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There are things you learn from being Viktor Nikiforov’s coach, things that no other student will teach you.

“This is an emergency!” A sixteen-year-old Viktor screeches into his ear when Yakov picks up the phone.

“Vitya,” Yakov says, old heart speeding up. “Vitya, are you okay? Was there an accident? Who died?”

“An accident, this is a disaster, Yakov! I told them exactly what to do with my program outfit and they didn’t listen. They screwed up the lace, Yakov, don’t they understand what that’s supposed to represent–”

“Vitya,” Yakov says, “It is 3am in the morning. I am going back to bed.”

By the time Viktor is nineteen, Yakov is an expert in handling Viktor Nikiforov’s “emergencies.” Emergencies that, somehow, he believes only his coach capable of handling.

“Help, it’s an emergency,” Viktor whispers into the phone at eighteen. “Stephane Lambiel is so hot, Yakov, and his program this year–”

Yakov. Is. Done. When Viktor bursts into the rink at twenty, tears glistening in his beautiful blue eyes, dragging a hundred pound Makkachin with him, Yakov does not even blink. “YAKOV IT’S AN EMERGENCY, SHE IS BLEEDING YAKOV–”

“You clipped her nails too short, you fool, we’ll wrap it up and she’ll be fine.”

When Viktor Nikiforov is twenty-four, has two perfect seasons under his belt, the emergencies slow. Yakov does not miss them. He assumes his skater is finally growing up.

When Viktor Nikiforov is twenty-six, Yakov finds him sleeping on a rink bench. When he’s not skating he stares off, almost blank. When Viktor Nikiforov is twenty-six Yakov swings by his apartment to drop off his skating bag because he forgot it at the rink, again, and he finds Viktor crying, sitting straight up on his couch, TV off. When he talks to him, he realizes Viktor wasn’t even aware of the tears.

“Viktor,” he says, as gently as his face and voice can allow, “is this an emergency? How can I help you?”

“It’s fine,” Viktor says. “I’m fine.”

So often, when Viktor speaks, Yakov does not believe him. 

Things change, at the rink. Yakov tries to make sure they do. Things get a little better. There are no emergencies.

Yakov is resting on a chair in the corner at the banquet of the Sochi GPF, exhausted by small talk and schmoozing with sponsors. He is ready to go to bed. 

Then a twenty-seven year old Viktor Nikiforov is sprinting towards him, Armani jacket practically ripped open, blue eyes alight.


Here he comes, Yakov thinks. Here we go

I’ve been noticing an absurd amount of sexualized commercials, that don’t even make sense… like an ad about contact lenses and the girl is speaking in a super sensual voice and saying something like “wow, I thought my first time was going to be super painful hahaha” or another one that sells condensed milk and there’s a couple (hetero couple btw) that are almost fucking in the kitchen but they are actually baking a cake?????? or that other commercial about a kitchen degreaser with a woman moaning bc the man is cleaning………… so how is this not the “het agenda” or how are parents not freaking out and asking how are they going to explain this to their kids (like if kids were stupid or something) or how is not this disgusting and uncalled for?


Ok, so as I have pointed out and I have seen others point out, the porn bots are up to a new scheme. They reblog your posts (doesn’t seem to matter what kind of post it is) with a sexual caption or comment. These bots are not even following you; they’re just reblogging from you. It’s much more subtle and easy to miss. I’ve seen a few people say that they’re deleting the original comments and putting their comment in it’s place, but I haven’t actually clicked through to see if that’s the case.

Thankfully, there is a way to handle this without having to click over to their blog. You can report the reblog and block the bot all in one place. While on the dash, click on the notes in a post. If you see one of these comments, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of that comment. A drop down menu will appear. Select “Report.” This generates an automatic message to Tumblr. All you have to do is confirm it. You don’t even having to type a message. After you report the reblog, you can block the bot with the next option in the drop down menu.

You can do this for both your own posts, as well as other people’s posts. I just was looking through the notes of someone’s post and saw one of these comments and it let me report and block it. Be a good neighbor; if you see these notes on someone else’s post, report and block them. I have noticed that after a day or two the reblog no longer appears in the notes, so Tumblr does seem to be addressing these reports on an individual basis.

@staff please get these porn bots under control. This is the only site I have ever been on where this is a problem. Even other content sites that allow not suitable for work content (such as 500px) don’t have this massive porn bot problem.

ok, this is the part where i get witchy because Daniel Flameo might not believe in the cards but goddamnit I do, and those cards had some shit to say*. mainstream Phils won’t tell you but your friendly neighborhood witch will!

The Chariot (Dan’s past), momentum, determination, self-discipline, victory
Ok, so this is pretty obvious, TATINOF/TABINOF and maybe DAPGO. I’d also argue that it could represent Dan’s career in general: making a job out of being a person on the internet isn’t easy (even affording for Dan’s privilege) and as much as we shittalk Dan (and as much as he does himself) it’s a job that requires a certain type of motivation and determination. As part of the Major Arcana, the card also represents life changes and events that are a Big Deal, rather than day to day choices.

Death (Dan’s present), transformation, closure, regeneration
Oh my god, everyone let go of the idea that Death is a “bad” card. There’s no such thing as a bad card. Anyway, we know that this is a resting year for them. TABINOF/TATINOF is over. The biggest project, possibly of his life thus far, is over and now…on to the next! This is the coolest thing about Death for me. It’s not just death for the sake of dying, its Death in order for something new to be born and grow. Maybe this is whatever mysterious goings-on were happening in February/March? Maybe it’s whatever the hell Dan was doing in the Bahamas for two hours. There are other projects in Dan’s (and probably Phil’s) future and they’re gonna be a Big Deal, too. Now I say “projects” and imply that these are work projects, but there’s another Big Deal that this closure/transformation might be referring to. 

Ace of Wands (Dan’s future), energy, inspiration, sexuality, self-image
“Now is your time to be courageous”. Let’s cast our eyes to Dan’s instagram, shall we? Shall we talk about this glittery nailed, bejeweled hatted soft boye? Shall we talk about the newly freed knee? The (terrible) Granny shirt? Can we talk about Signapore (all of it)? Listen, I’m just talkin’ about what I’m talkin’ about, but I think we’ve been seeing, and are going to continue to see a Dan that’s more self-assured about his gender expression and yeah, his sexuality. At the end of 2017-2018, we’re all gonna be like No Homo Howell, who? Aces are all about potential and opportunity. Dan, and we as his audience, is at the beginning of a fucking delightful adventure and I can’t wait to cheer him on.

*My philosophy on tarot cards is more that they’re thinking tools than ~fortune telling and since I’m privvy to only a very small part of Dan’s life obvi this is just my interpretation. But OH GIRL. The cards don’t care about your lil video, Phil! The cards are like “let me tell you about yourself”. 

So, I know that I’m gonna get more hate by posting this, but I need to get it off my chest.

I don’t like Sterek.

Yup, I don’t. Actually, it makes me sick. The scene when Derek pushes Stiles against the lockers is abusive and people romantizicing it makes me wonder if people have actually learnt something about toxic relationships. The age gap between them (about ten years, give or take a couple of years) and the fact that people ship them the most when Stiles is a freshman (14 or 15 years old) makes it even worse.

But whatever, if you want to ship it, as long as you know that something like that is a problem in real life and should be avoided, I don’t care.

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So, people, this I wrote here, I commented it today at a TW Latin America group. It was confession night. I was called homophobic (mmm, ????? I’m sorry???? When did I say that I don’t like Sterek because it’s a gay ship???), RACIST (literally no idea why the fuck) and even misándrica (I don’t know the word in English. It means “person who hates men and everything related to them”).

But even if that wasn’t enough, a girl had the fucking balls to go in my profil and noticed I ship Stydia. She got really triggered and said I didn’t like Sterek because it could get in my ship during 6b. She said Stydia was abusive because Lydia ignored Stiles and because she was involved with Jackson and Aiden when Stiles was in love with her.

I’m sorry, but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

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So, it was basically the comment about Lydia doing wrong what made me angry. Not because of Stydia, but because of what implies.

“A is in love with B. B doesn’t know. They aren’t even friends. They don’t even talk. But B CAN NOT have a relationships with someone else and MUST be in one with A even when B doesn’t have any feelings for A”. I mean, you get it, right? IT SOUNDS SICKS. It destroys all the free will to reject someone. And that sounds HORRIBLY SIMILAR to rape. That is behind the thought “Lydia abused Stiles because she didn’t love him at first!!11!!1!”. 

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want it, because I do and that’s enough”.

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Don’t encourage that. Don’t encourage that thought. This post isn’t about Sterek or Stydia. It’s about HOW SICK you have to be to think liking someone forces him/her to like you back. That isn’t love or anything alike.

Love is “I want to see him/her happy even if his/her happiness isn’t because of me”. Love IS NOT “I want him/her to be with me and if he/she doesn’t want to, he/she is such a TERRIBLE person”.

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This post mentions Sterek, Stydia and Teen Wolf JUST BECAUSE it’s the reason behind me being upset. IT’S NOT ABOUT THEM. So PLEASE, don’t start a ship war. I do not want to know “how stupid I am because I ship Stydia” or  “how awful I am because I don’t like Sterek”. Really, I don’t.

Edit: Seeing people freak out because this has the Sterek tag and no the anti-Sterek tag, I will delete that tag. Let’s see if that makes you happy. And the “locker scene” that I mention up there, is not in or near a locker. I checked. It was a door. Sorry, my mistake. You lost the real point of the post. LOVE ISN’T ONE SIDED. LOVE DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT. But, of course, some people’d rather ignore that and focus in a mistake. Thanksssss, people.
On Fandom and Perspective

Can we all just take a moment to remember that participating in fandom is:

1) a hobby. It’s something people do with their free time. This is not a job for any of us. (If it were, we’d be called show writers, runners, executive producers, actors, etc.) It’s a significant hobby, something that means a lot to us personally, and it can be more significant for some than for others, but it’s basically a hobby. None of us are professional fans.

(I’m speaking here about the people that aren’t paid to be in fandom. The ‘job’ thing and engaging with those ‘job’ people has different rules.)

2) not something that supersedes your or someone else’s humanity. Behind that computer screen is a person. I like to think that each person has a whole universe inside of them. Their universe might be different from mine. They might make different choices or have different preferences than me due to whatever life circumstances have led anyone to whatever point in time they may be at. And that’s okay. It doesn’t negate my universe. If differences arise, I’m secure enough in my own to either deal with it or just go my own merry way and be happy in my own universe.

Fandom and fandom expression is just a tiny outward expression of that universe. If the significance of your fandom overrides someone else’s humanity, then you’ve probably lost some perspective. Two people smooshing their faces together and the way you express it (or don’t, for that matter) doesn’t negate the way someone else does, nor does it give anyone permission to treat anyone else as less than human.

The world sucks, yes. It sucks really bad right now. Life sucks. And we all (at least I do) use fandom to help cope with it. I understand it might be more significant for others as their coping mechanism. I understand it’s deeply personal for some people. (It is for me. I feel good when I write. Therefore, I spend a lot of time doing it. Engaging with fiction has helped me to engage with myself.)

It makes me deeply uncomfortable to see how two people smooshing their faces together (I say that as part of the Doctor/Rose fandom) can be so divisive….when it shouldn’t be. As important as fandom is (believe me, I understand how important it is, with all of my heart), on the other hand, at the end of the day….it’s just fiction. Remember, it’s a hobby.

And, frankly, the actors who play those parts, whom many of us respect a great deal, would tell you it’s not worth it….as David likes to remind everyone, this is all a bit silly at the end of the day.

We all signed up for this trash website because we wanted a bit of fun. It’s 100% less fun when someone imposes their expression of fandom on someone else. It’s 100% less fun when it becomes more serious and more important to you than treating someone else as a fellow human being.