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MysteryPearl week, day 5
I couldn’t choose which roles suit them better so I drew both 😸


Can someone PLEASE link me to the original comic print of that grad cap? I want to decorate it the same way but i need the original comic print, please help please! i need it asap because the women who would be printing it for me needs the original comic print, please please reblog until it gets an answer, please!

from one marvel fan to another, please help.

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Thank you so much for tagging me! Message me anytime if you wanna chat!  I’ve never done one of these either :) 

One insecurity: My Calves/Knees (Ive posted about this before, they’re very muscly for a otherwise not muscly girl and I have scars on both of my knees including one Keloid from 2x ACL Reconstruction Surgeries)

Two fears: I have a horrible fear of the cabins of articulated lorries falling over when they don’t have the big backs attached to the point where if i see one when I’m driving i try and avoid looking at it. I hate zombies too! terrified i would not survive a zombie apocalypse. 

Three turn-ons: (1) Eye contact  (2) My boyfriends attempt at Flynn Ryders smoulder (3) dancing to no music 

Four life goals: (1) Adopt a pug and a husky/chow chow/malamute/leonberger (2) Have a nice house that i can decorate with lots of plants and throws (3) get fit & health AF (4) make a career as an artist/designer 

Five things I like: (1) makeup! All makeup! Especially eyeshadow palettes (2) New pens (3) Snow days (rare occurrence in UK) (4) Fire pit in the garden in summer (5) The smell of hair dye/bleach

Six weaknesses: (1) Depression (2) anxiety (3) a complete lack of faith in my own abilities (4) my boyfriends puppy dog eyes (5) cookie dough (6) mutha fuckin cheese

Seven things I love: (1) My Fur Babies Gatsby, Pippy (cats) & puddle (Rabbit) (And Herbie the kitty and Hilton the kitty RIP my babies)  (2) my fish babies Pluto & Jupiter (And venus, may she rest in peace </3 ) (3) Polaroids (4) Fleetwood Mac! (5) My family (6) Fresh Bed Sheets (7) Glitter

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This is basically an excellent example of how anything happens in my game: 

I set out to build a campus bar for RSU. Then the lot was too big for just a bar, so I decided I’d make two little businesses, a bar and a pizza shop (to help explain the Sorority’s 3000 pizzas*). Then I spent way too much time working on the pizza shop and by the time I was finished decorating it I was meh about decorating the bar so that will be left til another day. Of course, I meant for there to be a bar for actual story reasons, so excellent job all around.

In the meantime, enjoy Rosalie inappropriately interacting with her philosophy professor** to test the place out.

*that have caused numerous roach problems, ladies you are gross

**who wouldn’t eat with her on the date, which may have been my fault, but lately there have been some weird occurrences and a couple baby VBT mistakes on my behalf… so I am also bracing for a possible neighborhood implosion some day.