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Little known fact: I really love Lolbit

Me, 7 hours late with Starbucks: hey guys don’t you just love how we might get a parallel between Raven/Tai and Blake/Yang?

Lemme get this straight

Alya got a miraculous from her rolemodel

A kwami

A transformation sequence

Bonded with Chat Noir

Learned from Chat Noir on how to use powers

All so she could GIVE UP ON HER MIRACULOUS!!

Hopefully we’ll see more of her in S3, as well as the other two heroes…

Amnesia AU /// First Sneak Peek

Louis frowned after taking a bite. It did taste different from how it usually did at this place. His stomach turned a little, throat going tight, as he recognised it. That taste, it was almost like–

“Waiter,” Nathan called out, and Louis snapped out of his thoughts. “Waiter!”

Their waiter hurried over, expression stricken. “Sir?”

Nathan pointed at his plate. “This doesn’t taste as usual. I demand to see the chef.”

“Of course, sir.” The waiter nodded, bowing his head, and then made for the kitchen in long strides.

“Nathan,” Louis whispered, trying to ignore that everyone else in the restaurant was staring at them. “I don’t think that’s necessary. It’s different, but it’s good.”

“It’s not. It’s absolutely disgusting.” Nathan threw his napkin on top of the dish. “I refuse to eat that.”

The waiter came back with a chef in tow. Louis lowered his gaze, trying to pretend he wasn’t there; wasn’t part of this.

“A new chef, I see,” Nathan snarled. “Didn’t they teach you their recipes? This dish is a disaster.”

“I’m sorry. The dish will be prepared by a different chef immediately, of course.”

Louis blinked when he heard that voice, heart skipping a beat. When he raised his head, eyes falling onto the chef standing at their table, time felt like it was moving in slow-motion. He couldn’t breathe for a moment, taking in the man in front of him: pale skin, big hands, a white kitchen uniform, the hurt and shame in his green eyes. Short hair, the curls only a hint in the wavy strands.

Louis stared at him, and it all came crashing back.

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1) taakitz invented jetpacking
2) Krav is a dramatic dude and I made his legs too short
3) magic sweater with the bones that change color depending on your bg 

okay so for my new stupid avalance fic, would u rather get a fic chapters by chapters again or would you prefer getting a 10k wall of words dumped as a oneshot on you? what’s more enjoyable for you?


“The Keeper… my whole clan will object if we… Not that they can possibly hate me any more, I suppose.”

“I’ll apologize to them later. I’ll even pretend to be sorry.”

I’m trying to teach myself how to make gifs, so I can maybe stop being such a fandom leech lol. This is my first attempt at a gif set, featuring my handsome son, Griffin Hawke, and the love of his life, Merrill.

Note: I’m using Azslia’s Darker Skin for Merrill mod!


(i wish there was room for this gif in the set bc it’s my favorite look at how they look at each other)

god i wish i knew what i was doing

reasons why we need the rain

alec lightwood’s love is like the rain.

a drizzle, a downpour, no matter how much, if he loves you, you know it. with his love, came friendship, protection.

everyone who’d come into contact with alec in a positive manner, at any point, had felt better for it. and indeed, anyone who had come for him or his people with spears and flames had either rusted or extinguished or drowned.

a drizzle can still soak you through to the skin.

izzy was like a flowerbed, and when she was bright and beautiful, she knew she couldn’t have bloomed without having had alec in her corner. and even when she was trampled, and the rain filled grooves and made puddles, petals still floated to the top and she knew she was still bright and beautiful and could recover just fine.

clary and simon had found themselves stranded at the bottom of an empty well, built high with everything they didn’t know about this world they’d been thrown into. and yes, they fought to get out, and yes, they had help from all sources, but they couldn’t discount the impact of the rising water of alec’s friendship had had in lifting them up.

jace was a whole ecosystem when it came to alec, sharing his soul and so dependent on alec’s protection, love, loyalty, to survive that he’d forgotten what it was like not to have that support. and alec gave willingly, because that’s what alec did.

magnus? magnus had long considered himself the desert, beautiful and imposing but cracked and dry and broken. camille had been a mirage, masquerading as an oasis, and she had convinced him that it was the best he’d ever get. so when the first hesitant drops fell, he could scarcely believe what was happening, and when the floodgates of their first kiss opened he knew what he’d been missing.

magnus was wrong though. he was a vast ocean, the oceans. and as rain would fall and fill them up, the oceans would give back to the clouds in equilibrium.

me: Let SVU stay in the late 90s where it belongs. It’ll be over soon.

you: but maybe there’s still hope

SVU: at least she didn’t say allahu akbar lol



More Good Omens drawings I did during the last two days ^^

featuring Adam and Dog, Anathema, and Aziraphale and Crowley taking a look at the books Adam put into the shop ^7^ 

I hope you like it ^3^

petals-in-the-breeze  asked:

I read the Secret Notebook of Joan and Mark and... wow! Julia did a lovely job! The interactions, the growth of handwriting over time, the crayons to pen, etc, are SO well done. But I was wondering- when Joan says how Caleb reminds her of when Mark got his first crush, is she talking about Sara (the girl who Mark wrote about)? Did Mark ever end up going on a date with Sara? You know, I can totally imagine that Mark joined GSA to get to know her, then learned and got into LGBTQ+ pride from it

Julia is an incredible artist and human. That whole idea grew out of a casual conversation Julia and I were having during recording and I was like, “yes! I love this idea, let’s talk about it more!” and then she just…did it. I nearly cried when she showed me the first few pages. After we wrapped Season 3, she gave me a printed book of all the pages and got everyone to sign it and it’s still one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given. 

That’s a great question that I don’t have an answer to! Julia and I didn’t really consult much on story for the notebook - I mostly just gave her timeline information. So Sara definitely wasn’t the person I had in mind when I wrote that bit with Joan and Caleb (the notebook didn’t even exist yet I don’t think) but it could totally be her!