i... don't have a wig yet

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don't you just love how the fandom freaks out over characters that legit we have never even met properly yet?? like, they did it with lawnmower white wig and now they did it with matt. i'm also noticing that most of these has to do with lance? people ship lawnmower with lance. now they're making a dollar store version of lance using matt.

yea and i also love how when poc and especially latinx fans are bringing this up bc lance is the one being targeted in this we’re told to “shut up and stop ruining everyone else’s fun” 

[«»] I still don’t have a wig or vest for him yet and the make-up is rushed, but I sorta like it[?]

I mean it obviously needs a lot of work, so this isn’t the final product. I’ll compare this test to the final one and see the differences.

Props are currently being made too.

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Kamuri Ryuko wig: What did you do? I mean-- how did you color that dark blue wig to black? I heard you spray paint, but I am not very sure how it goes because... don't wigs get very stiff when you do that? And crispy?

Whaaat? No I literally just hot glued BLACK wefts on top of the existing blue. I started with one of those ‘official’ kamui wigs with the wrong blue. 

And then I hot glued black pieces on.

I have never SPRAY PAINTED any wig. I use an AIRBRUSH compressor & gun kit. … Any bright blue that was still visible, I used my airbrush and airbrush specific paint to darken it. I don’t have a photo yet, but I also gave all the black wefts a dusting of ultramarine blue paint so it is off-black.

Using airbrush paint, it doesn’t feel any different from a layer of hairspray on the wig fiber. The more paint you apply, the more stiff it feels, but there is still movement & it still looks fluffy.


My Shampoo (Ranma ½) wig is my most deeply airbrushed wig and it still moves relatively well. On the plus side it holds it’s shape really well)

Anyway yeah, I used black wig fiber. Generally the less paint needed is always better so I don’t have to spend more time.


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I just don't see what's wrong with being a woman? Why do you hate being a woman, women rock, be happy to be one


I’m non-binary and someone should get me candy so I can put it in my non-binary mouth and have a grand ol time being non-binary and lovely. Or better yet, the pretty wig on the list so I can still be non-binary with long flowing hair~


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I don't understand why so many people are so against/hating on Zendaya for (maybe) being cast as MJ just for not having red hair?? Like ik it's the main physical characteristic of that character and true to the comics but 1. She could be wearing a wig or whatever and 2. If she plays the character well and embodies MJ (which we obviously don't know yet but people seem to already be making assumptions), I don't see why something as stupid as hair colour should effect people's view of her?

i think it’s like when people were upset that daniel radcliffe didn’t have green eyes. at first you’re like WTF BUT THAT IS AN ICONIC FEATURE but then once they portray the character those little things don’t necessarily matter anymore.

- broegan