I know y'all are tired of hearing about my relationship but here's some boy positivity

My boyfriend has vitiligo. When he told me this the first time we talked, I said I thought it was cool. He was genuinely shocked that I didn’t make fun of him or ask to see it. The first time I really saw it was when he posted a picture on Instagram that shows it pretty obviously. He said he thought about taking it down, but I told him how much I liked it, and he decided to keep it up.

He’s very insecure about his chest because of how much his vitiligo covers it. He told me this early in the relationship and I reassured him that I wouldn’t find it weird/a turn off. When he finally felt comfortable showing his chest in either snapchats or on Skype, I once again reassured him that I didn’t think it was weird. I actually really like it. It doesn’t change how I felt about him.

When he asked me why I liked his vitiligo, I told him, “because it’s a part of you.” And you know what he did? He cried. Which leads me to my next point.

My boyfriend is a very emotional person. He cries about things. He cried(several times) the first time he skyped me, saying he couldn’t believe I was his girlfriend (which btw was the sweetest thing and made me cry too). Boys are always told they shouldn’t be emotional or cry, and I think that’s ridiculous, as someone who is extremely sensitive. Instead of telling him to man up, I help him get through it. I tell him it’s okay, because it is.

The best thing about this boy?

He is just as accepting of my flaws as I am of his. My anxiety and depression which weigh very heavily on the both of us, my stretch marks, my insecurities. He accepts all of it.

Girls are not the only ones who are allowed to be shy or nervous in relationships. Girls are not the only ones who are allowed to be emotional or cry over little things.

Boys can be insecure. Boys can have flaws. Boys can be emotional. Boys can be human.

Boys, never settle for someone who won’t accept your shy side. Never settle for your dream girl/boy if they won’t let you cry or be emotional. Find someone who will understand you and accept you as you are, no matter how long it takes. I promise it will be worth it. While self love is very important, sometimes having someone else admire you just makes things all the better. Especially when they admire you at your most vulnerable.

Boys, keep having feelings unapologetically. Break the norm that boys should be emotionless. You don’t have to be a “tough guy” to find love. You don’t have to be anything but yourself. And if all else fails and you feel no one is one your side, I personally support and accept your feelings. Let them out. You deserve to have them.

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i was gonna say that your voltron art looks so aesthetic and serious but then i realised that all your voltron comics are literally just 100% memes and i probably wouldn't have it any other way. all hail sunny, meme master of voltron comics.

I gotta properly color those memes :^)

((I’m gonna try to post some less memey stuff for it too tho lol)


HAha I hope ppl didn’t wake up

The Signs as All Time Low Lyrics
  • Aries: We're all part of the same, sick little games (Sick Little Games)
  • Taurus: Let's take the worst and make it better, let's take this mess and make a home (Cinderblock Garden)
  • Gemini: I’ll say it’s all about stickin’ it out, and trying to feel forever young (Somewhere in Neverland)
  • Cancer: Don't make this easy, I want you to mean it (Jasey Rae)
  • Leo: Self-medicating in the quiet of your room (Missing You)
  • Virgo: My song has not been sung (The Reckless and the Brave)
  • Libra: So I'll paint you wings, now I'll set you free (Paint You Wings)
  • Scorpio: You were fake, I was great, nothing personal (Break Your Little Heart)
  • Sagittarius: Just sit back, enjoy the show, it's the weekend, no place to go (Don't You Go)
  • Capricorn: There's a story at the bottom of this bottle (Dear Maria, Count me in)
  • Aquarius: Tattoos and a switchblade attitude, snakebite heart with a bubblegum smile (Lost in Stereo)
  • Pisces: Baby, we're like a time bomb, but I need it, wouldn't have it any other way (Time Bomb)