I hope you guys realise Tom has zero saying on what he wears on these fashion photoshoots. He signed a contract he has to wear what they want either he likes (or you or me for that matter) or not.

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Hey hey! Since you write a pretty sexual Link I was wondering if you could describe what his version of a 'freakum dress' would be. Obviously, not a DRESS (or maybe YEAH idk) but... hopefully you know what I mean ;)

Freakum dress meaning like a hot outfit? :D (sorry, I’m old)

I was thinking about this and then I realized I have already written that to my fic, so, quote from there:

Rhett took an another small sip from his glass and what he saw next made him almost choke. It finally happened, Link stepped in from the door and he was stunning. His hair was done messier than usually. His long, slim legs were covered with tight, leather pants which Rhett had not seen before. He also had a black t-shirt, probably one size too small, Rhett could almost see his nipples from that far away. Rhett noticed the two leather bands on his wrists too and it brought memories of the pair of the same kind of handcuffs they had at home.

But if it’s a dress it would be something like the red dress he wore on GMM 978. That color really suits him, especially with his dark hair. But the dress would be tight pencil dress and he would wear some nice, black platform high heels. (Add some cat eye make up and red lipstick). I’m dead.

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a concept : phil with brown hair wearing a soft grey playlist t shirt while raining

i would love it so much and like wearing his glasses of course. it would be like staring into the face of god


Headcanon that Holtzmann have a lot of fun toying with dress codes to mess with snobbish people at formal events. 


and another boxer!lexa~

I hope Thedas has self-help books, and I hope one of them is called something like “So You Love a Fereldan, And They Have a Mabari: How to Handle Not Being the Most Important Someone in Your Beloved’s Life”

i don’t know who wrote tumblr’s “suggested blogs” algorithm but i just want to take a minute to genuinely say they did a terrible job


Hang in there, Usagimodoki /(・ × ・)\


I’m not shitting tho, his “portrait necktie” is an actual merchandise from COSPA and sold for more or less Y5,000.

One time our shop’s regular customer made a special order for this Homura necktie and that was honestly one of the most hardcore fandom item I’ve ever laid my hands on.

Will be doing DMMd comic thing every week from now and will start drawing other characters as well coz I’ve only been drawing Noiz and Aoba since I got into this fandom (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ

Laura is in denial about her problem