i. dont. care

i have no time for ppl who say jeremy will never live up to ray

lads jeremy has only been in the “main six” for two years and the dude has made more memorable jokes and impact on videos, and i can barely remember a joke ray ever made

I hope this is enough to show the mess this game got me in

decided to cover relationships in general and not just romantic ships. please note that this is based on supports + my own headcanons so at the end it’s my opinion and what i like

Similarly Spiteful, Chapter 2

[submitted by: @disneyphantomlover]


Joey Drew snapped to attention behind his desk, honestly concerned when he heard the touch of fear in Bendy’s voice. His little devil was a mischievous one, and had run to him before if he got spooked. Normally, it was because he’d upset Thomas or Sammy and wanted to hide out, or even the occasional prank involving fake skeletons. But he never heard his little creation so suddenly upset, so he jumped to his feet and pulled the door open. Bendy bolted in, grabbing Joey by the leg before swinging around and hiding behind him. The little cat of a demon trembled as he hugged onto his leg for dear life, and Joey quickly shut the door in front of him. Much as he wanted to comfort Bendy, he wanted to be sure he was alright. And whatever scared him wasn’t in the studio still, or there’d be literal Hell to pay. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

There’s a man out there…He was in the recordin’ stage… He l-looks new… B-but he sounds jus’ like Sammy!

“Did he see you?” That was different… He hadn’t hired anyone new, so the idea of a burglar was heavy on his mind. Heavens above if they saw Bendy and brought people down…

Bendy nodded, swallowing heavily.

Joey had to bite back a curse of his own, chewing on the inside of his cheek out of nerves. This wasn’t good… But he had to go find this man before he ran out screaming. He couldn’t let the cartoons be found out or hurt. Certainly not by any robber. “You camp out here. I’ll deal with him. ….What’s he look like?”

The little devil finally unleashed his leg, but immediately started to wring his tail out of his own nerves. “Umm… He kinda looks like Wally… But yellow hair and bigger arms. He’s really tall too.

That painted an odd picture, but he reached down and gently patted Bendy in between the horns. “Okay. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He repeated his warning to stay put, but it was more out of habit than actual concern that Bendy would run off. He was genuinely shaken, which only put Joey on edge more. With a quick run out the door and down the stairs, Joey Drew all but ran down to the Music Department floor, where he found a blessedly empty floor. Made him all the more grateful he’d decided to come in early today. He still felt the urge to grab one of the nearby fire axes… At least to scare the cretin off. Or threaten. Threaten could work.

He settled on a nearby gent pipe, clutching it tight in his right hand as he peeked around the doorway of the recording studio. Sure enough, there was the man that Bendy had described. And despite his earlier conviction, he couldn’t help be curious on why this man was running around, pushing as many chairs against the valve’s doorway to block it. He’d even pushed a piano toward it. Joey could hear the man mumbling away, getting more and more riled up the longer he was left alone.

It gave Joey a wonderful idea on how to spook the man, so he’d waited until his back was turned before stepping out. “Now what on EARTH do YOU think you’re DOING?”

The blond jumped, as he expected. But he hadn’t expected the relieved sound of Sammy’s voice coming out of him. “Oh… Jesus, Drew, don’t scare me like that…” The man turned on his heel, the friendly smile on his face falling in an instant when he found Joey. “…Who the hell are you?”

Good Lord, this man sounded like he could be Sammy’s twin! What a strange thing. “…I should ask you the same thing. This is my studio.”

The blond’s expression immediately turned angry, and he was quick to bark out “Bull! This is not your’s! I should know!”

Any normal individual would’ve probably started a yelling match with the stranger. Or called police. But then again… He did seem convinced. And angry. And there was a possible reason why he sounded like Sammy… So Joey decided to gamble by asking “And….Who do you think this belongs to?”

That had certainly put the man off-kilter. He had narrowed his eyes at Joey, then swung his arm around to motion to the stage. “Who the hell do you think?? Joey Drew! This is whole place is SillyVision Studios! Now get the hell out of here before I throw you out!”




He put a hand to his mouth and thought for a moment. He had tried experimenting last night… And that’d explain some of this… Admittedly, he didn’t know that THIS would be the result, and it opened up a lot of possibilities. Though the question that came out of his mouth was…admittedly not the most sensible. “So… You’re friends with Joey Drew?”

The man narrowed his eyes, but did answer with a clipped “Yes.”

“….And your name issss?”

“Name on the sign, jack ass. Sammy Lawrence, Music Director. Now, you going to leave or do I need to drag you out?”

“Now now, I don’t think that’d be nesseccary!” Joey held up his hands in a placating manner, honestly not wanting to start a fight. Especially if this was who he thought he was. “I think I know what’s going on though.”

“Oh. You just now realized you’re breaking into a studio that ain’t yours?”

“Yes! …Wait, no! I mean-…” He chewed on the inside of his mouth again, words failing him as he struggled to find the right ones. Apparently, he took just a little too long to find the right words before his world shifted. He hadn’t realized the man had come up, and threw him over his shoulder like a sack of flour before walking out of the recording studio. He really did need to work on his reaction time, didn’t he? “Wait wait!” He flailed his arms and legs, more to dislodge himself and not hurt this Lawrence double. It was not as sucessful as he’d like, this taller Lawrence had an amazing grip. “Now hold on a moment! This is my studio! I mean, technically yours as well, but I know what’s wrong!”

“Save your breath.”

Shoot…. Wait… “What would you say if I told you I was Joey Drew?”

“…I’d say you’re seriously confused. No offense, but you’re too old to be Joey Drew.”

“Now that was un-called for.” He scowled, reaching up to hit the blond on top of the head.

“OW! … Look, it’s true! I know Joey. He’s only a few years older than me.”

Okay… Now he was all the more curious now. But he really did need to get this Sammy’s attention. Now… What was something that would apply to Sammy, no matter who he was? “…You’re too stubborn to admit it, but you liked the Bacon Soup at one point! Your favorite instrument is the banjo! You thought Susie was a charming woman the second you saw her! And a favorite song of yours is Willow Weep for Me!”

That had gotten this Sammy to stop in his tracks, and Joey could only hope that he had said the right thing this time. Honestly, he knew he was grasping at straws, but he had to hope that the blond was as stubborn as his own Music Director.

And… Speak of the devil.

“…. I’d ask, but I’m fairly certain whatever Joey did, he deserves it.”

He heard a huff, and Susie’s voice followed. “Sammy please.”


Joey had to crane his neck to look at Susie and Sammy -his raven-haired one- who both looked shocked at the sound that came out the blond Sammy. “… It’s been an odd morning. …I think this would be a better discussion in my office.”

((you write joey and bendy really well it Kills me. it Kills me. looks like joey’s got some explaining to do, can’t wait for the next part! :D danke for the fic!))

This is the first persona I’ve ever made and ofc it just had to be a clownsona.. This is Hula, she’s a hoop dancer! I haven’t really come up with a story for her yet though sadly, I just wanted to get her appearance sketched out first.

Everyone lives au: Kisame’s deal

There are so many things that could have been done to stop kisame . killer bee had samehada, a sword that can slice through an itachi uchiha fireball in one swoop. Yamato has woodstyle, strong against water and strong enough to suppress  nine tails chakra. Hell, even Guy still had a few good strong kicks in him.  But kisame was fast, even before they managed to pull him free from the water prison the sharks he had summoned managed to give him a few good bites; the largest of which took his right arm clean off. 

Haemorrhaging, as it turns out can really put a dampener on any escape attempts .  it takes a good couple of tugs and a fair bit of swearing but eventually they pull kisame from his water prison . he thrashes , oddly enough, like a fish out of water. He bites and claws like an animal as guy and yamato wrestle him to the ground and pin his remaining arm behind his back.

naruto uses his new 9-tails chakra mode to staunch the bleeding but it wont bring his arm back, hes only been doing it for like an hour at this point anyway.  Aoba is in no hurry to go rooting around in the mind of someone who would willing bite off their own tongue and then commit suicide by shark. They decide to take Kisame back to Konoha; this shit is a job for the actual interrogators.

The walk back is hard; theres a war going on after all. Each of them takes it in turns to try and get kisame to spill it. It eventually takes an exasperated Motoi to explain that you idiots do realise he literally cant talk he has no tongue  for them all to shut the hell up and leave poor kisame in peace.  

Ibiki is waiting for them when they arrive. A face full of bloody spit from kisame wipes what the others think is a smirk from Ibikis face. They are less than gentle ushering kisame underground, but to his surprise the room they take him to is just a table 2 chairs and a pad of paper. No torture devices,  no backup , not even any 2 way glass. If he wasn’t so light headed from blood loss kisame might have mustered the coherence to be insulted at this paltry display. Do they really see him a so little a threat?  Hes been defanged so to speak; no sword and no way to form hand seals . he still got ACTUAL fangs though and he wont let them forget it . He bares his teeth at a medic nin who comes to treat him . a quick glance in Ibikis direction apparently reminds the poor sod who theyre  more afraid of, Kisame begrudgingly allows her to give him stitiches. The taste of his own blood is not a pleasant one.

The medic finishes quickly and leaves ( read as : flees the room) and he is left alone with Ibiki.“summer 78, Wave country , the cipher division no?” Ibiki is floating around in his blindspot while kisame sucks on ice chips, mouth packed full with cotton. Surely Ibiki doesn’t expect him to respond, not in words anyway . but unfortunately for Kisame, hes the one that can’t speak, not Ibiki.

The interrogation nin breaks it down for him: you have information. We have someone you want. Kisame scoffs and scribbles down on the paper “nothing i want” because its true. They don’t have anything he wants. He gave up wanting when he killed his first kiri nin. It would be selfish, foolish to want anything out of life after that . “not something. “ Ibiki repeats “someone”  kisame’s jaw clenches visibly.  He twitches the pen in his hand. He wants to ask who. Who could possibly be important enough to hold over his head like a life reserver to a drowning man? He has an idea – but thats just foolishness. Itachi was dead.. There was enough blood in the ruins to kill both itachi and sasuke. And if that wasn’t enough Madara had told him so.

“itachi is dead.” Kisame scrawls throwing down the pen in anger. Its one thing to bring him here and bore him to death but dragging Itachi in to this is just low, even by Konoha standards.

“you don’t believe me?” Ibiki feigns hurt “ do you want to see him?” Kisame resists the urge to lunge at him. This is just cruel mockery. He almost wishes he would just torture him . Ibiki shrugs and moves to open the door . he stands in the frame and motions “ are you coming or what?”

They do things differently in Konoha, kisame muses. Hes made it all the way up 4 flights of stairs and no one has stabbed, flayed or whipped him yet. If this were Kiri he’d be strung up in the Mizukages garden before his ass left the chair. They’re still deep underground but the settings have changed from “depressing underground bunker” to “depressing underground hospital”  there are so few rooms and people here he wonders why they bother; surely this space would be better used as a munitions dump or some sort of storage area.

Its then that kisame realises it technically is a storage area. Just for people. Every room emits the subtle but steady beat of a heart monitor. Rooms filled with comatose shinobi being kept alive by machines .

The really DO do things differently in Konoha….

Ibiki stops beside a dark room at the end of the hall. He jerks his head towards the darkness “you have 5 minutes.”  Kisame doesn’t hesitate to enter. If they were going to kill him they’d have done it before now.

The pulse of the heart monitor fills the room and makes the silence soothing .at the far side a small figure lies on a simple bed, breathing softly, rhythmically. Kisame approaches with caution; he gently grasps the small hand of the man before him. Even in darkness he knows itachi; its sad but he thinks the uchiha has never looked better in all the time hes known him. Theres a paleness to his skin and his dead empty eyes are bandaged across but he’s well fed and dare he say it….almost healthy looking. His hair is a lot longer but neatly kept. They were looking after him.

He hears Ibiki enter the room and snaps his hand away.

“so even the monster of the hidden mist has a soft spot. A lesser man might have held that over you. But we have no such interest, Kisame.” the casual way Ibiki says his name makes him bitter but this is no place for a fight. “ help us and we will help him, help you.”  Kisame swallows hard. A tempting offer but is one man really worth it? Kisame doesn’t trust often . he knows Ibiki by reputation, he gets what he wants one way or another.  What Ibiki might do to him doesn’t scare him

But to itachi?

“all of our best medics are out at war. Hes stable, for now. But if you ever want him to wake up your best chance is to get out best people home as fast as possible. “  would itachi even want his help? He’d been slowly dying for years. Maybe he was ready, maybe keeping him alive in the village he abandoned was just adding insult to injury , literally.

“what do you say kisame?”

A world without lies was his ideal. The whole reason he had joined the akatsuki. But along the way he had found something else he wanted to fight for.

Kisame reached up and pulled the cotton from his mouth .  a thin trail of blood worked its way down his mouth as he spoke, slurred but stern

“what do you want to know?”

In Denial

Idk, the more “”reylo”” proof we get(And I hesitate to even call it that) the less I see it as such. I’m definitely biased- I could be wrong and sorely disappointed in December depending on what LF ultimately decided to do with this movie. But hear me out.

It’s hard NOT to see these trailers, teasers, interviews; articles etc through the “reylo fuel” lense now. We’re not intentionally looking for shipping bait, but with how that part of the fandom behaves when certain things are revealed, it’s hard NOT to see another rey/kylo parallel and roll our eyes because we know how that’s going to feed into the shippers fanaticism. And deep down, a part of us worries, “Wait… they aren’t really doing this, are they?” Because when you’re neck deep in fandom- especially one that’s regularly bombarded and hijacked by obsessive shippers who will NOT entertain any opposing ideas from anyone else in the fandom- you start to wonder if that’s all anyone else sees. A lot of non-reylos/non-shippers won’t tag their TLJ posts cause shippers jump on their asses about ship hate being in the main tags. A lot of non-shippers genuinely think they have the “unpopular” opinion because the recent tags are always flooded with reylos and hardly ever anything else. And then reylos wonder why many anti reylo posts have thousands upon thousands of notes.

It’s because that’s not really the majority here. It’s not really what everyone in fandom sees. There’s just a definite line between people spamming the tags and people keeping to themselves cause they’re worried about having the opposite ideas. (And yes, SOMETIMES we see some anti reylo posts in general tags but hardly as much).

So, I’m reminded that this isn’t really a “majority wins” type of situation because reylo ISNT the majority. Is it popular? Yes, absolutely. But it’s still just a fraction of the fandom as a whole. And the majority of that fandom is either on the fence, or completely against the idea of that type of romance in this movie, or the next.

So, I’m in denial. 100%. Until I see it on screen with my own eyes, I’ll be comfortable knowing that literally the only people who see that pairing as romantic are the shippers and the people who have the misfortune of seeing shipping posts EVERYWHERE. (Word of mouth can make or break a fandom- you’re not the writers. You’re just fans. Your speculations aren’t canon. Stop acting like you’re theories are the word of God. Let people disagree with you.)

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You know, you’re laughing now, but I don’t think you realize how series a threat like that is, people have gotten arrested for online threats, doesn’t matter if they’re were joking or not, and if you’re a minor, that doesn’t excuse you, you can still get in trouble for it. People right now are working on reporting you as we speak, so I would stop laughing about it and start thinking about what you should do, this is no joking matter.

yall r really this desperate for attention huh this whole thing was days ago can yall like shut up now or smth

Me: Hey I need you to drink your milk and take two bites of your cheeseburger, because you’re two years old and a big girl almost going to preschool.

2 Year Old: Uhh well, maybe I’ll just drink my milk and be done.

Me: Oh no, drink your milk and take two bites of your cheeseburger.

2 Year Old: How about I just eat my bread?

Me: Listen kid, I don’t negotiate with terrorists, so drink your milk and try your cheeseburger.

  • Ravenclaw: *crosses something off their to-do list*
  • Ravenclaw: Look at me being productive! I deserve some time to relax.
  • *To-do list still has 51 undone items*
  • Ravenclaw: *anxiously ignores them while sipping tea*