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Adrian Pucey headcanon PLS K THANKS

(i’m literally using an au generator to write these so like……..spins wheel……………………………MODERN ROYALTY AU, LET’S DO THIS):

  • so.
  • adrian knows, objectively–logically, even–that things could be worse.
  • he’s going to be a duke. his dad has to die for that to happen, obviously, so, you know, that sucks, but–still. a duke. he’s going to be a duke. 
  • which is way more impressive than the fucking barony marcus flint’s inheriting. 
  • like, you don’t grow up listening to stories about kings and queens and princesses and knights and, like, noble steeds, or whatever, and think to yourself, “gosh, can’t wait to be baron flint.”
  • adrian has it pretty good, is all he’s saying.
  • what he’s not saying, though.
  • if he was going to not say something.
  • is that the whole duke situation is kind of a fucking major drag.
  • he spends, like, fifty percent of his time with a tailor, for example. who, granted, is an alright dude. old as fuck, yeah, but generally pretty chill. his granddaughters bake him ginger snaps, like, all the time. adrian partakes. he’s learned a shitload about collar points and breast pockets and fucking lapels. he’s fine. the tailor’s fine. 
  • it’s the other fifty percent of adrian’s time that’s the problem.
  • because he just really does not care about parliament, or security details, or, like, going to school–he has his guitar, and his bros, and his surfboard, and he bought a cast-iron pan to make fajitas in, so, honestly, he’d be pretty set if his dad would, like, quit the massive fucking guilt trip about the pucey legacy.
  • “legacy” is, no joke, the most obnoxious word in the world.
  • adrian’s totally going to banish it when he’s finally duke.

someone/something makes connor laugh (which barely ever happens) and to everyone’s surprise connor’s laugh is really soft and adorable?? everyone is dying

tree bros addition bc i’m trash: evan getting all blushy over it and when connor asks him why his face is so red evan is just like “you um.. have a really. uh, cute laugh,, is all *sweats*” and connor starts blushing too and they’re just gay nerds in love i’m sorry

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Please oh please do more catwoman and Robin art. I love the cuteness between Damian and her! Would love to see more!

sORRY THIS IS LONG, there’s scenes missing bc i didn’t want to make it even longer, but u can probably infer dami can’t resist a cute animal and selina loves playing w/ batsy and his kids… isis is from btas, but i think they would bond over their love of animals, catmama to the rescue when a lone bird is on patrol

  • hyungwon: shin hoseok? what a loser i hate him i- *trips* *thousands of pictures of wonho spill from his pockets* h-he’s so annoying I-these aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *gathering them up frantically sweating* listen i just- listen fuck *thousands more pictures of wonho scatter across the floor* shit fuck im holding them for a friend just <i>listen</i>
  • you: russell is such a dick
  • me, an intellectual: russell tringham is a 14-year-old boy who, per light novel canon, spent years as a fugitive in constant fear for his life after his father deserted a military post, which ultimately led to his mother dying and his father leaving him to care for his younger brother while he went to find work. though nash promised to return to his sons, he never did, rendering russell an orphan. it is implied russell went to extreme lengths while he and fletcher lived on the outskirts of xenotime to protect his brother and keep them both alive - he describes getting in frequent fights with grown men - and in the period before he went to xenotime himself, he clung to his father's beliefs with unhealthy levels of reverence as well as the hope that nash would come back. impersonating ed (and forcing fletcher to impersonate al) was wrong, but it was something that russell saw as a necessary measure to get into mugear's lab, where he sought to continue his father's research on the philosopher's stone not only in honor of his father (and, in the novel, to possibly give nash a reason to return), but also to help the struggling town of xenotime. unbeknownst to him, mugear knew of his ruse the entire time and was manipulating him for his own personal gain. when russell couldn't be convinced to follow through with mugear's plan to feed the toxic red water to pregnant people to manufacture stones, thinking it morally repugnant, mugear had him arrested and thrown in his cellar just as he did russell's father, whom he killed shortly after; it's not difficult to imagine he might have been planning the same for russell and fletcher. realizing that he'd done nothing but hurt the town was devastating for russell, yet he chose to channel his guilt and remorse positively, and decided to stay in xenotime after nash's research fell through to help revive the town the right way, willingly accepting the townspeople's anger at his lies. he also personally apologized to ed for what he'd done, and explicitly stated how he'd strive to be a better person and a better brother to fletcher, who he's repeatedly been shown to go out of his way to protect. russell is brash and impulsive and prone to poor decisions, especially under stress, but he's intelligent, takes responsibility for his actions, fiercely loyal, good-hearted and kind, and i'm so proud of him.