and Matt, but no seriosly, I mean, I ship him with Allura and Lotor and Pidge and…

Dreamworks:Excuse me?

Dreamworks: Do you say something?

Me: Well… Fuck


The Ducktales & Duckverse fandoms are becoming very dear to me; I already love all the regulars to bits (you all are amazing, bless you) and I am praying like all hell other fans stay in their lane and this fandom doesn’t become riddled with toxicity the likes of which drive multiple people to suicide due to bullying over fictional characters and they’re ships & head canons of said fictional characters

I got the ultimate “pairing” to end all pairings:

Coran adopting Lotor as the second son he never had and in turn giving Lotor the father he always wanted.

Think about it! Coran knew the old Zarkon and Honerva better than anyone on the Castle Ship. He could tell Lotor all the stories of how amazing his parents used to be. He might even have pictures. He could then comfort Lotor because he understands how much it hurts to watch someone he cared about become corrupted.

He also begins to teach Lotor all the Altean history and even the language. Lotor is so happy someone is actually willing to take him under their wing, all thoughts of betraying them disappear. Lance is still Coran’s favorite adopted child but unlike Zarkon, he can care for Lotor just as much.

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My friend (the one from before who drew etihw) and I decided to do another contest to see who could draw your favorite non main series character under 10 minutes and it was UNBELIEVABLY HARD!!! She was the one who drew Noir and I drew Mafuyu. To be fair, she has drawn Noir more then I’ve drawn Mafuyu….

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Sombra and Gabe bonding? Jack and Gabe snuggles? Thank you for being open to prompts and thank you for reading this! I'm not good at these sorry!

Does this count as snuggles? I hope it does.

These were actually very lovely prompts, thank you!