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Can you make a cómic about buff mari? Please ;-;

After this, Kim no longer challenges Adrien to competitions. He goes straight for Marinette.


Marinette: biracial (Chinese and French)
Alya: Martiniquan
Nino: Moroccan
Alix: Arab
Kim: Vietnamese
Max: West African

Sometimes there’s whitewashing in fandom but none of these kids^ are white

Atypical April: Friendship

I wanted to contribute for this week and for that i give you Max and Adrien friendship. I like to believe that this two are science nerd and will enjoy the Star Trek’s movies. Adrien is very excited because he can finally fangirl about it. Max is more solemn about the whole thing


Better not tell him about your weekly reunion to watch the original show with Max, Mari.


Wholesome classmate interactions :’)


Screenshot redraw… with a twist? ;)

(Click for full size because tumblr makes everything look awful)

What I Think of Miraculous Characters
  • Marinette: badass bug
  • Alya: hot chick
  • Adrien: nerd
  • Nino: even bigger nerd
  • Nathanael: babe who can art
  • Alix: she's beauty, she's ace, she'll punch you in the fucking stomach bc it hurts more like that
  • Kim: too tall for his personality
  • Max: embodiment of gay and I love it
  • Rose: the nicest lesbian ever
  • Juleka: never?speaks?
  • Ivan: would probably like my chemical romance
  • Mylene: so smol
  • Chloe: a hated character who I definitely don't have a tiny crush on
  • Sabrina: a carrot who smiles evilly
  • Lila: *deep breath in* this bitch
  • Aurore: me honestly
  • Mirelle: I don't know if I'm spelling these names right but hey I love Mirelle she's spoken like one word
  • Manon: a cartoon version of my little cousin
  • Nathalie: the saviour of everything
  • Gabriel: fuckingpieceofshit
  • Mme Bustier: I admire her ability to handle her class
  • Sabine: best mum ever
  • Tom: look at his moustache

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"Dude, no. Just no."

“Dude, no. Just no.”

Kim sighed. “Too much?”

Adrien nodded. “I’m with Nino. You can’t fill the classroom with roses.”

Kim frowned. “You guys don’t understand. It was a really great first date.”

Adrien and Nino shared a look, each willing the other to keep quiet and not point out that they had also shared a “really great” first date at the start of their relationship. “Okay, maybe scale it back to a dozen roses,” Adrien suggested after a moment.

“Are you sure?” Kim asked.

Nino chuckled. “Believe me. You don’t have to buy him a bunch of roses to impress him. I speak from experience.”

Adrien blushed at the memory of covering every inch of Nino’s room with flowers. “Just say you had a good time. Trust me. It’s better to keep it simple.”

“Okay,” Kim finally agreed.

Neither of them were surprised when Kim presented Max with an enormous bouquet the next morning, and they almost expected the sappy poem he’d written to accompany it. Adrien and Nino watched as Max smiled up at him and pulled out a small, engraved medal that read “#1 First Date”. Kim happily showed it off to everyone, bragging about his top-notch dating skills to anyone who would listen.

“That’s…the perfect gift.” Marinette chuckled when Kim showed it to her.

“Yeah, of course. He’s always been a genius.” Kim boasted about Max even more easily than he boasted about himself. “Especially when it comes to gifts.”

“And two dozen roses is so sweet,” Rose cooed from beside them.

“Well, you know, I wanted to keep it simple.” Kim grinned.

Adrien and Nino snickered from the front row. “Wonder where I’ve heard that before,” Nino murmured.

Quick shoutout to @breeeliss for pointing out that Kim is a romantic and would be incredibly over the top when he dates (which honestly makes sense given that he’s literally turned into evil Cupid when he’s akumatized) and inspiring this fic.


Looks like someone activated the phone tree.

Miraculous Christmas Special


It was probably this guy ;)

I think this is my favourite moment in Reflekta

There’s just so many things to love??

–the fact that the photographer actually considered putting Ivan in the front row and thought that would be a good idea
–half the class still smiling like nothing’s wrong
–Max squished up at the edge of the bench looking unamused
–Marinette doing that thing with her hand
–Ivan being grumpy
–the teachers just don’t care about anything

ML AU: La Résistance

-So, France is under Nazi germany’s control.
The class of students (Marinette and Adrien’s class) from Collège Françoise Dupont find ways to fight against Nazi and free France.

- The leader: Marinette. She is the woman with the plan, all plots are approved by her. She occasionally goes into the field when it is required.

-The detectives : Alya . She is the always able to get tabs on anything and anyone. She has her finger on the pulse of Paris. She is one of the most trusted people in Marinette’s circle.

-The Spies: Adrien, Chloé, and Rose. The three blonde’s have infiltrated the Hitler youth program and gather intel. Adrien is the most competent, but chloé has a flair for politics allowing her to get high in infiltration. Rose innocent demeanor, and is on extra guard, as her love for Juleka is not accepted in the Nazi ideal.

- Disguise specialist: Juleka, and Nathanael. The best when dealing with make up and creative scenarios. When a disguise is needed, these two take care of it. Designers of the logo specific to their branch of resistance.

- The muscle: Ivan and Kim: whether it is heavy lifting, or just fighting more guys. These two can handle it.

-The weapon makers: Max and Sabrina: Max’s flair for technology allowed for making plenty of weapons for the resistance. Sabrina happily gives her extra pair of hands and found a talent, especially with tactical gear.

-The Medic: Mylène. She is the unofficial medic of the group. Always patching up anyone who is injured. While nervous with acting, she isn’t Squamish around blood and has grown all too accustomed to seeing it. Ivan is usually there getting patched up, but it is believed he lets himself get hurt to get time with her.

-The messenger: Alix. When you need quick delivery, from intel to weapons. She is the fastest in all of France. Navigating the streets like a bolt of lightning.

-The Voice: Nino. This boy runs the underground newspaper and all forms of communication. If information needs to be “leaked” to allied or resistance. He has a handle on it.