So a few days ago when I was paying my bills I realized that I’m getting poorer by the second, so I’m gonna do what I do best to get some money and sell my art.

If you cant buy anything please at least reblog it around so people can see that would be really great

On talksprites.

There’s two packages:

  • $20 (You’ll receive a package with 6 expressions, neutral, sad, happy, grin, angry and confused)
  • $25 (You’ll receive a SAI or Photoshop file with mix and match expressions, outfits and accessories)

Additional hairstyles, outfits and expressions are applicable by an extra charge:

  • $2 For any additional expression.
  • $2 additional Hairstyle
  • $3 For any additional layer of clothing.
  • $0.50 For any additional pair pieces of jewelry.
  • Face paint varies. I can do chuckle voodoo animation but that will add a $2 extra.
  • I can most definitely edit a talksprite I made for you in the future, contact me and we’ll discuss the details.

More info about rules and stuff can be seen here.

Anyone can come and commission anything from me, I’m poor and I’m not about to deny money.

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♡ , ★ for sosuke aizen ??!

Aizen Sousuke

♡ - romantic headcanon

Literally, this man will never let his s/o pay for anything, shoes, nope, dinner nope, toilet paper, he has it all cover, he doesn’t want his s/o spending any money will they are together, he makes sure he has everything for them.

★ - sad headcanon

Hey Guys, please reblog so that Taylor sees! <3

I am so excited!!! I am attending taylorswift’s and James Bay’s concert this Sunday, in Amsterdam. This is going to be my first concert EVER!!! At 19, yep. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
So…. Here’s my brief story.
In May my mum and I booked our tickets for taylorswift’s concert. It was an adventure, we had never done anything this crazy!! I still can’t believe we’re doing it! I mean, we are travelling all the way from Spain to Amsterdam!!!! But my mum knew how much I would love to see taylorswift live, so I told her that I would pay for the tickets and plane, and so she accepted. Obviously, there were no official tickets left, so we had to buy ours on a website that resells tickets. During this week I’ve been a bit worried, cause our tickets hadn’t arrived yet! But we got them today ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Anyway, this weekend I started working on my flag (or sign or whatever what you see in the picture above is called) with all of my love and enthusiam, and I finished it yesterday! I’m just soooooooooooo excited asdfghjklñ 😀😀😀😀
If you could please reblog this, you would do me a BIG FAVOUR. You know that I always reblog anything that you guys would like Taylor to see! (btw, if anyone else needs help, just tell me and I’ll reblog anything you ask me to!).
Anddddddddd 2200km are about 1380 miles, for the record.
Finally, a big shoutout to my mum. She’s the best! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

P.S.: Section 110, Row 5, Seats 351 and 352, just in case aaaaaaaanyone was wondering… (taylorswift​, maybe?)


$5 coloured doodle commissions !!

hey !! my family is in sorta a tight spot right now and any money would help so i’m doing commissions to try to help out. these commissions are mostly just neat doodles and coloured sketches !! i will draw anything except the following:

  • heavy nsfw
  • animals
  • and that’s it, i’m pretty chill.

my paypal account is acting a little funky right now but i am getting it up and running. nonetheless i wanna get started now and i wouldn’t exactly want anyone to pay me without making sure the art is what they want. please message me if you are interested or reblog this post to get the word out. you can also help me buy checking out my shop. thank you so, so much. i really hope i can help my parents out;;

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If Kaneki didn't turn into a ghoul what would he and Hide be doing after college?

Kaneki was majoring / getting a degree in Japanese Literature at Kami University to follow in his favorite author’s foot prints. [according to Wiki this university had a lot of departments in the literature, international studies, pharmaceutical and medicine] so he would of most likely been a writer and a really good one at that. 

As for Hide, he was getting a degree in International studies which could lead to all sorts of random jobs [communication specialist, interpreter/translator, faculty positions in political sciences, assistant professor,ect] He would be good at mainly anything regarding people. I think a detective really sticks with me, he’s like a more upbeat version of Sherlock Holmes without the deerstalker and pipe. Though just between me and you I would pay big money to see him be a stand up comedian [just imagine all the puns]  Kaneki would probably get in for free at the shows just to see him every chance he could. 


Hey guys!
So on the way home today, my mom and I got in a bad car accident, and everyone came out okay (except the poor cars), but this came at the exact wrong time considering we now have to pay for car repair and we need to take our (temporary) pet iguana to the vet, as well as one of our turtles and a dog (to see if he has cancer) to the vet.

My mom and dad don’t make enough money to pay for all this over the summer, so I really need to put what I can into the money pot, so I’m have a commission sale!

Even if you can’t purchase anything, donations or even just spreading this around would really help, thank you!

SHADED BUST PIECE OR CHARACTER BASE (no color, no major articles of clothing, hair optional) - $5

If you want to help by purchase or donation, please send a private ask and I’ll give you my email / paypal!

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Hello~~ okay so this is a bit awkward cause it's my first time..but~ i wanted to ask: how would taehyung, jimin, suga and if possible jungkook get turned on?? Like by what ? (Clothing, fragrance or anything else) thank you~~~/blushing.. I'm shyyy. OTL/

Tae: This child would get turned on by (1) pretty eyes, seeing how his eyes are gorgeous, I think he’d pay attention to that, (2) clothing, not too girly, not too tomboyish, (3) fragrance, something fruity, (4) a girl being obvious that she has feelings for him (since he’s said that he just wants a girl who loves him).

Jimin: He’d be turned on by (1) dancing, especially that sensual type to some R&B, (2) clothing, something girly and maybe a bit revealing, (3) fragrance, a flowery scent like Daisy, (4) light makeup, perhaps a mild lip color and mascara, and (5) nice curves (this is Jimin we’re talking about XD).

Suga: I think he’d get turned on by (1) voices -I’m sure he’d appreciate a sexy voice seeing as he has one himself- (2) clothing, not too revealing also darker colors, (3) fragrance, a “sophisticated” type, and (4) makeup, nothing too over the top, maybe just some well done eyeliner.

- Devi ^_^ (Suga needs to stop being so attractive esp in that gif)


Money will also go to paying for a binder! Prices will change back from being Super Cheapo probably when steam sale ends? 

I won’t/can’t draw:

  • complicated machinery/robots)
  • cars
  • complicated architecture
  • explicit nsfw (basically anything you don’t want a minor to see)

I will and can draw:

  • simple cute robots
  • animals
  • furries
  • humans
  • fancharacters
  • nudity
  • gore/violence
  • plants/trees/rocks for backgrounds

Contact me through ask, fanmail, or my email (excessiverhinoceros@gmail.com) (please note this is not my paypal email)

He said, "I love you."

We had a wonderful weekend. We spent everyday with each other. Today we made it a priory to spend all day with each other and we did.
We went to see Jurassic World and we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. I offered to pay for our tickets and he said, “Absolutely not.”
I took him to meet my dad. He had the coolest conversation with him. At the end of the night he told me he loves me. I’m floored.

If I were make a list with the qualities I want in a man, he has all of it.

They always say if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans. It’s so true.

I didn’t think this would turn into anything and this man has turned my whole world upside down and it’s beautiful.

okay so i think dan and phil ABSOLUTELY MUST play To The Moon on dan and phil games please guys
  • its the single most incredible game ever
  • dan and phil would like it and all the tiny beautiful details and quirks
  • the music is so wonderful it cant even be compared to anything
  • how much we would pay to see them cry actual tears omg
  • i feel like they could appreciate the serious bits and the funny bits perfectly and react in totally appropriate ways
  • this game needs so much more attention
  • incredible piano songs –> dan learns –> phandom dies
  • please
  • ty

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I way pay major $ to see they way Harry stretches in the morning? like imagine how obscene his back looks when he first sits up in bed. probably a bit sweaty and all huge and toned. and like he'd maybe be a bit sore so he'd lift his arms up over his head to get them working again and and his shoulders are all bunched up.. I just wanna wake up to Harry once :/

I woke up to this and I wasn’t prepared. I would give anything to be able to see this. :( xx

Yeah I get the point of Honey Lemon but do you consider why not a dark skin? Like okay she is MExican cool coolio but  MAN

You know what would I PAY to see someone that LOOKS LIKE ME AND NOT THE AVERAGE CAUCASIAN GUUUUURL

Like I gt it, she can be MExican buuuuuuuuut we all know that we woudln’t know that unless said so and such unless you know this fact you would say “she is bloody american” WHICH IS WHAT EVERY-FCKING-BODY THOUGHT WHEN SEEING THE MOVIE UNTIL THAT TINY ITTY BITTY FACT WAS STATED

And now everyone jumps on her defense like OH BUT SHE IS MEXICAN DIVERSITYYYY!!! PLEASE. Spare me the pain. If anything I can make any character blantaly white and then scream PERUVIAN a top of it. Yes it is my peruvian oc, is white with blonde hair and blue eyes. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT??? ARE YOU SAYING THEY DON’T LOOK LIKE THAT, BUT NOT ALL PERUVIANS ARE DARK SKINNER YOU STERIOTYPICAL FUCK

Please, spare me the favor of getting fuzzy over that overly dumb argument and jesus for the love of god make it stop

I feel a bit terrible for saying this but...the only question I want to ask the Ant-Man cast is if one of the post-credit scenes has Stucky in it.

I would gladly pay to see Ant-Man if I knew for sure I was going to get two minutes of anything with Steve and Bucky at the end - punching each other in the face counts - they just need to be in the same room.  

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What is the dating culture in korea? I know u r dating a korean as well

The guys pay for pretty much everything, it’s pretty rare if a girl has to pay for movies or dinner. I never ever see any of my girl friends pay for anything when we’re out with their boyfriends because guys are just expected to take care of the girls financially. It’s different in America since girls help pay or couples dutch pay a lot.

Also a thing is Koreans just love being really into the couple stuff. You have the whole package of your matching outfits, couple rings, matching phones and cases, uploading tons of social media pictures together etc etc. All the cheesy stuff you would get grossed in America is just seen normal and just cute in Korea. Koreans celebrate every 100 days couples have been together (my boyfriend and I are over 600 days!!) on top of yearly anniversaries and couple holidays such as White Day, Valentine’s, Pepero Day. So I would say the dating culture is pretty intense in Korea :~)

bisexualwillscarlet replied to your post “I don’t mean to be rude because I know you’re a lovely person. I…”

Personally, I’m with the anon. Not that you’re being rude, but that I’d feel really insecure and be irritated if I saw a few people randomly talking about what they dislike about my fic by name but not directly to me. Especially since though you like the fic, it came off as complainy and kinda ranty like “I don’t see why they had to do this with their fic” type of thing. If I saw that, I’d probably react badly to it, because I would be embarrassed/blindsided.

Honestly I feel really bad about it now because I thought that nobody was really paying attention to me, first of all, and it turns out at least three people were(first anon, second anon, and you, plus whoever hasn’t said anything), and that it sounds like I came off complaining like that. :( I felt like I was kind of dealing more with myself and how it bothered me and why and less with how it was in relation to the fic(at least in the first ask). And I wish I’d remembered who the op was on the update post that was going around today that made me click on it so I could have related it to them, though in my mind that’s even more disrespectful(hey I liked your fic but having killian be so much old squicks me out!) than discussing it on your blog far away from a direct confrontation.

Could you explain why by name it bothers you so much? Because that’s really the one thing that gets me. I thought it was kind of obvious what fic it was so I didn’t see harm in mentioning its name(plus I guess I kind of assumed the best out of people and thought I was being asked for the name because someone else was equally as wary), but clearly that was a pretty big rude red flag?

actual do to list because i keep forgetting

• finish WAY overdue give away drawing for danae-b

• learn to fucking drive

• finish next part of 2006 comic (-muffled screaming because backgrounds-)

• draw much more OC shit b/c the world needs to see my babes

• draw a thing for natominovak, b/c i said i would but i forgot

• do that goddamn “meet the artist” meme that i was tagged with 50 years ago

anyone think i’m missing anything?