shoutout to tacky lesbians
  • lesbians who wear eye shadow and lipstick but never foundation
  • lesbians who wear a flannel over their flannel
  • lesbians who never ever ever brush their hair
  • lesbians who wear one ankle sock and one knee sock at the same time
  • lesbians who wear beanies in the summer

and yes, 

  • lesbians who wear crocs

you. are. valid.

anonymous asked:

Have you/would you wear a skirt or dress? You'd look adorable.

I’ve worn some a couple times, but mainly for shows. I would totally wear it casually!


Rap Monster’s perfume are pocket sized Jin’s farts. He likes them because they smell like roses and stars and also because they came out from Jin’s butt.

anonymous asked:

I feel like you would totally wear the dress at your wedding, if only to get him to laugh and relax. True or false?

strait ppl arnt alowd 2 send me questins enymroe

Listen. I know all I do is talk about Murder, She Wrote, but let’s be real for a moment. Angela Lansbury has been a spokeswoman for organizations providing shelter to victims of domestic violence, a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community since the 1940s, and has advocated the necessity of depicting strong, single females in lead roles on television. Plus, her famous detective series became subtly and hilariously self-aware when her production company became a partner in the show and she became executive producer. Her career spans SEVEN decades and she shows no signs of stopping! I mean, what else do you want from her??? Dame Angela Lansbury is my hero.

Here’s a piece that I drew just to have fun: I’ve always loved Quintilian’s description of Ovid as nimium amator ingenii sui (that loves too much his own wit), because not only it is completely true (and I love him for that), but also because I’m 90% sure he would very self-consciously laugh at that and put it on a t-shirt to wear. So I did that. I added Catullus, partly to honor my thesis, because I also love that marvelous poem that Catullus writes to Cicero, Cat. 49, which goes: “Most eloquent of Romulus’ descendants, of those who are, were, and will be, oh Marcus Tullius, I, Catullus, thank you greatly; I, Catullus, the worst poet of all (pessimus omnium poeta): the worst poet of all as much as you are the best orator of all.”, and I think he would totally wear his own quote (possibly when Cicero is around to see).