Okie doke, Tumblr folks, I have a need for advice.

My brother is the world’s biggest interrupter. He is incapable of letting me get through a sentence. I’ve tried asking politely, being subtle, and flat-out going, “When you interrupt me, I feel like you’re disrespecting me” - to which he laughs. I’ve even gotten our mother involved, but she says I just need to live with it because that’s just how he is. I’ve been doing this for months now because I’m sick and tired of being constantly interrupted and disrespected. My proposed next step is one warning before I start spraying him with water like you would a dog who barks at company, which would be counterproductive but would sure as shit feel good for the second before he starts screaming.

Anyone have any suggestions for things that might actually be productive?

I’m sorry if I’ve ever offended anyone on here.

I don’t mean to start anything, and I would never endorse hate of any kind.

But sometimes when I argue about something I’m really passionate about (ex. Korrasami), I try and do it in a respectful way.

However, I understand some people may take my words the wrong way, so I want to apologize ahead of time to anyone I may upset.

I’ve been victim to recieving hate as well and would never purposely do the same to anyone else.

Thanks for reading.

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Well, Bakura, what would you like to wear if you were King of Ice, you knows he wearing white and pastel blue ? *wink* And how would you react if you discovered Malik has sliding black hair dye in your shampoo and your hair are becoming black?

[[ OOC: Dear anon, no matter how many times you re-word your question, I am not going to draw Frozen AU Bakura, or Bakura with black hair. Kudos for you for being persistent, but I’d really rather not feel like you’re using this blog as a way for getting me to draw you free art that has nothing to do with my AU. Frankly, it’s rather disrespectful- so, please, drop the subject. ]]

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Im a 21 year old girl who never believed Islam. I'm falsely involved in the community, and forced to wear the hijab. a lot of the time I still voice opinions that go against islam (such as on feminism etc) and wear maybe tight dresses along with a headscarf. I feel like I'm disrespecting the religion (my headscarf stands for it) and a being a hypocrite by wearing it. How would you answer someone asking why you wear a hijab, when you're not portraying it correctly w/o bringing personal life?

I’m not sure how I’d answer that - I haven’t been in this situation. Maybe you could say the headscarf is a personal expression of religion and how you wear it is personal to you? Would it be better to focus on how you might be able to get out of the community so that you don’t have to answer these questions? 

Can any of my followers give a better answer than me?

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what do u think of the elena being put to sleep for 60 years theory? (damon said he'd have to wait for 60 years to be with her)

i’m like -___________-

i dont wanna be pessimistic, but if this stupid theory is true season 7 is gonna feel real pointless to me 

also, man, way to disrespect elena

that’s the send-off she gets? being stuck asleep in a coffin for almost a century? no agency? she doesn’t even get a choice?

i hope it’s some kind of twist and elena does end up doing smth worth remembering her for in the finale

as for damon, it would be a complete regression to make him pine after her until she wakes up. what’s the point of defan or bamon or his own character integrity if, even after the whole show ends, he’ll still obsessed with the doppelganger?

so yeah, i’m 50% sure they wouldn’t do smth quite this stupid, but….i’ve been burned before so 50% of me is cautious.

if this is how S6 ends, S7 for me will just be bonnie/damon scenes on youtube 

Listening to the 2brwngrls podcast & relating heavily to zeba’s point abt feeling uncomfortable abt having a brown woman edit/be in control of presenting black writers work bc I feel that way abt editing for coalition! Or honestly basically anyone who isn’t me. I feel uncomfortable editing non-American writers, ppl who’s first language isn’t English, even non-black poc who aren’t 2nd generation Indo-Guyanese American lmao

Idk I’ve been thinking abt this for a while. Like is there a way to be around black culture without being appropriative/disrespectful in a fundamentally anti-black society? Just like…standing in solidarity means being around black people and passively absorbing their culture and idk sometimes I feel like an interloper? Idk how to remedy it.

Like when I started this blog I was tired of blogging abt news and theory and thought that I would employ some kind of praxis by reblogging poc and their art work but sometimes it starts to feel like I’m using these images of black women as decorative tools? Or images of non-brown poc in general.

I guess this points to a flawed praxis, like this can’t be my only action to demonstrate solidarity! But it’s not? But it still feels like a v problematic type of thing so maybe…it shouldn’t exist at all?

But also I need to, like, sleep so send me ur thoughts!

Kajal and I were walking down the street, arms linked as per usual, and this very large dude yelled “whoa! What the fuck!” when he passed us so I turned around and flipped him off because no buddy, you don’t get to react to human beings the same way you would react to a car crash or the chest burster scene from Alien. He got so mad and even asked me why I flipped him off, which I ignored because I’m not going to explain to anyone why being treated like a freakshow is hurtful. 

I don’t know why cishets feel they have the right to comment on queer relationships as loudly as they want, whether it be awkwardly complimenting us (which is weird), treating us like a freakshow or making sexual comments. It’s so disrespectful and dehumanizing, and they get so mad when I get confrontational because they feel they have a right to our bodies. 

man. That kind of feels like the last straw for me. I am so fed up with being disrespected on this website by disgusting porn blogs and all the rapists hiding under the guise of being doms (because a person well versed in bdsm would NOT impose themselves on unconsenting individuals).

I don’t want to “let them win” by deleting my blog but also fuck I am so done with this shit.

I fucking cannot I can’t even not cry when I THINK about it and people dead ass don’t feel guilty like fuck. I’m so jealous. I’m so jealous I wish I could not feel this guilty. I would sell my fucking soul I would give up the ability to feel happiness or joy if I could save myself this gut wrenching feeling. Animals are so innocent and do not deserve to be tortured murdered and euthanized so some asshole who DOESNT NEED TO EAT THEIR CORPSE can eat their disrespected and mutilated bodies. We’re humans. We are fucking human beings. We are beyond needing meat. It’s so fucking easy to eat vegan it’s so fucking easy. Jesus Christ

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can you answer 2, 12, 20?

2. last time i cried - last night lolololololol don’t really want to say why though

12. 3 deal breakers in a relationship - (1) cheating (2) disrespecting and being inconsiderate of what upsets the other person continually (3) wandering eyes, looking for something better (like WHY would you be in a relationship with someone if you wanted something better pls) [and can i just add] (4) someone who has no direction in their life, or has futuristic ideas that are so far from your own i.e. nothing in common

20. do you feel loved? of course i do! i have wonderful people around me all the time

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i honestly hate when "fans" say shit about the boys like how they sometimes may accidentally say something racist or something like as if they know that what their saying is offensive like honestly we all know they wouldn't say it if they knew it would hurt someone's feelings and another thing is why do they continue being fans if all they do is complain about how horrible people they are lmao

i just think it’s a huge double standard that they can yell at people for disrespecting them and then sit here and do the same thing? i’ve seen people bagging on the way they were presenting, but, like there was literally nothing wrong with it? as for saying offensive things, i don’t feel like it’s my place to say on here what is or is not offensive, but i agree. something that many people on tumblr need to learn is that everyone is “problematic” and outside of tumblr, the world isn’t as outspoken about what can and can’t be said - not that it’s a bad thing all of the time, but people just don’t often know what they’re doing/saying is wrong. 

solasdivided replied to your post: “I wake up to hear that Josh is being called a racist for posing in…”:

I don’t know about racists but it is disrespectful to his black fans from the South (like me) with grandparents that have battle scars( physical and mental) from the Civil Rights Movement. It saddens me that he would be so inconsiderate.

The photo was in bad taste. I very much agree with that. I’m sure sure Josh would feel awful knowing he hurt some of his fans.

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Hi I'm an new sugar baby and was wondering about tips and tricks? I am talking to an investment banker and I know he's cool with giving gifts but I don't know how to ask for money, I feel like I'm being rude or disrespectful but it's a job so I'm really confused

✋🏾⛔️ Pause. Asking for what you want is never rude or disrespectful. If you never open your mouth and say what you want, you will never receive it. As for the allowance talk, bat your pretty eyes and tell him that he has been very gracious with the gifts and you really appreciate them. Explain to him that you have a lot of bills to pay each month and you need help financially and it would be really helpful if he could help out. Work out the allowance, date, and method of receiving your money and make sure he upholds those agreements. Good Luck 💋

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Whoever that is, is being stupid u are allowed to express urself freely. Also I feel that ur ex's current girlfriends "mental stability" should have nothing to do with you and your ex. People need to learn to stop bashing each other because u never know how close someone is to the edge. I would like to apologize to you, your ex, and his current girlfriend on behalf of that rude and disrespectful person. All you guys are beautiful and don't listen to those hateful people ladies and gentleman.

I completely agree with you. Thank you for your support and being such a beautiful person yourself. <3

I deleted the post I just made because I feel like it’s going to end up being disrespectful, and I really don’t know how to approach it.

But I can see that person’s line of thinking. I’ve done similar shit before, and it makes sense why it would piss people off. 

I can’t really describe why it made me uncomfortable right now though, so I’m sorry about that.