i... got bored again


There was no satisfaction. Not even a tremor of delight in the face of such success. I couldn’t even feel relieved knowing it was finally over. All I had left was to walk an unconscionable path of nihilism——

I have killed the only person who truly understood me in this world.

List of Au’s I Need
  • You always watch our soccer/football game but you’re always alone and I wanted to talk to our number one fan 
  • You suck at gym class and coach assigned me to be your partner, seriously dude, you can’t even kick a ball
  • You’re the cute nerd that keeps getting pushed around but you just punched your bully and I gotta save you
  • I’m a monster/guardian that the local village give sacrifices too and you’re the new sacrifice but don’t worry I won’t eat you, I’m kinda lonely
  • You’re my mate but you won’t except it, c’mon, it took me forever to find you can I at least get a hug or something
  • I just captured the ship you’re on and about to kill everyone on it, but you’re cute, I’ll keep you
  • You’re a princess that wants to escape castle life and I happen to be just traveling the world, totally not running away from bad people or nothin’
  • You’re the neighbor that keeps their curtains open, even when changing, and I can’t talk to you without blushing 
  • You just snuck into my apartment and wait is that blood
  • we’ve been roomates for a few months now and I never see you at night except this time when I caught you dragging a body into the kitchen
  • I needed to kidnap you for a mission but don’t worry I won’t kill you, you’ll be staying with my family for a while
  • You just threw your prosthetic arm at me for being an asshole but seriously dude I’m sorry, do you need a hand?
  • I’m that dork that makes stupid puns and you’re the nerd that actually finds them funny

06_ multiple eyes

Who loved Sasuke and Sakura’s child

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High fantasy is the YA trend now, ya? So why is there so little LGBT+ high fantasy – stuff that’s popular, stuff you can talk to people about, stuff you can check out from your library? I’m not talking about books where the main character has a gay sidekick. I want fantasy (high, low, urban, myth, historical, whatever) where the main character is gay. Or bi. Or pan. Or trans. I want to see same-sex love stories. I want to see diverse characters. I want poly stories. 

I just… I’m so frustrated that an overwhelming amount of LGBT+ fiction is about the real world. It’s nice but I want to get away from that when I read; I want worlds that aren’t my own. I want gods and monsters and magic in my LGBT+ fiction. Those are my interests and this is my sexuality – why can’t I have both?

Why is that too much to ask?


Speakeasy Voltron AU! 

I didn’t get to finish everyone, but hopefully I will eventually, but basically, Allura hires the Paladins to work in her speakeasy, The Castle. They are fighting to keep the law off their scent as well as keep one step ahead of their rival, Galra, an opposing speakeasy determined to bring the Castle down.

Shiro is in charge of all of the rum runners AKA Paladins. Keith and Lance would be right in the thick of fighting to get the best booze and then returning to work as waiters at the Castle. Pidge is the young genius who runs the books, but you wouldn’t want to force their hand if a payment is late.

I dunno guys, I’m not a writer, so if someone with skills wants to take this and run with it, be my guest :D

Do You Actually Belong With Alex Danvers Or Maggie Sawyer?
A Supergay quiz.
By Lauren Yapalater

More supergay quizzes, what did you get?

You got: Alex Danvers

Yes, she and Maggie are a cute couple…but…YOU and Alex are cuter. You need a tough chick who has a heart of gold, and will also definitely jump out of bed to go see what’s making that noise in the kitchen when you’re too scared to. Best part is you get to kiss the girl you want to kiss.

Source of gif: @alexdanversdaily

Is this real? Did he like literally kiss him on the beak? Not the cheek, but the BEAK!

*you can even hear the little kiss I cried*
*plus there’s an episode that’s called ‘miracle of life’ and that made me blush😍