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2 questions. a) your top 10 of fav Greek Mythological characters and why you like them? b) the same with the 10 you hate/dislike the most?

Oh, goodness. Favourites:

  1. Apollo - he’s so complex and I love his relationship with his sister
  2. Artemis - I feel like she’s the one of the few who kept men from completely disrespecting women, and she was a nice representation of being free from societal constraints
  3. Leto - Hera put her through so much and yet she’s never shown to complain, and she looked out for her kids - she’s basically the cool mum
  4. Hestia - she’s actually the nicest and sweetest person and we need more people like her
  5. Hades - intelligent, lawful, and basically just a good guy
  6. Patroclus - seriously brave I mean, he knew the Trojans would want to kill Achilles yet he still went out in his armour and just Patroclus
  7. Eris - she managed to start one of the biggest mortal wars in greek mythology, what’s not to like?
  8. Odysseus - intelligence goals, to be honest
  9. Pandora - I have to admit, I kind of feel sorry for her because all the blame’s been put on her for the horrible things in humanity, though it was all the gods fault, but I just love the concept of her keeping hope and how she’s the reason why we haven’t all given up
  10. Nike - honestly I just love her domain

I don’t think I really have any I can dislike, that I can think of. They’re all interesting and thus I can’t really not like any of them regardless of what they’ve done/what I’ve said about them. Oh, apart from Agamemnon. I hate that guy.

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What is atheism ? Is it just about insulting other religions and being extremely disrespectful to what others believe? I mean I get it, you don't belive in what they do, but you go about 'proving' it by disrecpect? That just shows more about what kind of person you are than anything else, I've met meany atheists who are extremely caring, respectful and open minded, not narrow minded like yourself. Please be mindful of others about what you post regarding how it would make them feel.

[ey-thee-iz-uh m]
the doctrine or belief that there is no God.

disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.

And no, I’ll do me. You do you.
Me being a bit cunty on the internet is pretty minor compared to everything religion has to offer.

Hiya, so shes been around for awhile and iv never had her critiqued so be as blunt as you feel :)

C: Overall, I like her design as it is simple without being just the standard flak jacket with blue or black trousers and top. It may be worth tying her hair up for missions and training as well. I would also advise adding a ‘forehead protector’ somewhere, even if she does have the leaf symbol on the back of her flak jacket. It is considered disrespectful if a ninja doesn’t wear one. Looking at pictures of other ninja, it seems standard to have bandages underneath the kunai holster, so you may want to add that in too.

She is Sayomi Chiaki, aged 18 now and a Jounin level shinobi of the Leaf. Sayomi has the Kekkei Genkai of Scorch Release but doesn’t use it as often as one would think. (i should mention she was in the graduating class with Neji, Tenten and Lee)

C: Scorch release has only been shown to be used by Pakura, so if you want to give it to your OC, you need to explain why she has it, as well as how she learnt to use it. Pakura came from the Sand, so you would also have to explain how the kekkai genkai got to a Leaf ninja.

She has great skill in Speed and Agility, as well as being rather flexible but lacks in her force so Taijutsu is not a strength, neither is her Genjutsu, jutsu wise she uses Fire and wind based ninjutsu and when in battle she has a tactical mind with quick responses.

C: If she isn’t at least a 3/5 in taijutsu and genjutsu then I feel that she would be better off as a chuunin or a tokubetsu jounin. Even Gai, who only really uses taijutsu has a 3 in each skill in the databooks. 18 is also a young age to be a jounin, Kurenai was only promoted to jounin shortly before the start of the series (so at about 27). It may be worth while using the databook stats and deciding her rank after totalling her stats up, using canon characters for a guide.

Sayomi does have an ill-temper and is not fond of Children or confrontation but she is respectful of her elders (aka anyone older).

C: This really isn’t much in the way of a personality, and doesn’t define your OC as a character as it could be applied to a large number of characters. I’m not sure if there was meant to be more here that you forgot to mention, but if this is all you have for her personality then you need to expand it so that she will feel like a real person.

Relationship wise…hmm

Well like most females of the Naruto universe, Sasuke was all that in the academy but over the time skip iv paired her with Kankuro but not to the extent of a full fledged relationship, a crush really and as for friends she is more friendly with Sakura, Tenten and Kiba as opposed to other but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like them, she socializes with them and for dislikes, shes not to fond of Shino or Ino because of the vagueness Shino has the..cockiness Ino has.

C: A crush on Sasuke in the academy was definitely common in his class, though I’m not sure how interested older girls would be. From my experience at school, girls were interested either in boys of the same age or older than them, and largely dismissed the boys in younger years. As for a crush on Kankuro, I don’t see why not, though I haven’t really got a personality to work with for Sayomi. Being friends with canon characters is fine, but you haven’t mentioned any other characters, which leaves me totally in the dark with regards to how she gets on with her teammates, (old) sensei or even her family. Adding in this detail as well as some non canon friends would help make her seem like a character in her own right, not just leaning on canon.

what else…..Ah! her ‘dream’ is to be head of an ANBU unit like her mother (another OC)

C: It’s a nice dream, but as there is so little in her personality section, it is hard to say whether or not she would suit ANBU, or whether she would be better off as a jounin (like Gai). It would also be nice to have some information on the rest of her family, say a line of two for each one.

Overall, this is a good start for an OC. There isn’t a lot of things that need changing, I just don’t feel like I have a lot of information here to work with. If it was just a case of largely forgetting to mention things, then perhaps it would be a good idea to use a template to prompt you on what to write. There is no need to use a particularly extensive one, as there’s not much to say about things such as a characters favourite food, but basic things such as a personality, history, family and friends really can help bring an OC to life. Something like this may help (please note that I just wrote this off the top of my head so I may miss some things):

Name: (include meaning if applicable)


Time set in: (eg shippuden)


Lives in:

Family: (sentence or two for each immediate family member. No need to go into detail on extended family unless relevant)



Team: (include teammates and sensei)


Personality: (write a couple of paragraphs, including relevant likes, dislikes and fears)

History: (again, a couple of paragraphs. Include as much as you need for your character to make sense, but try to avoid unnecessary detail)

 Abilities: (explain their fighting style, chakra nature(s) strength and weaknesses. There are lots of ways you could do this one, either with words of some sort of rating system (such as the stats in the databooks). Pick whatever suits you best, or a combination of them)

Alternatively there are a lot of templates online, but they may ask for a lot of largely useless information, so it may take a while to find one that works well.

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Hey, I'm the anon with the unsupportive fiancé -- Yes, I've tried explaining the situation, over and over again, to him. But he just doesn't seem to understand how disrespectful he's being and how insecure he makes me feel.

That doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship to me. I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I would suggest reevaluating your options. Do you want to spend the rest of your life, or at least a considerable chunk of time, with someone who is disrespectful and makes you feel insecure?

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I am on exchange in Australia, and have been eating wslf for two weeks while traveling. Now I am back at my host family´s and they make the oiliest vegan food. My host family are very cool with me being vegan, but I feel like it would be rude to ask for anything more, like both vegan AND healthy food. I have gained 20 lbs since I came here, and really dont want it to continue. How do I go about it in a nice way, without disrespecting the australian culture of loving anything deep-fried and oily?

offer to help cook.  You can use all the vegan ingredients they have for you w/o the oil.  You can make your portion 1st and then grease up the pan for them.  work on it one meal at a time with them so its not overwhelming.  You might even have to work on 1 item at a time.  “do you mind if I steam the veggies tonight to go with dinner?”  “can I help & make baked potatoes to go with dinner tonight” if they ask a lot of questions, just say, oh I just want to learn more about cooking & have put on a little weight & think having more experience in the kitchen will help me & thank them for helping you out.  also, make sure you pitch in cleaning up the kitchen.  You could also just say you are having some weird reaction after eating oil :)  (aka gaining weight) and would it be too much trouble if you prepared a few things w/o oil for everyone to try out?  It would be great if you were in change of cutting up the vegetables and making the rice every night, etc.  Try to get one or two jobs in the kitchen that will give you enough control to get the most of your calories with the least amount of oil. Be very thankful for any advance, they want to be a good host just as much as you want to be a good guest.  every time you are able to get something done right, show them how much it means by doing the dishes, cleaning the counter, picking up the kitchen table, etc.  If you do a good job of it, they will keep turning over more responsibility to you!

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this is serious. you and the rest of pc culture arodes white culture by erasing white characters. people grew up with iceman as a white man and you have destroyed a beloved character by making him asian that same way marvel did wit nick fury. how would you feel if i played a white sunfire or a white jubilee? it is not true to the character and totally disrespectful

“I pride myself on being the X-Men’s comedian, but you are seriously the biggest joke I’ve met. Everyone deserves heroes to look up to. We don’t all need to look alike to save the world from Dr. Doom. And no one’s been erased since I joined the X-Men. We’re just a very diverse team. See, the X-gene doesn’t discriminate like some anons, I mean, people.”

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Don't worry, she's 100% NOT a Kenobi (she clearly learned her accent from Unkar Plutt since she didn't have it when she was screaming "no, come back" - american actress portrays kid-Rey). My bets are on Leia and Han's kid, since she's exactly like Jaina - their daughter from the books, a twin to Jacen, who turned to the Dark Side and Jaina's destiny was to kill him. They're not twins in the movie, but their characteristics are exactly like those from the books ;)

I’m going to be happy no matter what her backstory is, because she’s Rey and I 1000% adore her. That being said, she won’t ever be Jaina to me. To me, new canon is a whole new adventure. It has to be. Anything else feels disrespectful to the stories and characters I grew up with.

I do think it would be very cool if she was a Skywalker or a Solo. I’m a sucker for Skywalkers. I grew up with the Solos. But I also think the story could benefit from her being a Kenobi because that opens up the potential for a great character arc for Obi-Wan between ROTS & ANH.

I also kinda like the idea that she really is just a nobody. You don’t have to be a Skywalker/Solo to be a hero.

#star wars #rey #skywalker #solo #kenobi #epviii #tfa

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Alexy and Mary had a Very Hard falling out/collision of tension after Shiloh died and Alexy got together with Jane Williams who had a fairly similar relationship to the Shelleys----they didn't completely stop talking/being friends, and Maie was the godmother to Alexy's and Jane's daughter, but Alexy stopped talking to Mary altogether for many years when she republished 'Queen Mab' without the dedication to Harriet (as he found it ~disrespectful).

oh gosh this hurts and disappoints me oh gosh, but i kind of expected it even though it’s totally bogus. i feel like she wouldn’t have published it with the dedication because that would have been weird, right?

I don’t know what the fuck I did to be constantly lied to, disrespected and treated like shit. If you ‘love’ somebody why make them feel the opposite? It’s sad how you can make someone feel so fucking lonely sitting right next to them. The biggest fucking shame in the god damn world. What the fuck did I do to deserve to be fucking taken advantage of? Bc I’m nice?? Fuck you. It’s the biggest shame in the world how people lie to and disrespect the person the supposedly love. How do you not want to hold the person you love tight and reassure them everything is okay and make them feel the most loved and like they’re something truly special?? I just don’t understand. Truly heartbreaking. Why would you want to intentionally hurt another human being? Like I just truly do not understand this world. Sick. Disgusting.

I was 30mintes late to a birthday party bc I had to take a bunch of medicine just to be able to go to their house but I didn’t say anything bc I didn’t want her to feel bad about it and I thought it would have been disrespectful being like “I’m late bc I had to take a bunch of stuff bc I’m allergic to everything about your house.” Bc RuDE… So instead I said something about haveing lunch late which was also true.
I feel really bad about being late but I’m glad I’m not sick and sneezing up a bees nest if that’s a thing.

I tell someone that what they did or said is not cool and that it’s disrespectful and they still do it. This is probably why I’m so picky with friends. I just don’t tolerate stuff like I did when I was in art school. I don’t. As a result, I haven’t really made friends at school yet. I often feel bad for being picky, but at the same time, I need to take care of myself. I need people who are willing to understand, who take wounds seriously, if I’m going to call them “friend”. I would do the same for you. I would take how I hurt you seriously.

I try to remember that this isn’t a bad thing, but it gets lonely here at uni. I was picky when I found someone as kind and considerate as Ala. And I felt insecure about how picky I was before then. But here I am now, with someone who really cares. I don’t demand perfection, just a desire to learn.

I only want to be friends with people who listen and learn and care. I’m not interested in people who don’t care about how to respect their friends. I’m adaptable but I’m so tired of bending over backwards for people who want to stay in their ignorance and disrespect just because I don’t have a big group of friends. I can’t always be flexible. I need people to bend towards me, too. I need respect to be reciprocated.

I love my friends at home, but I wish I had more here. 

I’m always that person who cares a lot about my friends.
What do I get in return?

I get disrespected for ignoring you when you only paid attention to me when you wanted something.

I get unappreciated and hurt when you express how my personality isn’t good enough for you.

You made me feel like I was not good enough. Like being myself would ruin me.

Pointless arguing.

Someone..Somewhere….Someday…Will love and appreciate me for me. Will have patience with me. Will not make me feel like I’m never good enough.

I pray God that he sends the right person/people. I’m tired of having people waste my time.

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where's the all the other apologies for using slurs while pretending you were oppressed?? where's the apologies for being downright disrespectful and a bully, living everyday trying to expose anybody you could when you were lit one of the worst ones of all ?? you tried so hard to "educate" people by exposing them on things you've never even experienced for yourself just so you could feel better about yourself ?? why do white ppl wanna be oppressed so bad like .. yikes

I was a terrible, terrible person last year. I thought it was ‘cool’ and ‘amusing’ to be a downright bitch to numerous people, I thought that people would like me if I hopped on the bandwagon of making feeble attempts at exposing people, and it was nasty as hell, I’ll admit that. I never used racial slurs, though. I’unno where you’re getting that from. I also ‘educated’ people on things my family had experienced, and once again, it was pretty fucking nasty. I apologize profusely for each thing I did.  

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"I'd probably give an 8, 'cause let's be honest. We all know that I won't be that scared. But.. to see the one ho loves me the most a her worst..? That would be quite a shock for me.." ~Ragnor

| On a scale of 1-10 how scared for your life would you be if my character suddenly snapped? 

The thing with Hennah is that she’s quite a hothead. That’s something we have in common. When she feels like she’s being disrespected, or worse, that the people she love are disrespected by someone else, she feels like she has to protect their honor. 
But to really get her to lose her marbles, you need to harm those she loves. Not her, she would kick your ass and then act like nothing happened if you try to hurt her, but she’ll really snap when you dare to put your hands on those she care about. Two examples are when Lee got struck by Hiryu’s lightning in the canon verse, and the main thread with @legionsniper when Hennah found out Hiryu attempted to rape Nola. Until now, that thread is the only thread in which she had actually murdered someone.

Today, Kash and I went through another rut. I didn’t defend him and told him he was on his own when Bryan and Bunga were making fun of and disrespecting him. I’m not sure I can let go of today. If the one thing I claim to be to him or anyone else is a person who sides with the disadvantaged, then I have failed that. I can see my past self easily giving lip service about doing something about someone’s being bullied. But I enable it. I can’t imagine how he really feels but I don’t have to imagine too far into knowing what it would be liked to be called out for no reason. Pieces of my heart and soul chip away when we talk about what happened afterward. I only think about myself and how I feel still and there he is and his simple request. I’ve never wanted to really kill myself but every time I’ve made another mistake or something I truly feel like a died a little on the inside. But why does it all matter when he is still just suffering? The smallest thing I can do is to be with him and push myself to speak up when shit happens. I might continually be too late in speaking up but I can try to speak up still. I aim for no reward for that. I’m still punishing myself by staying up late. But all of this ranting and bullshit would be for nothing if I don’t get something together. I’m too tired now to continue but if I can make his world just that much more burden free then I’m okay. I can suffer through things like this because I’m not the one actually suffering. It is all him. It needs to be more of him. Less of me. I can’t keep allowing myself to be inconsistent in that I only sometimes say something to those who would make fun of him for no reason. Maybe even rarely. It’s 1:44am. I don’t want to sleep. I want to drain my energy until I understand this is something I need to work on if I truly mean for him and I to stay together for life. I do not ever want a son or daughter to question why their own mother can’t help them. I am not even considered someone whom he can rely on in terms of that. No. Beyond red flag. How dare I call myself anything to him. I’ll keep this scar along with the plenty others. I’ll have to show myself more for them what do that have. 1:49am. Still not getting sleep. Fighting it. Fighting it. Why can’t I fight for this as hard as well? All I have to remember to do next time is question why the fuck would it be remotely funny to call anyone anything. Fighting it. Fighting it. Fighting it. No point in this rant anymore. I’m scared to talk to him because I don’t want to mess up. I will. I will always mess up my entire life. So make some amends. Live with your fucked up mess. Strive to make it better for him and you later.

Submission about fighting with mom

Me and my mom live in her parents house along with her brother and sister. She got into an argument because her brother was being disrespectful but he was drunk and my aunt was sober but also was rude to her. I was upstairs and none of this drama involved me, it wasn’t my problem, it was hers. So, she calls me downstairs so we can leave and stay the night at her boyfriends house. I didn’t want to leave because I don’t like her boyfriend, he’s lazy, rude, disrespectful, and has brought me a lot of stress, and my mother a lot of tears. He is the last person who would ever comfort her. I hate being dragged with her when she has drama like this,(also when she brings me around him) I’m my own person and yet, I feel like we’re both attached to each other. I never feel like I’m free because she’s always pulling me down with her when she has drama. I would love to comfort her but I’m only 13 and she never really listens or takes me seriously. It makes me feel useless. Im never able to have a REAL conversation with her because she never listens to what I say as serious as I do. I have no friends neither and it’s hard to talk to people about my issues, I write down my feelings now. I’m stressed out and there’s obviously more than just 1 situation that I’m dealing with here.

Hello there sweetheart,

Wow, that’s a lot to deal with! I applaud you for trying to manage all of these issues. You’re doing the best you can, and that’s all anyone can ask for. I want you to ask yourself this: do you think you deserve to live like this? Because I certainly don’t think you do, and I think you deserve help for what you’re going through.

Since you’re 13, you’re probably in school, right? If you are, let a teacher or school counsellor know what’s going on. It doesn’t really sound to me like your mom or her boyfriend are abusive (I could be wrong!), but letting the school know will really help you to not only talk through it with someone, but to possibly get your living arrangements changed. You’re not living in a stable household, so you living with another family member or without your mom’s boyfriend may be the best choice. You really need to let an adult know about what’s going on. 

If you’re not in school, tell another family member like your aunt. It’s possible she could get custody for you instead or you can work something out with your mother on where you’re going to live. You need to live in a comfortable environment, and if your mom has good intentions she will realize that she needs to listen to your needs in order to make you healthy and happy.

Have you tried using “I” statements with your mother? I feel that they can be really helpful! “I” statements are when you say something like “I feel ____ (emotion) when you do _____ (event).” It can really help to get your point across in a short, succinct way. 

Another way you can get your mom to listen to you is writing a letter. Writing a letter gives you the time to write down what you’re feeling without being interrupted or losing your train of thought. This can be easier because it’s something you give to her rather than what you say. If you’re scared she may yell at you or something, this may be the best way to go.

If you decide on talking to her face-to-face, I suggest letting her know that you need to talk to her in advance so she isn’t irritated or rushed when you start talking to her. Right when you get up in the morning, tell her “Mom, I have something to tell you. What is the best time for us to talk?” This way, you have a set time and place of where and when to talk to her so both of you know what’s going on.

Lastly, if she is still not listening to you, ask an adult to talk to her for you. It’s a bit unfortunate, but sometimes parents will listen better to adults than they do to their own children. This can be another family member or a teacher or some other trusted adult that you think would get along with your mother.

Something I want you to remember: you are not responsible for your mom. You do not have to comfort her. You are only responsible for yourself.

I really, really hope this helped you, darling! I want you to know that you are never, ever alone. <3

I’m here if you need anything,

Michaela xo

Well if you’re wondering, I didn’t make the play. But it’s perfectly okay as the director liked me, and that’s really what matters. I’m so glad I’m pursuing this. I’m finding people who are encouraging me, people who do give me a fair chance…and it means a lot to me growing up without those things. Which is why I’d rather hear stories about people who were in my situation. I can add those two girls from the show “Broad City” to that list.

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They had been part of UCB fr a while, but they were not being put on any of the house teams. And they didn’t know why, so they decided to start their own thing. And it paid off. But they really don’t have any disrespect towards them, they just got tired of waiting.

I would like to create content, but I can’t feel like one person can do it and I don’t know many people who can help. I have suggested to Stage 32 to fix their locator system to a zip code based one as having to type in town names is pretty futile. (Honestly, I’ve only gotten people who are not in my state or country wanting to network…how is THAT supposed to help?) But I know I am planning to audit a class in downtown Chicago in a few months. Hopefully something will come out of it.

Still, it’s okay. I have other things to focus on now so it’s probably a good thing. And at least I wasn’t left wondering like the last one!

it’s just crazy how for the past 8 years i was the type of person who would use men and sex for happiness and validation, use other women’s insecurities about their looks/relationships to be vindictive, revolve every aspect of my life around being petty and bitter, feel the need to argue with everyone who disrespected me even 1% to prove i’m not weak, etc and then working with people who make the old me seem like a mentally stable angel/reading two books about narcissism made me realize how shitty of a person i was and i can’t imagine myself ever being that disgusting again.

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Hey about your boyfriend, sounds like it's going pretty south. If I was in your situation I would break it off. If he's being disrespectful of your needs and makes you feel bad about yourself that's not a worthwhile relationship to be in. 4 years is a long time but don't let the fear of him not being with you hold u back from making that decision. Surround ourself with friends and creativity and peace and I'm sure you'll be much happier without him

it has gotten pretty bad but I just keep thinking about how good it used to be and I just don’t know if it’s something that’s fixable. I really don’t think he means to make me feel bad, but I’ve also talked to him about what he does that makes me upset and it’ll get better for a bit but then he eventually starts up again. I don’t want to just give up because he is special to me, but I can’t keep doing this to myself. Thank you love💗✨