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어제 잠들어 버려서 올리지도 못하고 잤네
이제 활동 제대로 시작하네요
기다려줘서 고맙고 활동 즐겁게 합시다
오늘도 응원 많이 해줘요😊🐾

I fell asleep yesterday, I couldn’t even upload and slept
Promotions have now officially started
Thank you for waiting and let’s have an enjoyable promotion
Today as well, cheer us on a lot 😊🐾

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niallhoran: I have wanted to play this venue since I was about 12 years old and last night I did just that .it was a special gig and one I won’t forget too soon. Want to say a huge thank you to @spotify for putting it on and bringing down a very lovely and respectful audience . Also , thank you to the lovely people who did come . You made it very beautiful for me and I really appreciate that . Thank you xxxx

this morning i hit 10k followers and i decided to take this opportunity to thank some of my favorite people here! over the last 2 years and 3 months i got to know so many wonderful friends and people that i admire so much, my life wouldn’t be the same without you!

first of all, i want to thank my 139th follower, the beautiful, talented, amazing, my sun my moon and all my stars, the greatest love of my life @taylorswift. i wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you, you made my life so much better from the second i listened to safe & sound for the first time. you always make me happy no matter what, you never fail to make me smile, your voice alone is enough to calm me down and i literally can’t thank you enough

@13neverforgetyouaslongasilive13 הגר!!! את היית החברה הראשונה שלי פה ואני עדיין זוכרת את היום שבו התחלנו לדבר, זה היה יום רביעי והייתי בכנפיים של קרמבו ולא יכולתי להפסיק לבדוק את הטלפון כי ממש חיכיתי להודעה ממך. את אדם מדהים ואת אחד מהחברים הכי טובים שלי ואני אוהבת אותך ומתגעגעת אלייך מלא!!!

@teardropsonmyguitar AMANADA!!! you were one of the reasons i started editing, you’re so talented and sweet, i love talking to you and getting to know you. thank you for always helping me when i can’t find fonts or brushes that i like (honestly you have everything i need all the time it’s incredible). i still remember how excited i got when you followed me after i was accepted to taylorswiftedit (i’ve been craving your follow for months at this point) and i love you more than words can say 💕

@teylors morgan! 💗 you’re one of my favorite people on here, i love talking to you and editing with you (i let you hear my accent which means i trust you a lot) thank you for being such a great friend, i know i can talk to you about anything and thank you for always taking my side and being so loyal and wonderful

@cages-boxes-hunters-foxes i know we don’t talk a lot but your blog is by far my favorite, i can only aspire to be as smart and educated as you, i’ve always looked up to you and it’s a privilege that i can call you a friend

@speaknow i still can’t believe we’re friends because i started out as your #1 fan (seriously, look at that tag)

i love you so much, you are so supportive and kind, i don’t deserve a friend like you!

@lov-eswift SOFA i love you so much you gif queen!!! you are so kind and generous (i still can’t believe you offered to send me the reputation magazines) you always add the nicest things in the tags on my gifs and every time i see your url in my notifications my heart does a little jump 💞

and LAST BUT NOT LEAST i want to thank everyone on taylor swift trash zone, maybe i’ve only known you for a couple of days but i already consider you my friends, thank you for making me feel like i belong, for making me laugh until my stomach hurts and just for being the amazing group of people that you are. I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!

@shesdeads @neversayingsorry @tamenow @septembersawamonthoftears @bleachela @gothswift @anotherdramadrama @inastorm @taylorkeepdancing @teardropsonmyguitar @thiislove @foundherselfs @inadaydreams @comebackbequeer @ofrunningfoxes @enchanteds @straightlinedownx @alltheswiftienamesaretaken @inmysdreams @tylrx @swifting-it @colorsinautumn @knewromanticks @swiftrecords @tayloralisionswift @hugeselenatorswiftie @lulalulalullaby @inlovewithsomeonelse @swiftchill @starring-inyour-baddreams @sapphicswft @shakeitoffbae13 @youareeinlove @villageisaglow @lov-eswift @stillgotscars @kanyeinterruptedme @speaknow

Congrats Perf! You deserve every one of ‘em!!


I JUST SAW!!! Q//W//Q 


But it’s true that WORDS OR DRAWINGS TRULY CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW THANKFUL I AM TO ALL OF YOU! Q//w//Q Thank you so so much everyone! for making this possible for me and my sister! Q//w//Q Your kindness and generosity means no bounds! Thank you for being my Sunshine!

Taylor!!! Hi!!!

I’m arielle Incase you didn’t know! I graduated nursing school this week and I just wanted to thank you because I totally chose this profession because of you! Ever since I was little I wanted to be like you. I wanted to make people feel better like you made me feel better and make them smile as big as you made me smile.

I graduated this week and I can’t wait to start my journey and hopefully touch lives the way you have touched mine! I can’t thank you enough and I love you from the bottom of my heart Taylor!


BTS_twt Tweet:
어제 잠들어 버려서 올리지도 못하고 잤네
이제 활동 제대로 시작하네요
기다려줘서 고맙고 활동 즐겁게 합시다
오늘도 응원 많이 해줘요😊🐾

I fell asleep yesterday, I couldn’t even upload and slept

Promotions have now officially started

Thank you for waiting and let’s have an enjoyable promotion

Today as well, cheer us on a lot 😊🐾



last week i got something meaningful that i wanted for a very long time  

thank you @danielhowell your words will now stay with me forever

and honestly, not to be a sappy little fluffer but honestly thank you. i wouldn’t be where i am now without your words and your impact on me personally

and now i will always have a reminder when anxiety strikes again, a reminder that i can do it, just like you can, and like i could before 

it’s just a source of strength for me, like an anchor, but one that keeps me going at the same time as it keeps me grounded

also congrats on your handwriting making it onto my skin

anonymous asked:

Jesus Christ, the one and only Son Of God The Father, died on the cross for your sins. He was not sent here to condemn us, but to save us(John 3:16-17)! He knows you more than anyone else! You are wonderful and loved by Him. Let Him lead your life, and love Him with all that you are.

Thank you for letting God use you through these words.
I didn’t know but I needed to hear this. Thank you!

anonymous asked:

I'm a huge fan of your art!! I was wondering what brush settings you use for both lines and coloring??

Aaa thank you!!!!! T__T 💕

Heres the brush I use for lineart/sketching (below that is a concept pen that I use on rare occasions, lemme know if you would like the settings for it too!!):

And the brushes I use for coloring!! (I switch between these two depending on my mood/what style I would like to go for):


It’s after midnight here, so I’m going to be brief.

No, I’m not gone. Yes, I’m going to continue writing. No, I don’t know when I’ll be posting again. I have a full-time job, I’m a single mother, I have a boyfriend and friends. My depression has been severe lately so I’ve not been able to get around to writing for a long time now.

Thanks for the messages, I promise they’ve not gone unread. I will answer when I can. I will write and post when I can. Thank you to everyone who hasn’t yet given up on me.

Was totally going to do laundry today. Then I went to talk to my boss. And now I have mixed and confused and apprehensive emotions. So I’m making spaghetti instead.

Today marks the 2month anniversary of my blog AND my 400 follower milestone, so what better way to celebrate than a follow forever? I can’t believe you would all want to follow me, but I am extremely grateful to everyone who has! In my short time here I have been made to feel extremely welcome in the BTS community and can’t even tell you how thankful I am of that.Below are some of the people that make my dash beautiful (i’m so sorry if I missed anyone!), thank you all♥ My lovely mutuals have a heat because ily♥


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importantshitposting  asked:

I was a fan of your writing. Then I became anxious in anticipation of an update of a story. While waiting, I respected your no asking about updates rule. Eventually I became upset as weeks and months passed by with inconsistent and sparse updates. Eventually I gave up, turned off your notifications and then unfollowed you. I am no longer in anticipation of your works so please don't view this as a update request. I would like to ask why you don't update. If I were that talented I'd post more.

Thank you for enjoying the works that I’ve had out and I really appreciate you reading them, but I can’t help but feel so disrespected by this ask of yours. Have you ever stopped to think about why I don’t post? I am choppy when it comes to posting and I know, and I also completely understand if you don’t like that and unfollowed me because that’s completely your choice. But I’m seriously not going to sit here and take this from you. I go to school and I go to work girl, I stayed up til 6 am studying for an exam this past Tuesday. I wake up at 8 am to get ready for class, drive half an hour there then have 1 hour to get back home and eat then go straight to work until 10 pm. Usually I get out around 10:30, then I go home and wash up and restart my day like that for the rest of the week. I just got home from work not long ago, and I had a pretty fucking shitty day because someone called in and I was left alone. Tumblr’s a place where I can get away to relax, and I logged in just now because there are really great people on here that end up brightening my day with their posts. I’ve never gotten a post like this so I don’t even know what to say? I’m just extremely upset right now because I just feel like you don’t even see me as a person? 

That’s just been the past few weeks, but if you want to know about what’s happened over the past months on why I haven’t updated I can just sum it up by saying I hated my fucking life. When I started work I got such bad anxiety, always telling myself I fucking sucked and I’m a burden to everyone and that I’m super annoying and dumb that I would start to uncontrollably shake for days (and yes, this was in February which was the last time I had a big update). I wouldn’t be able to sleep because I was so anxious, I couldn’t focus on studying and I couldn’t even go about my day without this affecting me. My left kidney barely works (15%) so I constantly have to go to the doctor to do check ups and exams, and that drains me out wondering whether or not it’s getting worse and I’m literally just waiting for the day it dies and I have to take it out. Stress plays a big factor on kidney function, so the more I was anxious the worst pain I got in my back. I continue to stress myself out when I shouldn’t and I know it’s bad but I can’t help myself and it sucks. 

In April, I lost my grandma. She got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October of last year so every single month I spent flying from Texas back to California to see her and help care for her since she was in hospice at my aunts before it got the best of her. I flew back 6 times, and spent about almost what, $2500 on plane tickets? I had to find ways to collect money before my job so I spent all my financial aid and baked sweets to gain that. After that I saved up my paychecks. In June, a friend of mine committed suicide. I’ve gone to school with him since 7th grade, and we used to talk but not so much over the years. I don’t know why it took such a big toll on me at the time, but I couldn’t help but feel so depressed those 2 weeks because all of my friends were friends with him too. I literally saw him a week or 2 before that, gave him a hug and chatted with him for a bit. He was such a nice guy, and was the kind of person who was known and loved by everyone. It’s been 3 months and I still can’t believe he’s not here anymore. A big part of me realized then I really take life for granted, and that’s when I lightened up and started feeling better about my job and myself. 

Yeah, you’re probably reading this like I’m being a little bitch and I always like to keep in my stress/problems because I don’t want to burden other people about it but I’m still amazed you had the audacity to send this. I’m being completely honest right now, I was planning on working on Cat Got Your Tongue this weekend because I finally got a spurt of inspiration this past week and was so excited since that hasn’t happened in so long. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced writer’s block, but it fucking sucks and not only does it affect you as a reader but you’ve never thought that it hasn’t affected me either? Writing was a great outlet for me, and I also loved sharing my idea with others. I’m happy people enjoyed my writing and always hoped it could put a smile on someone’s face. Eventually I got stuck probably because part of my life got in the way and I didn’t have time for it. That also made me depressed because I couldn’t do something I enjoyed. I eventually got stuck in this nasty, stressful cycle and the only things that really saved me were my friends and people here on Tumblr.

I knew it got annoying and I can’t help but feel annoyed and disappointed in myself that I haven’t got anything out in so long, but it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s because I can’t. If you looked at my drafts you’d see I’m really trying right now, but about 5-6 fics are unfinished. One is that I don’t have time, and another is that I just can’t get myself into the groove of writing anymore. 

But I hope you realize that I’m not here on my ass in front of my laptop 24/7 to just cater to you? You think I’m just lounging around at my house and then ignoring people who have told me that they can’t wait to know what happens next in my fics? You don’t know how bad I feel when people say that. I always feel like I let them down, and even the recent fic I’m working on I think is pure shit and I don’t think I should even continue it. I feel like I’d let them down even more if I were to post that, so I want to have it perfect each time I post. Think about that too; I put in my fucking time because I care about what I post and I don’t post shit for just fucking notes or some dumb shit. If you knew me in real life you’d know that I hate fucking writing and it’s my least favorite subject, but i found a niche of writing I actually liked so I’m hard on myself when it comes to posting fics. 

If you really liked my stories, you’d see how much work I put into them. If you really liked my stories, I think it’s not much to ask you to understand I have a fucking life and there’s reasons i don’t post and that my life is not revolved around pleasing you or others. I ask for no one to ask about updates only because I hate responding with the same message, I don’t know. It’s going to be the same answer each time, and every time I tell people it just makes me feel worse because I hate that I can’t bring myself to do it and I feel like I really fucking suck and I know I do. Those asks clutter other people’s dashboards too, and what’s the point in those asks when I’ll never know when the update will be? 

Anyways, here’s your reason for why I haven’t updated. If you’re a reader I’d encourage you to start your own fics, that’s what happened to me when I couldn’t really find anymore fics to read or updates seized. It’s a fun, magical world, and over time you’ll grow and start getting better and better with it. You’ll also understand the work that comes with it and how difficult it is to actually produce a story and also juggling that time with your daily life. You say I’m talented, and that I should post more, but I really don’t think my ass brings any shit to the table compared to all these other amazing writers with great content on this website. Sorry I disappointed you and I can’t give you what you want, so I’m glad you unfollowed me because I don’t want to keep you hanging since I never know when I’ll update. You can easily find other users here that produce writing 10000x better than me, so check them out instead! But please, just understand they’re people with their own lives too and don’t ever send them an ask as disrespectful as this. Don’t let them feel bad about themselves, don’t tell them you were upset because they don’t update according to your calendar. Appreciate them for what they put out, thank them for putting all their time and effort into their works, tell them how much you love their stories and cheer them on and continue to support and respect them for when they have time to update. Thanks and sorry again

Dear Joshua,

Thanks!  I don’t know how many “characters” you’ve met before, but I’m happy to fill the number one slot!

My first burger was at Grilliam Shakespeare’s!  It was one of the most incredible nights of my life – Sis took me to the city for the first time, showed me around the office where she worked, and capped it off by introducing me to the king of foods at a place that serves the best kind you’ll ever find!

It was love at first bite, and we’ve been going steady ever since.

-Maya Fey


The space husbands are reunited. I had to remind Shep we were at work and sexy times with Kaidan would have to wait till after hours when everyone was gone. He was huffed up about it, but Kaidan calmed him down with promises of “benefits” later. 

*Side Note*

I’m a nerd about this and I don’t even care, hahaha. I love this. One again, huge thank you to @shepard-alenko for making this reunion possible. Every time I look over at these guys I just get a big smile :]

anonymous asked:

"I wish I didn't have these feelings, but I do." With Lucio, please and thank you. 💜

Lucio sighs, frustrated, running a hand through his hair. It’s the first time they have ever seen him ruffled; even in the midst of a fight, he preened. He was always aware of himself, of his appearance - they had thought it impossible to shake him.

And yet, here he is, his hair a mess, his shirt only half tucked into his pants, his eyes wild, stubble decorating his jaw. He looks wrecked.

“I’m in love with you,” he says. It is not a confession, it is not soft enough, not gentle enough; there is something in it akin to a wail, some desperate almost-pleading. His eyes turn on them, and there’s an emotion whipping through them like wind in a hurricane, confused and thick and electric.

They blink. “You’re…”

He scowls, grips onto the plush chair nearby with his clawed prosthetic, the golden tips digging into the red pillow, threatening to break through it with a flex of his hand.

“I love you,” he repeats, unhappy, tense. “I wish I didn’t have these feelings, but I do. I can’t seem to stop, no matter how hard I try.”

Indignation. Hurt. Anger. It hits them like a blow, steals away the happiness that had been beginning to creep into their chest.

“How charming,” they deadpan, turning away from him. “Do you expect me to extend my sympathies now? Gee, Lucio, I’m so sorry that I’ve magically become too irresistible for you, the great Count of Vesuvia. Does it weigh on you so very much, the knowledge that you have fallen for a mere commoner?”

“That’s not what I meant, and you know it,” he bites out. 

“Oh? Then, pray tell me, what did you mean, Your Grace?”

For a moment, they both just scowl at each other - but then his shoulders slump, and when he looks at them again, it is plaintive.

“I’m marrying Nadia.” And this is a confession; a miserable, broken one. It steals the breath from their lungs, the anger from their cheeks. It breaks them, too. “The counselors have decided.” His eyes tighten, pained, pained, pained. “And I’m in love with you.”