from @miskatonicwhaler to @eeveebethfejvu, a James Bond AU with Emily as Agent 007, Billie as Eve Moneypenny and the Outsider as Q!!!

saw this on my dash and it screamed iwaoi 

[college au??? in which for some reason these dorks aren’t spending new years together]

(i didn’t notice this until i was uploading it, but their speech bubbles are the opposite to their shirts? secret gay?)


Some people got really good photos of my Lucatiel this weekend. The first 3 are by Jeremy Cariaso and the last 3 are by NW Park. 

I made the white shirt, the vest and shoulder pads, the hat, mask and boot covers. All the designs were free-hand painted with reference. I ended up drawing the design so many times in sketches, it was pretty easy to apply it directly to the vinyl for the final look.  I totally want to make my own gloves and make her sword, improve the hat feather and someday learn to wear cosmetic contacts. This would be way cooler with blue eyes.

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i was there around 7pm with a few friends for a birthday and he just walk passed me…i was like “OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS! IT’S LUHAN! HI LUHAN!!!”

he looked at me (slightly panicked admittedly) bowed and quickly hurried away…i swear to god, if it hadn’t been my friend’s birthday and if i hadn’t been holding the cake, i totally would have followed him and…and….thrown myself in front of his feet and told him i love him and that i still believe in hunhan and please comeback to exo i love you i need you sehun needs you ask for a picture…

i still cant believe it…he was just walking there all alone in the middle of garosugil without bodyguards or managers or anything…didn’t even wear a hat or mask…he was wearing a simple checkered shirt, had dark blond hair and looked really tired…i am still shaken


on neckbeards, trilbies, and having some goddamn empathy

Guy!Me would totally have been a neckbeard. My hygiene and self-care are very good now, because I’ve successfully turned them into a special interest. Doing my hair and makeup is a ritual now. I’m really good at finding and dating vintage, and I dig the whole “pearls & full skirts” women’s college look.

But in high school, I wore giveaway t-shirts and witch hats to school. I had these poofy pirate pants that I loved, and I’d wear them with a bandanna and buckled boots. I would have stuck a rapier in my belt, too, if I could’ve gotten away with it. I’d go days without washing myself. I liked doing weird experiments on my body: see how long you can go without showering! without brushing your hair! without eating! without sleeping! People assumed I was depressed, but I genuinely just enjoyed seeing what would happen. My body wasn’t so much me as it was a weird specimen I’d been entrusted with. I might as well poke and prod it to entertain myself. 

I had this crazy mother-of-the-bride hat that I’d gotten off a Macy’s discount rack, and I wore it with a Halloween-store cloak and thought it was the absolute height of fashion. In fact, have a picture:

I’m sixteen here. I’m pretty sure that dress was originally a clown costume, and it was my absolute favorite dress for a long time. You can’t see my feet in that picture, but I was wearing Dorothy-style ruby slippers. 

I think girls generally have more freedom to experiment with our appearances than boys do. I wouldn’t get nearly as much harassment in menswear as my male equivalent would in the outfit above. I think that’s relevant to the whole “neckbeard” concept. Ditto re: the “fedora” thing. I instinctively take the side of anyone mocked for wearing an unusual hat in public, because look at me. When people congratulate me for being cool and quirky and different, when they characterize my failure to brush my hair as “sticking it to patriarchal beauty standards”, and then turn right around and mock the “neckbeards & trillbies” crowd, I do not trust them. If you find weirdness more acceptable in a skinny teenage girl than in fat teenage boys, I don’t want to be around you. 


My American Horror Story Coven Influenced OOTD

I’m totally obsessed with the fashion from American Horror Story Coven. All the hats, gloves and scarves take me back to my youth in the 80s. I used to wear hats and gloves all the time. I’m not really sure why I stopped. I’m totally bringing it back. I put together this look to show off my new floppy hat. I picked this hat up on Ebay for $11 shipped!! How can you refuse for that price. While it is not quite as big as I would like it totally works. I hope I will find one a little larger in the near future. 

The dress I’m wearing is from Pink Clove. I picked this dress up about a month ago. Unfortunately they no longer have it in stock. I was late to the party with this dress. When I found it, it was on clearance. I think I picked it up for $15 plus shipping. The price point on the stuff at Pink Clove is excellent. Some of the stuff is typical and not overly exciting, but they did have a few stand out pieces like my dress. When I found my dress I totally feel in love with it. I was really fond of the ombre like fade on the fabric and the wiccan inspired print. I’m not sure that the light mid section of the dress is very flattering on my figure. It doesn’t much matter because I love the style of it so much. I will still wear the heck out of this piece. 

I have always been a scarf girl. I buy a lot of scarves. I really love them, but I don’t actually wear them that often. They mostly hang around my house looking fabulous. When I saw this triangle eye print scarf at ASOS I knew I MUST own it. It reminded me so much of Sioux Sue and my favorite years in the 80s. This scarf is huge. As you can see from the images it hangs all the way to the ground. I am 5'6. I will be able to use this scarf so many ways. I will love looking at this one hanging around. It really makes me smile every time I see it.

I finished off my look with a new shade of lipstick, Purple!. I have not worn a purple lip in many years. To tell you the honest truth, I had kind of forgot it was a lipstick color. I get so wrapped up in my varying  shades of red, I sometimes get lost. I have been into trying matte lip stains lately. I picked this one up at Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. I’m wearing shade 3 Witches. I wasn’t sure I could pull this color off, but I’m really happy with it. I was not able to find a purple lipstick that was matte and had staying power at Sephora. My Pretty Zombie stain was $11 and shipped really fast. I would love to hear feed back on any stains you have tried. I’m always looking for new lips. 

In this outfit I feel completely dressed to kill and I could be the next supreme?

Okay, so I am a broke college kid who’s financial aid just totally got screwed up. I have no money for classes or books or anything. I’m trying to make a little extra cash, and if you like hats, or wearing hats, or just admiring hats, I have a hat shop that I’ve been working on, and even if you just take a look, it would mean a lot.


Solas:  You know what would be awesome?  A world with no Veil.  Wow that would be so totally rad.  Can you imagine it?  Spirit jam all night every night. I would wear my party hat.

Solas:  BTW would you mind activating these mysterious elven artifacts?  They do that thing you like.  “Strengthening the Veil” or whatever.

Solas:  Thanks buddy I owe you one.  Except not really, because we have just accomplished a totally mutual goal.  Right.  Go team.

GDI.  His whole artifact quest is the DA:I version of DA:O’s “oh hey let’s do some random errands for a bunch of blood mages we’re never met, what could possibly go wrong.”


Some more Modern AU ASoIaF/GoT characters. Here we have Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister, my two favorite characters, who I also happen to ship… I know, I know, hate me if you must. I plan on doing most, if not all, of the characters.

In my little MAU I have Tyrion in his normal get-up, a red leather jacket, a Winterfell Direwolf hoodie, (because he totally supports the Starks) he owns a blue and a black pair that he got from his good friend Jon Snow. To finish off his look he wears his most prized possession, the lion beanie his mother gave him before she died which he wears 99.9% of the time. As for Sansa, admittedly I didn’t change much because I honestly don’t know what she would wear in my AU so for now all I did was change the stones on Sophie’s dress from sapphires to rubies, I also added Sansa’s dragonfly necklace and a lion ring to support her favorite little Lannister, much to her parents dismay. 

Headcannons for the Gang at a Major League Baseball Game

Hey y’all I’ve had this one written for like a LONG time but I haven’t posted it so here you go :) (also I’m Dodgers trash, but there is like one that is particular to my team ;) but like all of them are just neutral)

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Today I’m missing Los Angeles.

I miss the carefree and careless weekends spent doing what people who live in Never Never Land like beach towns do. I miss that those weekends would sometimes lead to late night (early morning) vintage hat wearing dance parties in the kitchen with my favorite people.

I miss the weather. Or the fact that the weather was a total non-factor. I wonder if I’d even have a weather app on my phone if I still lived there? (Fun fact: One of the first real fights Jason and I got into was over the fact I lived in a house with two other people and none of us owned an umbrella. Because why would we?)

I miss last minute weekend road trips to Big Bear or Palm Springs. And I miss the long weekends spent in Santa Ynez drinking wine and feeling a million miles away from everything stressful. (In many ways just living on that coast felt like I was a million miles away from things that were stressful. Distance is sometimes a very, very good thing.)


Happy Friday, friends.

We are *this close* to the weekend. (A weekend that will requiring using at least one of the seven umbrellas that currently live by the door in our apartment…)


Aubrey: It’s good to see you again, Solai.  How’s the infiltration of Earth coming along?

Stardust: This isn’t weird or awkward at all.  

Dave: I believe I am making excellent progress, Mr. Davenport.  I have made one small error, though.

Aubrey: Oh?

Dave: I neglected to mention to you that I have an Earth alias.  Most of the Earth people who know me do not know my real name is Solai.  I am called Dave.

Aubrey: Dave.  Well, that’s one small mystery solved.

Dave: The name is part of my Earth disguise.

Stardust: His totally convincing Earth disguise. I mean, the hat and trench coat he likes to wear out in public just screams Earth person. Am I right?

Dave: I would not have expected to deceive your keen eyes and sense of smell, my little comet tail. I am sure you detected my powerful Sixamish sexual pheromones almost instantaneously.  I know I detected your–

Stardust:  Solai! Not in front of my father, please.

Aubrey: *laughing* As long as I’m not hearing the details, it’s fine.  I was dealing with Sixamish manners long before you were even born.  If I could handle Zida throwing herself at Sky, I’m sure I can cope with the two of you.

Dave: So it is acceptable that we…do things?

Aubrey: You’re adults, and you can do as you like.  Just try not to get him pregnant, won’t you, Stardust?  As much as Papa and I would love another grandchild, I’d like both of you to have proper jobs before you think of having children together.

Dave:  Mr. Davenport, you are surprisingly…chill.  Did I say that correctly, Stardust?

Stardust: How did I get hooked up with this adorable nerd?

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Ai no Scenario is giving me Munakata feels, so Magic Kaito AU pls, with Phantom Thief!Munakata and Genius Detective!Mikoto (feat. Lovely Assistant!Fushimi and Newbie Police!Yata) Thanks!

It seems like magic should be more Fushimi’s specialty but then Munakata would probably make a splendid phantom thief, imagine him wearing a top hat and mask and a fancy cape, sparkles flying with every swish of his phantom thief outfit. He’s searching for the mysterious Dresden Jewel that’s hidden inside another jewel and he must therefore steal a variety of valuable objects in order to find it (he anonymously returns them slightly used the next day). During the day he’s a mild-mannered public servant who everyone respects and no one would ever suspect that he’s secretly moonlighting as a phantom thief – or at least no one but his coworkers suspect, Awashima and the alphabet squad are pretty sure that only one person sparkles like that but they figure if Munakata’s stealing jewels he must have a good reason right. Fushimi accidentally stumbles on Munakata mid-transformation one day and that’s how he gets roped into being Munakata’s sidekick/lovely assistant. As it happens Fushimi knows a few magic tricks and Munakata takes this as fate, surely Fushimi was meant to be his protege. Fushimi would have a lot less objections to this thief thing if his outfit wasn’t composed of 9/10ths fishnet.

Meanwhile Mikoto is the genius detective who’s such a genius he sleeps 17 hours a day and only solves cases that actually catch his interest. Well over half the cases attributed to him were actually solved by Kusanagi and the other members of Mikoto’s detective unit but Mikoto always gets the credit somehow even though he actively resists taking it himself, people just assume that he solved everything. Yata joins the force as the eager young police officer who just wants to take down that asshole the Phantom Thief (and especially that asshole’s sidekick the Lovely Assistant who mocked Yata’s height once during a heist and Yata has never forgiven him. Also Yata very much does not dream about those fishnets, nope). Mikoto’s chasing the Phantom Thief because that guy’s always lecturing him on how to be a proper detective and it’s irritating. During the day Mikoto and Yata occasionally have to visit Munakata and Fushimi’s department while they’re trying to gather evidence and somehow never realize that those two are the Phantom Thief and his assistant even though Munakata’s always lecturing Mikoto on proper detective decorum and Fushimi’s always teasing Yata about his height.