i. bilibine

anonymous asked:

What are your favourite artists? I mean real ones from art history, like Giotto, Turner, Klimt... Do you take some inspiration?

Thank you for interesting question! My favourite classic artist is, without a doubt, Rembrandt. I remember, as a kid, seeng his Flora picture. I felt something like Stendhal syndrome for the first time in my life, I was overhelmed by it’s beauty, probably that’s when I decided to become an artist. I consider “Night Watch” the best picture ever created. Sadly, Rembrandt always was an object of my adoration, but not inspiration - I never got good with lighting and color :(

Other classic artists I love - Botticelli, Paul Gauguin, Boris Kustodiev and many more. I love artists who freely depict carnal beauty of human body and  unstoppable joy of life.

But my biggest inspiration was ukiyo-e, mostly Utamaro and Hokusai. That’s where I got my obsession with clean flowing lines. Also, escapist themes of ukiyo-e are close to me. Picturesque beauty, humour, erotica, ethereal transient happyness  - that’s what I love to draw the most.

I also want to mention my favourite art nouveau artist - Ivan Bilibin. I love Beardsley, Mucha and Klimt, of course, but Bilibin always was my main inspiration. These countless details, these exquisite lines, these gem-like colors - I strive to achieve it someday.