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Exo, whom I still see as my cute rookie boys are now in their 5th year. They are now called sunbaenims by many. They have set so many records. They have made so many people happy. They have inspired a lot of people. 5 years and counting. EXO We Are One 사랑하자


@pocpotterweekmarch 22nd: hogwarts founders

“You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal. Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil… Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind. Where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind.”

It’s bedtime

Requested: can you write protective or caring Shawn I love that type of Shawn


“Babe,” You hear Shawn’s voice from somewhere behind you as he enters the dining room where you’re seated at the table studying. You don’t stop reading through the powerpoint on your laptop screen. A second later, you feel his arms wrap around you, and he rests his chin on your shoulder. 

“Hmm?” You finally respond, still not really paying any attention to him. 

“I know you’re stressing, but its time for bed.” He tells you, his voice coming out authoritative, but caring at the same time.

“Can’t.” You reply, “I still have twenty more slides to get through, and then I have another chapter to read.” 

“I know, love. But its bedtime.” He plants a light kiss on your temple before adding, “You’ve been only getting four hours of sleep every night this week. I know its midterms and you have a lot to do, but you can’t keep going on like this. It’s not healthy.” 

He’s right, you’re exhausted. “But Shawn–” You try to protest, but he cuts you off.

“No buts. Unless its your butt in our bed.” He says, reaching over and shutting your laptop, obviously refusing to take no for an answer. He grabs your hand and pulls you up from your chair, “C’mon baby. The work will all still be there in the morning.” He says before leading your exhausted body down the hallway and into the bathroom where you both get ready for bed together.  

au where isak is moving out and even’s the guy who helps with that/taking his stuff to his new place and while theyre outside packing into the car, isak hears a familiar voice greet him and he freezes and turns around and its julian, his ex, holding another boy’s hand and isak screams inside but puts on a smile “hey julian. what are you doing here?” and julian looks at his boyfriend, “we’re on a house hunt. moving in together” and isak clenches his jaw bc fuck that, THEY were supposed to do that months ago before they broke up. then he looks back at isak “and you? moving out?” and isak panics and doesnt think twice about what he’s saying, “yeah actually im moving out to move in with my boyfriend” and he wishes he could take it back or just run but he stands still and julians like “boyfriend?” and isak wants to wipe that smirk off his face, “where is he then?” and then isak hears the car door close and then even is walking towards them with a smile, work finished, and isak just. “here.” and even stands next to isak and is looking between him and julian, “hm?” and isaks like “this is even, my boyfriend. im moving in with him” 

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Super sleepy houses
  • 2 AM at Hogwarts
  • Four lonely Hogwarts students lay awake in their individual common room's dorms.
  • Ravenclaw: *staring up at ceiling* (quietly) if it's 2:00 AM and I wake up at 6 AM, I will sleep for approximately 4 hours...good enough. As long as I have time to study for tomorrow, well, today's test before 7...I'll do that at breakfast...
  • Slytherin: *laying with feet at bed's headboard and head on the end of the bed* WHEN *slams feet against headboard* WILL *slams again* THIS *rolls backwards* NIGHT *somersaults off the bed* BE *falls to the floor wrapped in a blanket still* OVER?!
  • Gryffindor: *holding picture frame of their significant other* I miss you *crying* Do you still love me? Of course you do...it's been 4 hours...but it feels like...*sniffle* FOUR YEARS *cries hysterically* I MISS YOU BABY!
  • Other student in the dorm room next door: SHUT UP
  • Hufflepuff: *holding stuffed animal tightly, staring beyond the window* Oh gosh *pulls blanket tighter* it's chilly...but..the window is farther than I thought...I'll just leave it open. *shudders and pats stuffed animal on the head* I've got you to keep me warm.
Random Sentence Starters:
  • "Any time I say "asking for a friend" you know it's fake because I have no friends."
  • "God bless that ass."
  • "In eight hours I will have been awake for twenty four hours."
  • "If you want to get technical it costs exactly zero dollars to murder someone if you keep it simple."
  • "You can't snort Captain Crunch. That's what Cocoa Puffs are for."
  • "These skinny jeans are stifling."
  • "Are your pants made out of Fruit Loops?"
  • "Yoga pants are the reason corporations go bankrupt."
  • "Your mother would never lie to me."
  • "I'm pretty sure Ren and Stimpy were werewolves."
  • "It's like he has chicken pox but like... on his dick."
  • "Call the government."
  • "Everyone has that one emo band that got them through puberty."
  • "Between you and me I love her shoes but I hate everything that she stands for, if you know what I mean."
  • "The fact that the ocean exists is proof that God is a sadist."
  • "I don't speak German but I'm pretty sure that dude just said go fuck yourself."
  • "I'd sell my soul for a cheesy snack."
  • "I can't date guys who look better in eyeliner than I do."
  • "I didn't learn how to tie my shoes until I was sixteen and three quarters."
  • "If you know that vampires exist it's your civil duty to report that shit to someone."
  • "I'd really like to smack a bitch."
  • "Who gave you permission to breathe my air?"
  • "Would you rather fuck Edward Cullen or Peter Parker?"

aofuta, okay, ship this with me i’m begging you

  • futakuchi always saying things like, “you don’t have to be nervous, we can go at our own pace”
  • but being too nervous himself to make any moves
  • aone being the one to make a lot of first moves (initiates their first kiss, etc)
  • futakuchi always being kind of startled and waaaay embarrassed
  • but still telling aone he doesn’t need to be shy/embarrassed
  • futakuchi takes aone’s hand when they’re walking home one day and he’s blushing really hard, so he puffs out his cheeks and looks away
  • and aone just looks down bc he’s blushing, too
  • and neither of them say anything
  • and they start holding hands every day
  • and they get used to it
  • and futakuchi’s like, “remember how you used to get so embarrassed by this?”
  • and laughs
  • even tho futakuchi pls u were embarrassed too
  • futakuchi trying to comfort aone over people being afraid of him
  • “well, kids are brats, anyway, so it’s not like what they think matters”
  • “girls are judgmental, so you can’t let what they think get to you”
  • “guys are assholes and you have me, so why does it matter?”
  • aone comforting futakuchi when he gets worried about the responsibilities of being captain
  • futakuchi getting mad at the younger members, ready to yell at them
  • aone putting his arm to stop futakuchi, and saying something supportive to the members instead
  • futakuchi talking to the team when aone can’t (which is often)
  • aone stopping futakuchi when he’s about to say too much
  • these two would balance each other out so nicely
  • and they’re date tech’s new parents
  • they even have a problem child to bicker over


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'Many headed Hydra.' A tired Obi-Wan talking about the Senate?

The meeting had been going on for ages and Anakin kind of wished that Palpatine had never gotten him a spot on the council, never asked him to spy or that the council had asked him in return to spy on his friend.

All talking about the Sith master and where he was.

Suddenly Shaak groaned loudly, rubbing her monterals. “Its like hunting a damn hydra.”

“A hydra?” Anakin frowned.

It was Obi-Wan who answered, the of juice cup a padawan had come by after the fifth hour of the meeting pressed to his lips lightly as he did. “A hydra is a creature of mythology, said to be immortal and almost indestructible. A dragon like creature with many heads though the account of original heads varies between three and nine.” He murmured, eyes trained on the window. “Cut one head off and two grows back… but find the dragons main head and cut it off, cauterize the area and no head grows back and that’s the only head that matters for its survival. Always in the middle, always protected.” His eyes glittered.

He got up, cup still in hand as he moved to the back of his chair, staring out the window at the Senate, a dark mood taking over the council room. “Like the many heads of the Senate.”

“Obi-Wan.” Mace voice came low in warning even as Anakin jumped a bit in shock in his chair, staring at Obi-Wan.

The redhead looked back, a thunderous frown on his face. “Like we haven’t all thought it Mace, practically none of those sitting in there are elected by their people but sent by the monarchs and the presidents of their planets. Fighting for their seat of power and not for their people because its the monarchs they have to please, not their people.” Obi-Wan scowled and sat his cup down on the window sill. “And while they hide on Coruscant, the Galaxy around them fights and die while they bicker over meaningless bureaucracy. I read a transcript that detailed parking spots, parking spots in a war time deserved a four hour long discussion.” He sneered. “Its disgusting, its always been disgusting and I’m tired of pretending otherwise.”

It felt like someone had pulled the rug out on Anakin and a quick glance around told him that this was not unusual.

That Obi-Wan had uttered such a thing before.

“Obi-Wan, I know you’re upset and we’ve been here for a long time bu-” Depa got cut off.

“And like this council is any better.” Obi-Wan huffed, still staring at the Rotunda. “Sitting up here in the tower like a damsel waiting to be rescued, waving our handkerchiefs and making rules and demands. Hypocrites all of us.” He dropped his forehead against the cool surface. “Has it occurred to anyone that we’re all going to die?”

There was a crisp silence.

Anakin felt like foundation had been shaken loose, floating in mid air as none of the council members answered his former master.

“I keep hoping that when I die, its going to be on a battlefield, with Anakin somewhere around.” Obi-Wan quietly confessed, passing a hand over his weary eyes as he withdrew from the window.

Hand pressed to it, he sighed. “…We’ve become so insulated and stern and unapproachable that the people we’re suppose to fight for no longer trust us, may even celebrate our deaths. To closely tied to the Senate and politics. We even agreed to be Generals in a war with men made of flesh and bones against droids… I can tell you the name of every single trooper under my command, living or dead. I can tell you how they feel in the Force, I can tell you what their favorite alcoholic drink is and I can tell you which of them can sing a drinking song.” He dropped his hand, staring at them. “Living or dead, I still remember which of them could sing.”

There was a weary light in Obi-Wan’s eyes, shadows far to long and stretched too thin. “Obi-Wan…” Anakin lost his words, unsure what to say.

Green tired eyes flickered over him then back to the rest. “…Jedi in control of a slave army, basically children some of them. Lights in the Force snuffing out with every battle, people with the ability to create and love and worship and sing… and here they are…dying.” He looked away again, staring at the Rotunda once again. “…I’m half tempted to take every man under my command and flee into Wild space.” He snorted, settling his head against the window.

Anakin glanced around before getting up and moving to his master’s side, settling his hand on his shoulder and smiling worriedly at him.

Obi-Wan couldn’t even manage that, staring up at Anakin before settling his head against the others collarbone. “…I’m so tired of watching them die.”

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my hand looks similar and i've got the same problem. i think it's ocd in my case, i wash my hands about 2 times per hour, it's been a problem for a long time so i know how to deal with it. moisturiser! it really does help, moisturise every day, that'll fix the problem. good luck my dude :0

god i wash mine that often too. im a fuckin germophobe. sometimes ill literally wash them like, four times in the span of 20 minutes but that’s by accident more than anything, cuz i keep forgetting i just washed them & i just start going thru the motions without even realizing whta im doin.

im tryin to remember to use aloe vera moisturizer on them more often but so far i have remembered …… twice (in the past like, 3 weeks) so im not doin good at that yet

Critical Role + Aesthetic: Vex'ahlia  (x) (x) (x)

“Do you think this is what mother saw before she died?”


me: so i have the morning off because i worked superlate yesterday! what should I do with these extra hours???? i could clean my car a little or do some writing or pick up around the house a lil

my brain: or u could think about draza’s backstory and about how to completely make her life miserable and also about how she looks under the mask with saturnz barz on loop

me: that sounds like a wonderful idea apparently

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annabeth/percy, parent and teacher au

Annabeth was, frankly, a little surprised to see that Mr Jackson had made it on time. While he was always punctual on the irregular days he picked up his son, they were just that - irregular. And while there had been any number of opportunities for parents to get involved in school activities, she had only ever seen Ms Dare attend after the first day of class.

It was strange. If she’d had to predict which of the two parents would be more hands on with Morgan on that day, she would have said Percy Jackson. Looking at him now through the open door of her classroom, crouched in front of his son and chatting animatedly (complete with the same wide arm gestures that Morgan had accidentally hit more than one person in the face with), she would have said the same thing.

And yet. This was the first time she had seen him in three months, other than the irregular days he picked Morgan up at the gate. The boy spoke about his father (both his parents, actually) in glowing terms, but Annabeth had long held a sneaking suspicion that it was more a case of hero worship than a sign of any close bond between them.

“Please come in, Morgan, Mr Jackson,” she called. The man held up his hand to high-five his son, who whacked it.

Annabeth ducked her head, the moment tugging a reluctant smile out of her. She was met with the same hand that had been high-fived, Jackson holding his hand out to shake. Returning the gesture firmly, she was pleasantly surprised by his equally firm grip. Confident, but with none of the testing bullshit some men liked to pull.

She had wondered, with his easy grins, if Jackson might be one of those men. It was nice to be proven wrong, she thought dubiously. On occasion. Rare occasions.

“Percy’s fine,” he said amiably, taking the seat she gestured to. His hands twitched, like he wanted to pull Morgan up after him. But he didn’t, and the boy pulled himself up into his own seat with ease. There was a rueful touch to Jackson - Percy’s - lips as he glanced back over at Annabeth. “Hey, and I wanted to apologise for not being around and helping out in class more. So far these things have fallen either in the middle of my shifts, or the day after.”

“Sleep day.” Morgan nodded seriously, and Percy flushed a little.

“It’s not as lazy as it sounds, I swear. I don’t - did Rachel tell you what I do?”

Rachel hadn’t, and if it had come up in class from Morgan, Annabeth was embarrassed to find she didn’t remember. Doubly embarrassed that her irritated assessment of the man’s character were quickly proving even more wrong than she’d initially thought. Triply embarrassed, because he had a nice smile, and she wasn’t supposed to notice those things.

“No, but please, tell me. I’m always happy to learn more about my students’ families. It helps me give them more individualised attention.”

Something in the set of the man’s shoulders seemed to relax when she said that, and it was only then that Annabeth realised how tense he had been holding himself. One of his knees jogged up and down, although it didn’t seem like he’d realised what he was doing.

“Right. That’s good. And - I’m a firefighter. Twenty four hours on, forty eight off. Fires don’t exactly stick to the nine to five schedule.”

Great. Now she felt like a jerk, as well as an idiot. Wasn’t that a lesson she was supposed to be teaching her kids? Don’t judge a book by its cover. The man was performing a civil service, and here she’d been thinking that he was just playing cool dad and letting Rachel pick up the work.

“I can see how that would have its pros and cons,” she said, in lieu of incriminating herself. “But if you’d like to be more hands on, I’m sure we can work with your schedule in some way. We don’t exactly have such an abundance of parents willing to help out that I’d want to turn one away.”

“Really? That’d be fantastic. I feel like I’m missing out, you know? And I don’t want him to feel that way.”

The man’s whole face lit up when he was pleased. Annabeth was starting to realise that, while it hadn’t worked out in the marriage department, Rachel Elizabeth Dare had very good taste when it came to other aspects. Like the aforementioned face. Christ, that jaw looked like it was chiseled out of stone.

Morgan kicked his legs back and forth. “I don’t feel that way,” he announced, just to be reassuring. Annabeth suspected he didn’t have a clue what they were actually talking about. That was the kind of boy Morgan was.

Percy ruffled the boy’s head of copper curls, drawing a giggle from his son. And Annabeth couldn’t help but smile at that too. She’d only spent five minutes with the both of them, and it was already clear that, time concerns aside, Percy Jackson adored his son.

“Morgan has always been an empathetic student,” she said. “But more on that later. Before we get to the discussion part of the evening, I think Morgan has something to show you.”

It was a part of all the parent teacher interviews Annabeth. Students invariably worked harder if they thought there was a point to what they were doing, and most of them enjoyed the prospect of showing off to their parents. Morgan was no different, practically tripping over himself to retrieve the book he’d decided to read aloud that afternoon.

He was by no means a genius at reading. But he was dogged and persevered beyond what some children would consider good enough, and Annabeth estimated his ability to be no better or worse than the average five year old.

It clearly didn’t matter to his father. Looking at Percy Jackson, you would have thought he’d just successfully applied to an Ivy League. The glow of pride on his face made him look even more handsome, and something in Annabeth’s stomach flipped over.

Oh no, she thought to herself. Oh no, oh no, Annabeth Chase don’t you dare!

But it was no use. Percy Jackson left her classroom that night with his son and a progress report, and Annabeth left with a crush the size of Manhattan.

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Can you do a Ravi and his boyfriend the meet for the first time. Please and thank you bby 😘😘😘

of course! 

have i mentioned that literally everyone in vixx is my bias because its true

-so youre out on a blind date that your friend set you up on and youre really anxious because like

-gay guys are a rarity in the world so its not very common to find someone who you think will work out you know? 

-but after a long time waiting even the waiter starts to take pity on you because he’s filled up your tea at least four times and youve just been sitting there for an hour

-and you finally think that its time to just cut your losses and go home and look like an embarrassment

-when this man shows up at your table and sits down 

-at first your angry because holy shit are you my date i cannot believe how disrespectful- 

-”chill dude i just saw you alone and didnt want some attractive stranger to be eating lunch by himself” 

-wow okay that was suave

-but in the next minute when you forget to respond he gets all blushy and nervous and the cool guy exterior kind of melts into this cutie

-and you start to feel a little nervous too because imagine your luck??? some random, unhealthily attractive stranger just decided to share lunch with you??? is this god finally rewarding you for recycling all your cans??? 

-so you end up just going with the flow and it turns out wonshik is just so amazing 

-like he makes music!!! and reads the same books as you!!! 

-and hes so easy to talk to too like you end up finishing lunch and just talking and it gets late in the afternoon but who cares

-its so hard to break up the moment but the cafe is closing and the guy behind the counter wants you out

-so you go to the park and walk around and even if you dont have much to talk about its just nice to be in each others company

-and when it finally has to end you trade numbers and promise to keep in touch (and maybe go on another date?) 

-and once you get home your phone lights up with a message 

-”how does dinner friday night sound? i wont make you wait :)”

a HARRY STYLES lookalike was strolling down broadway street in their nike sneakers. stone liberman just had a birthday bash for his twenty third birthday. he has been living in new york city for four years. i hear he tends to be unscrupulous at parties, but also kind of enthralling. ( cismale & he/him )

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Shit My Theater Professor Said (Part Two):
  • "They suck because I told them to suck."
  • "Math is bad."
  • "There's no narcissist seating."
  • "Thanks, Spongebob."
  • "I just kinda ignored it."
  • "Anyway, I got beef."
  • "I don't ask questions, I just do what I'm told."
  • "We need a hook on the back of Dylan's thing."
  • "Those Italian people and their fashion."
  • "I'm getting paid, whatever."
  • "One of my friends had to be a cat for like, six days."
  • "You need to hear things. I guess."
  • "I'd be drunk."
  • "It looks like shit."
  • "It needs to be Friday."
  • "I like to go home at night and not think about work."
  • "Everybody gets made fun of."
  • "We're painting the ceiling."
  • "They don't like getting reemed in front of everyone."
  • "You gotta be nice to someone."
  • "Never heard that one before, but maybe."
  • "It's like tinder but before tinder."
  • "It's funny to me, that's why I laugh. Every. time."
  • "He instantly hated his life."
  • "How the fuck do you make a car fly?"
  • "I'm the biggest kid I know."
  • "I couldn't do that shit, nor would I want to."
  • "Thank you, internet."
  • "Hopefully they're not an ass."
  • "We're all seeing a dance show now."
  • "Apparently I'm the squeaky wheel."
  • "You know, it's people."
  • "There's good Russian accents and then there's not good Russian accents."
  • "I guess they're doing it for free food."
  • "Just to freak out your doctor ever so slightly."
  • "It's hanging from a screw. In a church."
  • "That's just me being a dick."
  • "They're not all hippies anymore."
  • "You get to sit in this room and make sure they don't fuck it up."
  • "Fuck those guys."
  • "Maybe he's that much of a douche."
  • "It's fucking cold. Which sucks 'cause I have to work there."
  • "We have too much shit."
  • "You've been playing slots for four hours."
  • "Everyone else laughs at duty."
  • "He was the lead in this shitty show I worked on."
  • "That's not my fucking job."
  • "I've seen scarier shit."
  • "It's job tinder."
  • "I need to learn how to tap dance. Shit."
  • "Whatever the fuck."
  • "She's okay at what she does. I think."
  • "But I like it."
  • "They can't see what the sun is doing."
  • "These are the haters."
  • "Do it because I fucking said so."
  • "They don't hang out that long."
  • "They both go and bitch to the same person."
  • "You don't need to know who I am."
  • "I'm gonna smoke as much as I want."
  • "The roof is a roof. The roof is on fire."
  • "They disappeared for about three weeks."
  • "There'd better be beer."
  • "Their name's on the list."
  • "Director's problem, not mine."
  • "You're on the low end of the totem pole 'cause you're 17."
  • "There's a nice way to do it and a shitty way to do it. I'll probably do it the nice way. Depending."

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