I’m really angry about the terrible story line with Pennsatucky in Season 5. I was really hoping that they wouldn’t continue on with her getting close again with that piece of shit rapists, but instead they had her falling in love with them and ended the season with them being all domesticated. This is so wrong on so many levels and such an insult.. The show has had some many great stuff going and the writers decided to do this bullshit. Plus this really ruins Pennsatucky as a character. She had grown so much before since late in Season 2. I feel so insulted that the writers would put out this bullshit on the show. The only way they can make this right is by having Pennsatucky see Coates for the piece of shit that is and remember what he did to her. In fact i have a feeling that he’s gonna do something to set her off (i.e. hit her). Of course i really hope that this will cause Pennsatucky to finally snap, attack Donuts, tie him up in a bed and burn him to death. I really would love to see this happen, because it’s long overdue that bastard pay for what he did to her. I want to see it happen as early as possible in Season 6, because i do not want to see any more of them being lovely dovey.

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Would there ever be the possibility of a trans character (and especially a pre-transition trans character) showing up on "The Bright Sessions"? There's a decided lack of trans characters (and especially pre-transition trans characters) in media as a whole and I would really, really love to see that happen, especially on a podcast that has been as diverse as "The Bright Sessions."

Short answer: yes.

(very) Long answer: yes, this is something that has actually been on my mind since the very beginning. As I think I’ve mentioned before, I have a whole list of atypical characters that I would love to bring onto the show. But when I first started coming up with the characters that would occupy the first season, there were a few things I had to keep in mind. 

Structure. I thought more than three patients would be overwhelming and unruly to manage with the therapy format. 

Actors. I was definitely going to be writing a character for myself (Sam) and for my best friend Anna (Chloe). This started out as a way to stay creative and write fun stuff for myself and my friends so that’s what I was considering. I knew I wanted Julia to play Dr. Bright pretty early on and Caleb was the second character I had ever thought of. The moment he was fully formed, Briggon seemed like the perfect fit. 

My ability to write it. Girl with anxiety? Easy. Angsty, sensitive teenage boy? Yeah, I can do that (thanks YA fiction/high school au fanfics). Flower child with a heart of gold who is also fiercely intelligent? You bet (Chloe was written with Anna in mind and there are many similarities between them). Intelligent female psychologist? Yes, my sister is one of those, she can help me. Plus each of these characters has a piece of me and my perspectives, so I felt qualified to tell their stories. 

The challenges/benefits a superpower would provide. This is a big one. I thought a lot about which power/character combos would be most interesting. Time travel/panic attacks, empathy/teenage hormones, mind reading/bleeding heart, etc. And I have dozens more of these in my list of atypicals. Which brings me to…

Shapeshifting/transgender. One of my first thoughts when planning out atypicals was, “wouldn’t it be cool if there was a trans character who was trying to gain control of their shapeshifting ability in order to change their physical body to what they felt on the inside”. 

For those of you following along at home, yes, you have already encountered this person: Patient #6-C-1, mentioned once in Episode 17A and then seen by Caleb and Adam on one of their stake-outs. Even though there is absolutely no indication of this canonically, in my head that person is trans (pre-transition).

So why haven’t we seen more of this character? Well, for all the reasons I just talked about. 

Structure. Damien is technically the only other patient we’ve added after the initial three. And he is a necessary foil/antagonist to the rest. All the other characters we’ve added have either been serving an antagonizing purpose or are characters that we’d alluded to in the first season (Adam, Mark, Frank, etc.). Because we only see two or three characters per episode, I’m constantly worried about overstuffing the cast.

Actors. As I said, this has been an exercise in casting my friends. We’ve never held a casting call (mostly because they are time consuming and cost money) and I would obviously want to cast a trans actor to play this role. And I know that if I put in the effort, I could find this person. But the whole production side of this podcast is way more thrown together than it may appear so this is entirely an organizational failure on my part. 

My ability to write it. This is the biggest obstacle in having this trans character in the podcast. I am not trans. While I’ve known plenty of trans people in my life in various stages of coming out and transitioning, I can never know what that process is like. Ever since imaging this character I’ve been thinking, “this seems like a cool idea to me, but would it actually be offensive to trans people?”. 

There are certain stretches I can make in my writing (for instance, I write male characters and characters with very different morals from my own) but with trans representation being so sparse, as you said, I didn’t feel I was the right voice to tell a trans story. So then it becomes about finding someone to consult with - either a trans writer or even the actor who ends up playing this character.  I know it’s not something I can do alone. Even in writing this answer, I worry that I will somehow misrepresent or offend those who are trans. Trying to tackle this subject in the podcast is something that very much intimidates me because I care so deeply about doing it right. 

And to go back to the more practical obstacles, we’re only adding two more voice actors this season and that will be it for the foreseeable future. The unfortunate reality is that I am but one person with a very busy life, for whom this podcast is still basically a really fun hobby (not in the sense that I do it in my spare time (because it is all my time), but in the sense that it does not pay my bills). There are a hundred ideas and stories I want to get to, and I simple do not have the time or brain capacity to do so all at once. 

So that is the very long-winded, somewhat spoiler-y reply to your thoughtful question. I debated about how much to give away in this answer but I figured full disclosure was best. I’m not trying to make excuses - I know that there are extremely talented trans artists out there that I should seek out. And hopefully, as the world of the podcast expands, I will be able to do so. 

I’m glad that you find The Bright Sessions to be a place of diversity and I am constantly striving to improve it on that front. I just want to make sure that I do it right. 

something that I would really love to see happen in snk eventually

Levi and Eren getting more and more close until they’ve developed kind of a father-son relationship and then one day Eren slips up and calls him “Dad” and Levi’s just like “…excuse me” and Eren’s like “oh shit I’m SORRY I WON’T DO IT AGAIN” and Levi’s just like “…it’s okay” and then he punches him trying to be friendly and is like “…son

and then when Grisha comes back from doing whatever the fuck he’s doing (seriously where did he go) he and Eren have a showdown and they’re yelling at each other and Eren just yells

and Levi’s there off to the side and he’s just like oh my god

My views on the next Pink Stevenbomb

When I saw the news about the upcoming Stevenbomb, I couldn’t contain myself. This was really needed and the timing just feels right. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the Steven Nuke was extremely awesome, and those special monthly festive episodes were enjoyable too, but this was the right time to deliver something in between (a five episodes story arc). And hell, it seems like we’re gonna get something extraordinary. So let’s start.

Theory #1: Infamous Palanquin

The consensus after “Buddy’s Book” was that the palanquin definitely belonged either to Blue Diamond or Pink Diamond. Now, I guess this confirms the Pink Diamond’s route, which leaves room to a lot of possibilities.

What I would really really really love to happen is to get a flashback with this palanquin being the place where Rose shattered Pink Diamond or the moment when and the location where the Rebellion started. It could very well be narrated by Pearl, who was likely a witness (we have too many clues for her not to be Pink Diamond’s or White Diamond’s Pearl or a gift from the White Diamond to the Pink Diamond).

However, I think certain that the Palanquin was damaged, under attack or abandoned and maybe, it serves now as a memorial/grave for PD.

Theory #2: Jasper’s Hisbiscus

At this point, it’s not a stretch to think that Jasper could be redeemed (I mean, her VA recorded for Season 4) and I personally think it will start slowly, beginning it with this Stevenbomb. The flower hinted in the picture promo is the same flower Jasper wears on autographe from SSDC. I guess she’s wearing it in the memory of the Pink Diamond, but it can also be the first thing from Earth that Jasper will be impressed with.

Theory #3: Let’s kidnap the Crystal Gems

Something’s really fishy about the next episodes descriptions:

  • “Adventures in Light Distortion” – Steven and the Gems take off on a search and recovery mission. 
  • “Gem Heist” – The Gems try to pull off a heist. 
  • “That Will Be All” – Steven and the Gems make a daring escape! 

This screams infiltrating into a Homeworld ship and then getting kidnapped by the Homeworld Gems so bad, but I’d rather not go jumping into conclusions because I don’t want to be disappointed. This would be extremely awesome though. Can I even dare to stay that they go to Homeworld? I guess it’s too soon.

Other thoughts

  • Steven will find out about Pink Diamond’s Palanquin by going into Jasper’s or Pearl’s mind; I’d rather say Jasper only because we have these little hints
  • We’ll definitely see Pink Diamond’s full appearance
  • “The Zoo” is a serious episode; I doubt it’s about corrupted gems since that would be really insensitive, but it makes sense if the gems are kidnapped because of the parallels between a zoo and a jail
  • This bomb might represent the start of the endgame, possibly the beginning of the second war with Homeworld

Anyway, I’m dying to get some answers. I’m gonna be on full theorising mode until next time.

When You Wish Upon A Star

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: General Audiences
Marinette may know that Chat Noir isn’t really all as romantic and suave as he likes to think he is, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still believe that he’ll turn up on her balcony to meet her on Valentine’s day.
And, well, as for Chat? Of course he’s going to turn up - it’s not even about him trying to be her Prince Charming anymore. Marinette feels like home.

Also on Ao3

Author’s Note:

this is like, really late, but here is some valentine’s day fluff i wrote for miraculous ladybug. and of course, since i’m complete trash, it had to be marichat. it’s essentially just fluff that i would really love to imagine happened. hope you enjoy!

Marinette is slumped at her desk, sleepily tapping a pencil on the table. She had been attempting to design some new clothing items for her to sew until a few moments ago, but she’d realised that none of the designs were quite good enough, because she hadn’t really been trying. And now she does what she really knew she had been doing all that time: she waits.

It’s hard to resist falling asleep when the night grows so late and dark, but she knows that it will be worth it in the end. If he comes, as she believes he will; it’s the sort of thing that the silly cat would do. He pretends to be all romantic and smooth but it’s obvious to her that in nature he really isn’t. Still, it’s something she loves about him… it always seems like he tries so hard to impress her. It can be annoying, but in an endearing sort of way.

The candle in front of her on the table flickers, and she looks up to the window to check if it means what she hopes it does, her heart rate increasing fast, but he isn’t there. Although the balcony door is slightly ajar, that’s the way she left it. For him. She stands up slowly, sick of waiting around, and moves over to the door, opening it wide and stepping out into the freezing February air. At least it isn’t raining. The briskness of the night is actually refreshing as she leans against the balcony railings and looks up into the sky. It’s an especially clear night, and stars scatter across the darkness, twinkling and blinking as if underwater. Her sigh is carried away on the breeze as she gazes at them, wishing that he would arrive soon.


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Is there any way we could get a pint glass or stein that says "5 gold and a party" because I personally will buy enough of them to make production worth it

I would love that. I would really, really love that to happen.

from the Early Rarities compilation booklet

not sure if this is a an old setlist or early tracklisting, but I would really love to know what happened to some of these songs

  • Serenade
    Wish You Were Here
    In My Head
    One Tran…. (???) Transylvanian?
    The Boys
    Hangover Heaven

What happened to these??

it's too cold for this

Summary:“You awake, too, babe?” He says quietly, wrapping his arm around my back in a soft a caress. He traced his dull finger nails down my spine, relaxing my whole body.  

“Been awake.” I say, and Luke stiffened up slightly.   

“Did… I wake you?” He gulped, and his finger nail tracing ceased to wait my answer.  

I cupped his cheek in my hand and kissed his lips. “What were you dreaming about?” Kissing him again. “Huh?” - Or, Luke has a very unforgiving wet dream. 

Notes: i haven’t got much to say about this one besides I would really love to see this happen to Luke 

Pairing: Reader/Luke - Words: 4,602 - Prompts are loved

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From what I’ve seen, Ciro said “Finally, we do a big nod to the Leo one-shot in issue #10…
So that means in one way or another, a Mirage #10 event will occur. My only thing is, does a “big nod“ mean an entire episode, or does it mean one part of an episode?
I mean, either way I’m completely and indescribably ecstatic. I know I can’t complain if I don’t get a full Mirage #10 episode, but I would really love to see that happen, or totally die if it was the season finale. One full hour of Mirage #10 for me, and then take the road 2003 did with that flashback of turtle tots episode while the boys are trying to wake Leo up…PLEASE. We”d get turtle tots AND Mirage #10 and everybody wins AND I JUST NEED THIS OKAY?!

Here’s the source for that. Second to last question.