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I know many of you may be upset about not getting invited to a SS, especially if you live around the area Taylor is doing it at. I genuinely feel your pain because I’ve been there too! I’ve watched my friends meet Taylor countless amounts of times and as much as I wanted to be happy for them I was still jealous obviously (just never turned my jealousy into hatred) but…. I waited my turn. I was patient and I told myself that my time will come and if I spread happiness and kindness in the world it will come back to me. And guess what? I got a message from Taylor Nation during Taylor’s 1989 tour asking if I wanted to meet Taylor! 

So a reminder that it is okay to be upset, I totally understand. But Taylor is doing the best she can to meet you. And if I dare read one of your posts saying “Taylor doesn’t want to meet me” OF COURSE SHE DOES! You’re a fan of hers and she appreciates you so much. She even told me when she met me she tries her hardest to find everyone, despite how busy she is. (come on she watches our livestreams when she’s in meetings!!!!) 

Please don’t give up hope, this post was made to remind you to be patient and keep up your hope because Taylor will meet you one day and she’ll tell you how much she loves you and how much you love her, and good things come to those who wait. 

I met love for the first time at 18. Love was beautiful. Love was kind. Love was funny. Love was mine. Love was consuming. Love was impairing. Love gave me fear. Love gave me tears. Love drove me insane. Love gave me pain. Love was rough. Love wasn’t enough. Love was never a mistake. Love was just a heartbreak. Love was a lesson. Love was a blessing. Love became a memory but never forgotten.

I met love again at 24. Love was not perfect. Love was not what I expected. Love couldn’t sing but somehow it had the right ring. Love was a mess, but that never gave me stress. Love was warm, and I never felt like I was in harm. Love was content, and willing to stay dormant . Love became stagnant, much like a refrigerator’s magnet. Love was predictable, and it made me miserable. Love did not grow, and that was something I could not follow. Love had lost its connection, and we soon headed in different directions. Love ended but we befriended.

I met love again at 27. Love was a beautiful reflection. Love is alone, but happy. Love is still growing, but confidently. Love makes mistakes, but love is still learning. Love loves love.

-This is not a love story.


help me afford a textbook? buy a painting!

hi everyone. hate to do this, but i really need a textbook for my one college class, but i really can’t afford it. the class is foundations of high school education (i want to be a high school english teacher!) and the textbook is about $120 and i thought i could get by without buying one, but it was obvious i couldn’t when I got a C on my first test. if you would like to help me out and commission me or buy an already existing painting, then please keep reading!!!

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do you read a lot of jikook fics? kdldkk ive been binging a lot of them lately (THANKS FOR GETTING ME INTO BTS DAVE) (stares at you dead inside) if you do what are your favorites? I just finished one called the good doctor and (shivers) if you havent read her works yet, i recommend that writer c:

hey nonnie!!! i do read a lot of fic lol (p much every fic in the tag, i check a couple times a day bc i’m, bad and terrible) when i’m not writing or drawing im probably reading! you can always check my ao3 bookmarks for my top fics but heres three of my favorite (recent) works:

the eyes are the window to the soul (and to the heart) by cygnus (lucid_wisteria)

WOOP MEARIIES NEWEST FIC IM IN LOV W IT… its so sweet its about jeongguks eyes turning different colors according to mood and jimin wondering about what the color pink means!! makes me tear up :”) (sfw)

set in oil paints by flitter

a rlly interesting fic where jimin is da vinci and jeongguk is salai– intriguing for anyone who’s taken art history or also anyone in general pff– y’know what i want to see though? fucken isaac newton and fatio but w jikook that’d be wild (nsfw)

were not broken just bent by melanic

WOOOO RAVENCLAW JEONGGUK AND SLYTHERIN JIMIN… THE WAY ITS S’POSED TO BE…. absolutely brilliant writing, excellent characterization! its nsfw and jimin bottoms but the good kind? like, everything is still in character and he isnt some whiny sub, which i dont rlly care if thats ur thing, it just REALLY isnt mine, so im a big fan of this fic!!! its so rare for me to find a bottom jimin fic that i can actually enjoy hfhghdf (nsfw)

and uh, heres a little personal note and some writers i would recommend:

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Submission from Christina, with a continuation from me :)

Harry and Ron’s relationship undergoes a rocky period when George finally starts to kind of treat Ron as an equal. 

Without Fred, George is able to see that Ron’s wit and imagination is on par with his own. They work together, so they spend the most time together. George stops picking on him so much and they begin to banter and conspire the way he and his twin used to (almost). 

Ron, who’d wanted the twins’ approval his whole life, is thrilled. (Thanks, Christina, I love this and I’m super glad to continue it!) He is finally, as he sees it, an adult in the eyes of his now-favorite brother. 

As an Auror, Ron had spent nearly every day with Harry, but once he began working full time at the Wheezes (and he calls it for short), he and Harry carved out their own time to see each other. Monday nights with all the kids, and Friday nights without, gave them ample time to hang out and talk about their new lives. 

Monday nights, the nights Ron took Rose and Hugo - five and seven - to the Potter house to play with their cousins and to give their Mum a break and a chance to get organized for the week ahead, were the first to go, once George asked Ron to a “collab session” with “the team” every Monday. 

Harry held back his hurt. It seemed so perfect for Ron - finally using his creativity, and working with his hands the way he’d loved as an Auror. How could Harry - who had taken so much from him since they were children - possibly object? He takes his niece and nephew anyway, oversees the playdates by himself, unsure what it is inside of him that hurts. 

He begins to orient his weeks around Friday nights with Ron. The conversation used to flow naturally, a good-natured ribbing about their respective jobs, their respective wives. Real conversation about their kids. Fun stories from work. Reminiscing, still trying to fit pieces from their childhood together. Since he’d gone back to the Wheezes, though, the talk about work became talk about George. The fun stories were always about George. The talk about their childhood was oriented towards Ron’s feelings of inadequacy against his brothers and how that had all changed, now that he was close with George. 

Harry, displaced and untethered without his friendship with his favorite person - finds himself disappearing in their conversation. When Ron invites George along to their favorite Friday night pub, Harry can’t even find the words to object. He feels as if he’s been uprooted from his life - as the man who’s best friends with Ron Weasley - and given some poor substitute for himself. 

It fades, as these things do, and things went more or less back to normal, after Hermione confronted them both and explained to Ron why what he was doing was wrong. But it would be years before Harry felt safe his place in the world again. 

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i feel like chris would take a lot of polariods???? Like, he would have a while box of them and would habg the best ones up??? idk its just a thought

  • Chris Thomas who’s wall above his bed is COVERED in photos
  • Staged perfected ones, in the moment blurry ones, black and white ones, accidental ones, every picture he has taken is stuck up because each one has a memory attached to it 
  • But what we really wanna know is what on these photos don’t we? >:)
  • So here we go, there is: 
  • Nabulungi sitting on a swing with the sun hitting her to make her dark skin seem golden and her eyes like pools of lava
  • James is drawing, his face extremely focused, graphite smudged across his cheek and eyebrows furrowed and bottom lips trapped between his teeth in concentration
  • Nabulungi sat in a field of flowers that reach her knees with some of them tucked in her tight ringlets 
  • Kevin mid-getting smacked in the head with a football with a hilarious shocked blurry face and his arms flailing (that one makes Chris laugh the most) 
  • Arnold making Nabulungi’s birthday cake grinning into the camera brightly with batter on his nose and flour in his hair, wearing a Star Wars apron
  • Connor flopped on the couch after he pulled an all-nighter to finish all his ‘District Leader paperwork’ with one leg and one arm over the back and his head limp over the arm of the sofa
  • (There’s a second one to accompany it with Kevin carrying him into their room, smiling down lovingly at Connor clinging onto him with his face nuzzled in his chest (He gave that one to Kevin though)) 
  • James and Arnold who had rotated their glasses upside down and making stupid face into the camera
  • Nabulungi dipping Kevin as they danced in the main hall to her new record player playing ‘Africa’ by Toto
  • Nabulungi teaching Connor a very complex handshake as they sit crossed legged on a hill outside and his face is scrunched up as Nabulungi is in mid-smack of his hands
  • James covering the camera but you could see his beaming laughing face through the gaps of his fingers

But of course, he has secret ones he keeps in a cardboard box labelled ‘MEMORIES’ under his bed: 

  • James sleeping with his lips parted slightly, glasses askew and his hair fallen into his relaxed face as he lays on Chris’ shoulder
  • One of him and James kissing with James’ hand on his cheek and a smile against his lips 
  • The back of James naked back as he cooked breakfast for them before anyone else was up
  • James blowing bubbles at the camera from his outstretched palm with a bubble beard as they sat in a bubble bath
  • Another of James sleeping but it’s the back of his neck, littered in bruising hickeys 
  • One of Kevin when he came to sit with him one night when Chris couldn’t sleep. He was staring down at a softly steaming cup of tea with the moon spilling on his face to make his dark hair look silver
  • Connor in a rare moment when he totally lets loose of his emotion and is laughing so hard he’s rolling in the grass with his head flung back
  • One James took of Chris braiding Nabulungi’s hair as she sat on the floor, leant back into his lap on the couch
  • Kevin had borrowed his camera to take a picture of Arnold and Nabulungi outside, but when he came back to return it he quickly snapped a picture of Chris and James cuddling on the couch while watching TV 
  • A picture of his sister sat up in her hospital bed and smiling softly 

on the subject of keith kicks, @macnkeef and i have discussed for ages that there is going to be a moment where keith combines his awesome knife throwing skills and powerful kicks. he’d be in the middle of a fight and do a knife spin towards a target, then take out another opponent because there’s a lot going on, and then he’s going to dash forwards and do a spin-kick to give the knife momentum and the direction it needs to go and the aim is going to be spot on.

basically keith can’t just throw knives he’s going to get to a level where he will be able to also combine his kicks and throws into one ultimate incredible move.