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Let me just say:

You’re all fucking amazing, you know. Really fucking amazing. I don’t think I ever really saw this level of talent even back on a website for novel writers back in the day. The circles I keep on Tumblr specifically for roleplay are honestly geniuses, which obviously means you, the person reading this, because otherwise you really wouldn’t have found this post, would you have?

Seriously, all of you understand your characters so well, be they OCs or canon characters, and if you’re not proud of yourself, you really should be. And if you still can’t be, then I’ll just have to have enough pride for both of us, so there.

Writing’s just the tip of the iceberg though. I’ve met so many genuinely beautiful people here, inside and out. (And a bunch of ugly folks too but they were anonymous so does it really count as meeting them? I think not.) So many of you are the most generous, kindhearted, humourous, intelligent, bravest, strongest, loveliest people I have ever been blessed with knowing and it’s just. So awe-inspiring. 

And just. I wanted to say that. You are all so wonderful and so loved and the world is a brighter place with all of you in it. Believe it ‘cause it’s true.

Love you all. <3 


hello yall heyyy i did this suuuuper quick coloring of the voltron coloring book thing bc it was so cute and creative and hhh this one was by jacy aka cookiecreation who is a great artist and ive been following her for like… idk since the beginning of tumblr i guess


Ben and Leslie + the box
Was the box [Ben] gave Leslie the ring in the same box he used to give her the Knope 2012 pin? Yes. And it was the box in which Leslie gave him the Washington Monument figurine. Additionally, we might see it again – in the series finale. “At the end of the show we’re all going to jump into the box and fly away,” jokes Poehler. [x]