no kid talk, talking abt music, bebe, the video, joking around and laughing, happy louis, louis getting to talk about harry all soft and sweet, louis getting praised, louis praising the fans,,, i would like to thank not only god but jesus

imagine all your faves having a group chat dedicated to gushing about you (you’re unaware of course) . There are candid pictures of you smiling, laughing etc. and below the pictures texts saying things like, “OMG MY QUEEN/KING”,  “I HaVE A S C E N D E D”, “the pure angel’, or “I will protec with my life”.

 One of your faves takes a selfie with you and post it to the group chat with the text under it reading, “I would like to thank not only god but also Jesus for this moment” (it’s funnier if this fave is a demon/villain).

Your most stoic fave takes a picture of you stretching, captioning it only with, “they strech” 


‘holy shit y/n just did the thing’


*posts a picture of you adjusting glasses, biting your lip, raking  hand through your hair, etc* THE THING

‘I can die happy now thank you’