i. am. in. love. with this yt channel

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Aww no i love when u just talk about ur life outside of writing it's really nice. As for me, I might edit a video together for yt bc i love editing. I have homework for English, we have to do alliteration with every single letter of the alphabet (how tf am I supposed to do x) so for b I put Baekhyun Bakes Beautiful Bacon. I suck at sports and excersie except for dancing, if u consider that one. And idk I love u and ur blog 💜💜💜 don't worry about pleasing everyone we love u regardless

Wow, you edit videos? :) That’s super awesome! Do you have your own channel I could maybe check out? ;D And ahh yeah, alliteration was difficult when I got to x, too lol. Good luck with that! Your Baekhyun sentence is 10/10, btw, you deserve an A+ just for that. XD

Of course dancing is a sport! You ever heard of bboy competitions? They’re so awesome (another thing I’ve been obsessing over that I forgot to mention)! What kind of dancing are you into? Ballet? Hip hop? Tap dancing? Idk my knowledge of it is very limiting, I really only know lots about breakdancing because I’m interested in it. X3

Thank you for the sweet message. <3 I’m glad you decided to come out and talk to me. ^u^

Guess what day it is? 13th of February, yes, but why is it significant?

It´s my Youtube channel´s 3 year anniversary!! :D

3 years. 46 videos. 100.000+ subscribers. 56 million+ views. 

And a MEGA amount of new, awesome, lovely, talented friends!! <3 

Like, I don’t really know how to thank everybody for everything! The wonderful comments, the constant support, the feedback and brainstorming, the everything!! I am so happy that I 3 years ago was brave enough to upload my very first video to YT and put myself out there with something I had never done before. I had no idea that I would actually find a new passion, considering that editing and digital compositing weren’t even on my list for things I would like to try within the movie production process. 

Thank you everybody once again!! I am so grateful! No one can say if I will be still be on YouTube in the next 3 years, but I know that as long as I am breathing I will be telling stories for everybody to enjoy. Hopefully you will see me on the big screens in the future! <3

PS: Yes, as I promised there will be a video of me watching my own videos, and it will be up this spring. It’s just so hard to film when I am running away from the camera all them time! XD

Would love to have this as my backyard again… If you haven’t seen my Sydney vlog yet, link is in bio 🌞
Woke up with a head full of ideas. There’s so much I want to create… Unsure where exactly my YT channel is going but I have this crazy video idea stuck in my head and I am so determined to bring it to life before the end of summer.
I also wanted to ask what you guys want to see on my YouTube? I had a huge 2 month break from posting regularly up to 2 videos a week. What would you like to see now? 😊

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