As a white person, i support everyone. I would fight for anyone’s right. I hate that someone is not treated right, i hate that good people, amazing people are losing lives because some people have problems. I don’t like the fact that it took humanity so many centuries to make equal rights for everyone (we are still fighting, it’s hard for me to understand that selfishness). I don’t know many black people but those i met are glorious, beautiful people and friends, but also many white people are glorious and beautiful and nice and would die to save someone’s life.

So, to make it clear, i am fucking not making this about white people. I am making this because i feel disrespected here. Because i fucking can’t comment that i grew up having things like black people without being attacked. Because i fucking can’t comment on posts about defending white people, i dont know the situation, you dont know the situation and you fucking assume white people did a bad thing. Because of the comments “Y’all white people”, “This is white people’s shit”, “something white people would do” and you make me feel like fool. You make me feel bad that i was born white. You make me hate myself. And you know what? THIS IS RACISM and i give you a definition of racism, right here:

The Oxford English Dictionary defines racism as the “belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races” and the expression of such prejudice”

I understand black people have felt bigger racism than this and it makes me sad, i wish that never happens to anyone again, but racism towards white people is also racism. And you can’t stop racism like that.

I beg you, next time you wanna make a “white people” comment, think about anxious white people on the other side of the screen, because you are saying that’s them.

White Bully Turns into Romantic Interest

Anonymous asked:

I have a biracial protagonist (French African) from Uganda who has only lived in Uganda who eventually has to travel (she’s not given much of a choice) to a predominantly white country. She joins a group with a diverse cast but the one white girl in the group assumes she doesn’t know a lot about… anything really, and they eventually have a fight and the white girl is made to seek redemption on the main protagonist’s terms. They eventually kindle a romance. (1 of 2)

Would making the white girl mean to the main protagonist and then being forgiven and put into a relationship with the main protagonist seem problematic? Almost like white guilt being the focus or the main character just being there while the focus is on the white girl? I feel as though not mentioning race would be a bit disrespectful as this story takes place in our modern day and age and racism always factors in, but I don’t want this to be about forgiving white people either (2 of 2)

Why was the white girl being mean to her in the first place? Is “mean” meant to mean racist? Because if a white person treats me (and me only from what I see) as if I’m ignorant or unintelligent with no basis for that reasoning, I’m going to assume that reasoning is due to racial prejudice.

What is her reason to just assume the African girl knows nothing? Without an explanation, it’s looking as if you have a white girl who is racist towards Black girl, gets her forgiveness not long after, then dates her; that’s disturbing to me. 

Also, it wouldn’t turn into a focus on the white girl unless you shifted the focus onto her, which I do not recommend. In any case, I’m personally turned off by the idea of putting Black characters with the (potentially racist) characters who bully them.

~Mod Colette

I find it off-putting too. Even in the “best” situation where her racism stems from ignorance and the African girl is forgiving, it would feel like it would put her through an awful lot of struggles and pains (for the white girl to become a proper ally). To me, this gives the feeling of either downplaying racism and Black girls in general.

It also reminds me of this post here regarding abuser redemption arcs. 

~Mod Alice

I think it could be done; it needs to be handled delicately. The white girl needs to earn the protag’s forgiveness. Like, really earn it. And then also, with the romance, it probably shouldn’t happen right away–there should be a period where the white girl works to earn the protag’s trust too. 

And the effort needs to come from the bully to prove that they’re not an asshole and not like ‘oh, no, the bully has problems, and they’re a Human Being and I am so touched.’ The narrative needs to be sympathetic to the victim, and the onus needs to be on the bully to prove they’ve changed for the better. The narrative (and other characters) shouldn’t be pressuring the victim to forgive the bully if they don’t want to. 

To plug a bit, I have a similar pairing but 1) it took a long time for them to get to the romance point 2) the bully had to apologize without expecting forgiveness and 3) literally they were cautiously friendly for the longest time before romance got into the picture and the victim was a little afraid he’d turn on her for a while. 

~Mod Jess

I’m not Black but just speaking as someone in a couple of other marginalized groups, the idea of “date my racist bully” as a plot device squicks me a little (why not people in the same group dating each other b/c one defended the other from racist bullying?) I’m even more squicked at having such a story center on the racist bully rather than the other person. So if you’re still stuck to the “date my racist bully” plot, at least don’t center the racist character.

I mean, move it around a little. Would a bisexual girl date a straight guy who’d called her a slut and a rug-muncher? And if I never hear about another Jew/Nazi fandom AU it will still be TOO SOON.

–Mod Shira

Though I would mention any slur use would definitely be a no-go for developing a relationship in my opinion. Some prejudice? With some work and time as Jess outlines above, maybe they can work it out. Outright dehumanization/slurs? A no-go.

~Mod Colette

The way Jess handles it is the way it should be. But I’ve just seen authors recently assuming that when it’s a marginalized person, they need to forgive easily without any effort being put in on the former bully’s part. It’s like an extension of the whole nonsense about boys bullying girls to show that they like them.

~Mod Kaye

prettyisalwaysskinny asked:

Hello, can you please check my blog? :)

Hello there.I am not the type of person that would ever write something mean to somebody,or send anonymous hate,cuz’ I just dont see the point in that.I decided to check out your blog in attention of following it right away,since you asked nicely,and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I didn’t.The thing you post are just disgusting and disrespectful.You are fat shaming people that are beautiful and whats even worse,not even a bit fat.What makes you do something like that?That is just rude,and why would you ever do it?!Making people feel like they are not good enough unless the are so skinny it is far away from being health.I just,I don’t even know what else to tell you.I strongly recommend NOT FOLLOWING this blog!Now I feel terrible for saying this,but it came to the point where I don’t even care.Just because somebody is fat,does not mean they are not beautiful,hot,or good enough,and for you to say something like that,its just terrible.No matter how fat somebody is,they are still not the one offending somebody,and saying such a mean things about somebody online.Try gaining a couple of pounds,maybe you become nicer!And also,by saying stuff like that,you are making it seem like skinny people hate fat people,when it’s only the few of you that don’t have better things to do with their life.

anonymous asked:

Everything you said is completely true. I agree with u. But it doesn't make it okay to think that it's okay that one is homosexual. Because once they accept the fact that they are gay they'll think "oh im just not gonna act upon it". I feel like it's just downhill from there. That person is gonna want to keep feeding on those thoughts and that's not good. Even if someone is homosexual they should lower their gaze and refrain from having bad thoughts just like a heterosexual would/should.

listen, the question was “can you be queer and Muslim” the answer was yes, you can. You can have homosexual desires if you’re Muslim but apart of being Muslim is fighting those desires and not indulging in sin. Let’s not forget on the list of major sins, disrespecting ones parent comes before homosexuality. I’m not justifying homosexuality because I have said multiple times that I am against it but I’m not going say those who have these desires aren’t Muslim, because that’s like saying a person who disrespects their parent isn’t muslim.

anonymous asked:

Hey! since you're unschooled what do you do with your day? Like do you just work all day? hang with buds? DO you hvae projects you do? I was thinking about being unschooled but i don't know what i would do all day xxxooo

I do a lot of work for my youtube channel (tbh I see my tumblr as working because I answer a lot of advice), I work on music, I work on writing, I read a lot, I watch youtube videos, I do online lessons if I want, I do dance, I go running, I bake, I explore the world. I like because I feel like I’m learning the stuff that will further me in what I want to do with my life and I get to go on adventures all the time instead of being stuck in a building where people would probably disrespect me/my gender. It works good for me and my mental health too which is rad. <3 

To me All Lives Matter isnt a diversion or any form of disrespect towards Black Lives. To me it is a form of acknowledgement. Like hey, I get that fact that Black people in America are being oppressed, and its fucking terrible and I wish our government would do something about it. And it also acknowledges all of the other people that get oppressed in America: Asians, Native Americans, Latinos, Hispanics, etc..even White people that don’t agree with the ones who do the oppressing. And it encompasses all ages, all genders. I just feel like when you focus on just one problem in an issue, you won’t get the results that evoke change. It’s just my personal understanding of what that means. Anyone who agrees or disagrees?

I need to rant, so please ignore me if you don’t care.

I’m just fucking amazed at some of the shit my mom says sometimes. Like what the fucking fuck does she care that I go outside to talk to my girlfriend on the phone so that I don’t bother the rest of them, because lord knows they would bitch about me being too loud the second I make a sound that reaches their ears? I do it out of respect for them despite never receiving that same respect. Apparently it’s a fucking sin, so I should just stop giving a shit about all of them and do whatever I want, which is completely unlike me. But I was humiliated and I feel so disrespected. I’m going to be 21 in a few months, but I’m still being treated like a fucking child.

anonymous asked:

What is about Mychal that makes you like him?

Wow, this is a good question. Well, Mychal is just different. He’s so much more than to what meets the eye. You would expect him to be this tough guy who’s so harsh, but he’s not. He’s one of the most amazing people I’ve come into contact with. He treats me like I deserve everything that I want and/or need. He’s not disrespectful and he makes me feel wanted, like I mean a lot to him. Plus, he’s also very respectful of the fact that I want to build something with him instead of it just being a hook-up. He challenges me a lot, he’s a gentleman beyond anyway that you wouldn’t believe. I just- I really really like him. He holds me at night and he does all of the sappy shit that I like to do, but he’s also dominant which is such a turn-on. 😩😍😭 He’s way more than just some guy, he means a lot to me.

anonymous asked:

Isn't it time you reveal which medical school you went to in Poland?


I don’t quite feel comfortable talking about how crazy my school was with everyone knowing where it is exactly. My school might have had its faults, but it was my school and I had some great teachers. If you know where it is I can’t talk openly about all the craziness because I feel like it would be disrespectful to those teachers who were awesome and went above and beyond.  

Plus, there weren’t that many people in my class. If I told you where I went to school it really wouldn’t be very hard to figure out who I am.

I also need to think about any patients that I discuss on this blog. I change many details in the stories to help protect their anonymity, but a huge part of being able to talk about these patient encounters is that you have no idea where I am.  

anonymous asked:

My parents are very touchy-feely around each other, and it's always bothered me. Like, I know it's their decision, but I wish they would do that kind of stuff more privately. Anyways, it's started to bother me a lot more ever since I started defining myself as ace. Is there any way I could tell them how it makes me feel without being disrespectful of their choices?

Ask them politely if they could keep that to a minimum in front of you, take it to another room, or at least give you a heads up so you can leave. Explain that you’re all for them being happy with each other, but it weirds you out and you’d rather get away from it. 


okay I just pretended to burst into tears and run in my room so my brother would get in trouble but like he would not stop yelling and ive told him multiple times to stop and so did my parents and I have a huge headache and I feel like crying bc of the pain and he finally got in trouble after an hour of him screaming in my ear and being disrespectful asf to my parents :/

anonymous asked:

I think Harry has had lots of hookups but I don't think he's had so so so so so many, I feel like he respects women too much for that but that's just me idk,what do you think ?

i dont think casual sex between consenting adults has anything to do with disrespecting women and i really wish people would stop linking casual sex with being a bad or disrespectful person

anonymous asked:

So with ur psa about the fandom being angry (personally for me) it's because they told us "unless we put them in a relationship we don't really think about who'd they like" so with the asks being asked about Noah and such they could've just said pt 1

These are the producers we’re talking about, not some random people on tumblr. They’re the creators of the content we received on tv. How would you feel if someone told you who your own creation should be? Someone you put time into drawing, redrawing, scripting and animating? They’re handling the asks well imho.

I ever said the fandom was “angry”, not once. I said the fandom was being disrespectful and going about this entire situation the wrong way. We ALL wanna see diversity in the cast, including me. That would be AMAZING. But if they don’t want a certain character being gay or whatever, then they have EVERY RIGHT. It’s THEIR SHOW. They were kind enough to allow us to continue to have our head canons, send our art and write our stories. In the end, they have the right to have feelings about their own characters.

This post makes me very uncomfortable

it feels like it’s making a punchline of amethyst in a very mean spirited way and i wish i would stop seeing it on my dash its just honestly really hurting my feelings. i have no idea why i am taking this so personally but…

like if this was being said about one of my friends i know i would cry and get so mad

and idk

amethyst is the only crystal gem that is fat besides steven and she’s being disrespected here and i dont think its funny

if you are a mutual please dont reblog the post i screen capped here. please.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a question. I just started dating a Pentecostal guy. He didn't tell me too much about the religion, so I was curious and looked it up. I was invited to attend his church's service and picnic on Sunday, but I'm worried because my longer dresses do not have sleeves. The dress I'm planning on wearing is a simple white sundress the goes past the knee, but it has spaghetti straps. He didn't tell me to dress modest or anything, but I don't want to come across as disrespectful.

Hello anon! First off I’d like to say, don’t be afraid to ask him about it. I’m sure he would love to answer any questions you might have about being a Pentecostal, a true Pentecostal is not ashamed of what we believe! But if you are wanting my opinion I would tell you to go dressed in what you feel comfortable wearing. If wearing spaghetti straps makes you feel uncomfortable then maybe try finding a light sweater to put over it. Nonetheless, people aren’t going to judge you. Especially if it’s your first time attending his church. Let me know if you have any more questions :)

The thing I hate most about being at home is that the members of my family do not believe in confrontation or proper communication at all for that matter. I can’t talk to anyone about anything because they will get mad/offended/uncomfortable etc. and that would be disrespectful of me to make anyone in my family ever feel anything like that.

equalty asked:

You need to understand that I'm not trying to walk around the question it's the fact that you're being disrespectful and trying to discuss gun politics on a post that is supposed to mourn gun violence victims but you're too big headed in your ugly politics to know what respect it. Get over yourself because I would've had the debate with you because I do honestly believe we need tighter gun laws and please grow up like what adult actually talks like you like read your last sentence and think

I’m being disrespectful and trying to discuss gun politics on a post mourning gun violence.

When the OP and others were literally doing the same exact thing.

Feel free to frame it however you want, but don’t attempt to make it look as though you didn’t do the same thing. It’s a sad incident, and should have been prevented, but to pretend that you and the OP weren’t walking on the graves of the people discussed to rationalize your gun politics is horribly hypocritical.

Also, yes, I realize my last sentence was rather childish. That’s my bad.

anonymous asked:

okay i really hope i don't sound rude or shitty... but does it ever annoy you when supernatural/j2 fans on this site are constantly joking about jensen being jealous of jared's friends, the people he talks to, or stands next to, or hugs, or interacts with in any way? maybe i'm just being a bitch, but it drives me up the wall. maybe it was a little funny at first, but now it just seems excessive to me. idk maybe it's just me, but it just feels like people are being a bit disrespectful

It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. What would he even be jealous of? That when Jared and he aren’t palling it up nearly 24/7 eight months of the year, living next door, babysitting each others kids, taking vacations together, speed boating together for the other four, Jared will occasionally hang out with random friends and miscellany?

Please. Let him live. 

My Two Cents on This Petition to bring Isaac Back

So, I know a LOT of people want Isaac Lahey back, but tbh the whole “ I’m glad he’s doing other projects but it’s time for him to come back to the show” and the “we gotta show them what we want” thing that I read on the petition on the iPetitions site, was a little disrespectful to Daniel Sharman. This is HIS choice and this is HIS career. He’s not obligated to the show. He can choose to return to Teen Wolf whenever he very well feels like its in his best interest to do so. And if people don’t like or watch the show anymore, why would they sign the petition js? I’m being very honest here. As for Daniel, there was a pretty good reason why he left I’m sure and they weren’t treating his character very well in my own opinion. Honestly I don’t really want him to return to a show that just pushes their original characters to the side or just completely changes their characters. I want Daniel to have a chance to REALLY get out there and Teen Wolf doesn’t even utilize his full potential. I feel like some fans only want Isaac back because of looks as well instead of where he stands in the show. I think Daniel’s been doing great doing his own projects and I hope he continues to do so. This is also why Tyler Hoechlin left his role as Derek. Hoechlin’s character was purely used as eye candy(And you know it was) for the show and Hoechlin wanted to try other projects instead. I missed Isaac Lahey too, so I stopped watching the show(he was my favorite character) plus along with other reasons why I stopped(Boyd’s death, Erica’s death, Allison’ death, bad writing, Malia*sorry*, Stalia *I’m not a Stydia shipper*, etc.), but after a while, I realized that the producers never gave Isaac actual plot and actual screentime and he was a regular though he wasn’t in the credits and I just stopped wanting Isaac back. I’m actually glad Daniel left, not just because of his character, but also the ratings on the show are not on decent terms. This is just how I feel about this. 

Also a petition can be made, but that doesn’t mean that Daniel is going to return to Teen Wolf. Fans from The Originals fandom also wanted Daniel back as Kol on The Originals and made and signed a petition, and there were A LOT of people who signed it, but unfortunately he still didn’t return. Petitions don’t bring characters back or make official changes to a show. Ultimately  it is up to the actor(s), the actors’ agents; not just the producers.

 I’m sorry guys. Daniel deserves better.