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Hello! First off I'd like to say I love your art! It's frickin GORGEOUS! My question was: what are your pronouns? I've just noticed in your bio you say "tired guy" and refer to yourself as a girl other times, and I was just curious! If you don't mind my asking C: Thanks for your time!


bleh okay ive been asked this so many times so i rambled under the cut LMFAO

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There’s something that does bother me about DA…

In the moment you find out something obscure that you don’t approve about a character you’re free to change opinions in the same way you are free (innocent) when you like the character without being aware of their negative particularities or whatever trigger the disliking. We are all always figuring out lore, don’t be ‘worried about end up liking’ a character for this, the process of perspective change is always interesting (I agree with the critic over the ‘method’ of sharing lore tho,–

Yeah, in an ideal world people wouldn’t be harassed and run off this website for being ignorant about obscure lore and authors’ comments, but Tumblr is not ideal. So I do worry. Hasn’t happened to me yet but I’ve seen people on my own dashboard being ripped to shreds because they like Michel de Chevin and haven’t read The Masked Empire.

And I am not in the mood for anon hate and smear campaigns if I end up liking the wrong character because I didn’t know that said character was confirmed to be a creep by their author in an interview that took place seven years ago.


He wanted to go home. He wanted it so much that he trembled at the thought. But if the price of that was selling good men to the night, if the price was filling those graves, if the price was not fighting with every trick he knew… Then it was too high.”

➽ Idris Elba old Vimes // John Boyega as young Vimes


I’m going to SG 2 weeks from now and I really need the money so I’ve decided to do commissions!!
I’m open for 10 slots as of now! I will update if ever I can do more before going abroad!

Here is my complete commission info! 

Thank you so much for taking an interest and y'all are so amazingggg!!


They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

Many years later…

Aaand new part for Chara Origins comic! Well, at last Chara actually makes it to the mountain…perhaps things will get better? Well, hopefully so…

Next part will be along whenever I finish it! Only 1-2 parts left, depends on how long they are.

Dogs of Future Past Masterpost

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