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I like the fact we all thought the next chapter was gonna be about Izuku feeling distant from All Might and him getting angry at his hero for keeping him at arms length but nope

We get thrown right back into fearing for All Might’s life instead

The Lego Ninjago Movie- Plot Twist AU

(In the heart of the City of Ninjago, the green ninja taunted Ninjago’s nemesis Lord Garmadon to the city so that he could reveal that he was actually the son of the dark lord. The plan goes south when Garmadon attacks the city and completely overpowers the ninja, causing other outside help to come and save the day for the ninja. The aftermath:…)

Lloyd stared off into the horizon as his father’s evil army retreated out to sea. Part of him felt guilty of not being strong enough, but part of him was relieved that he was gone and no longer hurting the city. However, the smoke clouded the damaged city that Lloyd and his team failed to protect. Swallowing down his broken pride, he turned to his ninja squad….who were standing a few feet away from the heroes of the city.

The masked hero sped over to Lloyd. “Do you really think that you and your immature friends have the ability to beat an army of armored enemies with just cool karate moves?” The Flash barked. “You are just as crazy as the old man who trained you.”

“Flash-” One of the mystical master builders warned, but Lloyd snapped.

“How dare you say that about Sensei Wu! He is the greatest teacher of this world and universe and if you guys hadn’t of interviewed we would have saved the city!” Lloyd yelled back.

The Scarlet Speedster pointed at the city in ruins. “Does that looked saved to you?”

“Flash, enough.” Gandalf interrupted as he approached the green ninja. “Lloyd, I know you are destined for greatness, but you can’t expect it to come prematurely. If you ask for a fight, you will get a fight.”

“Why did you signal Garmadon to come to the City of Ninjago?” another Master Builder called out.

The ninja squad all lowered their gaze, then slowly looked up at Lloyd.

With a heart wrenching sigh, Lloyd confessed, “I thought I was ready to face my father, like it said in the prophecy.”

The Flash narrowed his eyes. “Well clearly, you weren’t.” Lloyd’s green eyes narrowed as well.

“Flash, please,” Gandalf silenced the speedster. “But, he is slightly accurate. Lloyd, you are still young and in school. You and your team are just not ready. And after today’s performance, it seems that you won’t be ready for a very long while.”

Tears began to burn in Lloyd’s eyes. “I’m sorry, Lloyd,” Gandalf said softly as he placed his hand in Lloyd’s shoulder. He instantly moved back and refused to meet his gaze.

“Thanks for helping,” Lloyd said coldly. “It’s best that you get back to your own homes now. We have a lot to fix here.”

With a sigh, Gandalf nodded and rounded up the Master Builders. Within a minute, they were already flying back home.

The other five ninja approached Lloyd. “Lloyd..” Nya whispered. “I’m…I’m so sorry.”

Lloyd turned to the team. “There is nothing to be sorry about.” He grumbled. “Today we learned we weren’t good enough to defeat Lord Garmadon. But we will continued to train until-”


Lloyd stopped mid sentence as he heard Sensei Wu approach. “What did you say, Sensei?” Lloyd asked quietly.

Sensei stopped amongst the team and looked around. “No, no more training.”

“What?!” The ninja all said in unison.

“Today you showed that your confidence turned into arrogance, especially in your part, Lloyd.” Sensei said sadly. “You not only risked your life and the lives of your friends to prove your greatness, but you also risked the city and the people you all swore to protect. In doing so, I am here forth halting training until you all decide to grow up and mature some.”

“Sensei..” Kai whined.

“Don’t do this!” Jay begged.

“Sensei, please!” Lloyd cried out.

“I’m sorry…but after seeing you all perform horribly today, I had no choice but to call the Master Builders.” Sensei confessed as he stared at the ground.

“We can perform better with more…wait,” Lloyd paused as he narrowed his eyes at Sensei. “You called the master builders as back up?”

“I had no choice.” The old man responded.

“No choice?” The green ninja yelled, his voice cracking with emotion and rage. “You had no choice but to betray the team you formed with heroes from other worlds?”


“You had no choice but to not trust that we would save the city? Like you trained us?”

“Lloyd, stop-”

“You had no choice but to choose other heroes over us?!”


Lloyd froze as Sensei’s words resonated and destroyed Lloyd’s heart.

Sensei, his eyes burning with rage, fired back at Lloyd. “Maybe the six of you I chose to train and teach and trust was my fault, and I’m doing the best I can to protect this world, because that is my job! And you six need to realize that it’s not about you, or the fame you get from doing it, but it’s about protecting the people who cannot protect themselves. And Lloyd, it’s not about proving something to your father. Today, all you proved is that you think your job is to punish your father for not giving you the life you wanted from him. Wake up Lloyd! You almost got you, your team, and your city destroyed. I had no choice but to get a team of people who know what their job is: to come and actually stop the fight and save the people. Until you all start acting like heroes, I cannot train you to become them any longer.”

The old man turned and marched away, leaving the entire team broken hearted as they stood alone in their broken city.

Rafael Barba & Reina King / 10

*wiggles about* YA YA YA it’s hereeeee~! (I’m always as surprised as everyone else when it’s finally done & ready to post lol)

The votes were CLOSE but between my tallies and all the messages I received; there was a ‘winner’ by only a few votes… read on to see who.

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If you need to play catch-up:

This had became a rather serious game, rather quickly.

Rafael couldn’t help but notice how she lit up the table; both figuratively and betting-wise. She was raking in the chips, and while it was no doubt she was the loveliest one in the seats, (her sweet smile would make a nun praise her)- it was becoming increasingly clear to him why she had so ardently insisted on playing cards…

It was a trick.
They had been tricked. And Fin knew. Fin knew and didn’t say a word.

Of course, since she was so damn good at her game, it took Rafael a few rounds to realize he’d been duped, but it became horribly apparent between her satisfied squeals (despite how cute they were) and how she was trying so hard to be coy and chatty while still somehow managing to clean the floor with them. It was a damn trick. She really thought she was sneaky, didn’t she? That she could pull the wool over him and Carisi’s eyes? 

Oh, I don’t know’ she had said at the suggestion of starting a game; ’That poker table over there looks fun,’ she had said before bee-lining that way. 

She was good. And it had worked.

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