tbh like 80% of my thought and creativity in this battleship fic is going to thinking up weird uses of John’s powers

I would do just about anything to hear I Almost Do

That song has much meaning to me. It helped me get through the toughest break up. I really think if those lyrics didn’t exist I would done the things I “almost” wanted to do. Knowing that someone, especially Taylor was able to write a song so beautiful, real and relatable, made me feel better about how I was feeling, but it also stopped me from answer the texts and calls of the boy who wanted to keep playing games with my heart, my feelings. So thank you for that taylorswift and maybe one day, you’ll play it live.

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Tbh I would be okay with Josh Dun doing almost anything and I'll still buy it

honestly if the next 21p album was ty smacking his ukulele and josh sayin the would “bread” for an hour i would give them my money idc

After seeing this adorable pixel art I had to try to do something about same size. And also to see if it would work in the project.

I have mixed feelings for this, while it gives me more room to work with character and I could give them more unique features and more expressive, it also makes making charasets with this size huge chore and time consuming, not to mention that this size would mean making game graphics bigger, meaning everything would be 100% made by me. 

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You do realize your to have to show Donnie how to use a tampon right?

Donnie knows that I would do almost anything for him.
Showing him how to put a tampon into his vagina is not one of those things. 

They have diagrams for stuff like that. He’ll figure it out.

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Isn't it strange that every time, I look at your name I'm suddenly high, for you to feel the same I would do almost anything

come off anon

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ok for that "draw the trio like this" post... how bad do you want to see it, because i would be willing to draw that

Oh my god i want to see it so badly i would do almost anything for it

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x for reagan and callie!

oh my gosh, i just saw you replied to both of the threads we have going, and now you’re giving me this to do!! my heart!! today will be the day i proper die over our ships.


quit their job/ drop out of school | punch someone in the face | give them a lot of money | buy them a drink | take them out on a date | give them oral | let them give my muse oral | have sex with them | have rough sex with them | dominate them | submit to them | commit a misdemeanor for them | commit a felony for them | lie under oath for them | go to jail in their place | drastically change their appearance | break up with their significant other | start a business with them | marry them | kill someone for them | die for them

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (nonnegotiable) positivity is cool :D

Some self-loving time here. This was actually really tough to do.

1. I like being a multipotentialite, despite it being frustrating at times

2. I like my loyalty. I would do almost anything for my friends

3. I like my intelligence and desire to learn. I hesitated to say this because I never want anything to sound like I’m bragging, which is a major turn-off for me personally. But being honest, intelligence and a desire to learn has carried me far.

4. I like my capacity of caring for other people. 

5. I like my desire to solve all the world’s problems. I know I can’t fix everything, but by damn I’ll try to do what I can with the influence I have.

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I love her. I would do almost anything for her. I can't stop thinking about her, wanting to talk with her. If anyone knew they would think I was crazy. I keep telling her good morning, saying good night. Even when she barely talks to me anymore. It's just when we do, I'm happier than ever. And when she says I love you, like maybe once a month now...? <3 But I don't "need" to hear her say I love you anymore, it's like Ik. Or I'm so love drunk it doesn't matter to me. Idk what to think. Or do :(

wishing you luck xx

finishing up, thank you for messaging. please don’t send anymore because I won’t be able to answer everyone, thank you all so much xx