If you really don’t mind take me  as I am, take me as I am, when you get a chance
Take your time, I understand, believe me when I say I carry all my sins
And I would do anything for you to  love me

(I almost died the day I lost you)

i. american hero/ rainbow kitten surprise

ii. till my heart stops/ too far moon

iii. siren / fleurie

iv. ‘till I found you / josef salvat

v. ghosts / banners

vi. you / keaton henson

vii. war of hearts / ruelle

vii. my demons / starset

x. angel with a shotgun / the cab

x. live like legends / ruelle

xi I found / amber run

xii. don’t deserve your love / jace & clary

xiii. shut out of paradise / slo

OOC: Semi-Hiatus Warning

So I’ve started up a second job again, finally, after what feels like a month, and, basically I’ve already screwed myself over even though I’m not working another 60+ hour week (it’s actually only 51 hours).  

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anonymous asked:

Undead die because all you have to do is do enough damage to sever their improperly attached soul. Given that everyone in WoW uses magic to some extent, even if its just through gear or weapons, everyone has the ability to kill them because then its just doing enough damage to them.

Does magic hurt a soul? Like light magic would if you’re using it to rip a soul out of a body, but would generic magic do anything? I would think that almost all magic used in combat is to cause physical/mental pain, which undead wouldn’t really have to worry about

Also lol if you could just use magic to sever souls, some souls probably have more willpower to stay in their body than others. Hell one may be like “I’M NEVER LEAVING UNTIL THIS BODY IS GONE BITCH” and they endure the damage and trauma

anonymous asked:

What if Tae wanted you to grow your hair to your feet so he could jump rope with it when he was bored, WOULD YOU DO IT??? Since your hair is already almost there anyway??

fdhjbkgdjksgdhjks i would do anything for tae but i think it would have to be longer than that for him to jump rope with it LMAOOOO but i would try my best

also not really related to ur ask but this just reminds me that one of my favourite things to imagine is taehyung playing with my hair because i love when ppl play with my hair but no one ever does and i think it’d be so cute T_T

.::fake you out:.:

it’s the same game today as it always is

i don’t give these places fake my name explaining this

and the wrists of my mind have the bleeding lines 

that remind me of all the times

i have committed dirty dirty crimes that are perfectly form fitted

to what i’ve done and what i’m doing

and brewing and losing and spewing infusing 

and believe me that’s what all the kids are doing

what kids are doing are killing themselves

they feel they have no control of their prisoner’s cell

and if you’re one of them then you’re one of me

and you would do almost anything just to feel free

am i right? of course i am

convince me otherwise will take all night

before you walk away there’s one more thing i want to say

our brains are sick but that’s okay

Tumblr feels like it removes all of the “giving a shit” about your content.

Must have been revolutionary at the time, turning blogging into a social network.

But I don’t know. I feel like tumblr is just continually devolving into aesthetics aesthetics aesthetics, it has been for a long time, and maybe I just need to unfollow all of you and re-discover what I want out of this but I’m not sure that would do anything because almost 10 years into its existence (and a subsidiary of Yahoo which is going under btw) it doesn’t feel like a radical change can happen or there’s something I haven’t seen in the last six years I’ve been around here.

An open letter to my boyfriend/ex boyfriend

Hello, I just wanted to say thankyou for your patience and for sticking with me for the past year and half. However, I’m not ready to let go yet because I honestly can’t see myself without you. I convinced my self that I didn’t know what love was and that I couldn’t possibly be in love with you because I am so very young but the truth is I would do almost anything to be with you. I treasured my pride and took  the idea of romance by the neck. I was so concerned with what other people would think that I forgot whose opinion really mattered most to me, yours. I have so much to say but so very little ways to say it. I can only dream that you’d forgive me.  I’m sorry.

ask-toriel-punmaster asked:

Name: Toriel Age: 21 Do you like to cuddle?: Yes i do. Can we make-out?: When we're home alone. A night in or dinner out?: most times out, but i can eat in. Ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries?: Both What makes you a good Valentine?: I am willing to do almost anything to please you. Would you cook for me?: Yes i will. Would you let me cook for you?: Yes if i am not being much of a bother.

valentine’s day application

This is the most adorable application I’ve read. I’ll be in touch darling.

And the wrists of my mind have the bleeding lines
That remind me of all the times
I have committed
Dirty dirty crimes that are perfectly form-fitted
To what I’ve done and what I’m doing
I’m brewing and losing and spewing infusing
And believe me that’s what all the kids are doing
What kids are doing are killing themselves
They feel they have no control of their prisoner’s cell
And if you’re one of them then you’re one of me
And you would do almost anything just to feel free
Am I right? Of course I am
Convince me otherwise would take all night
Before you walk away, there’s one more thing I want to say
Our brains are sick but that’s okay
—  Fake You Out - Twenty One Pilots

anonymous asked:

Royalty AU or College AU? :D

Well. It’s like asking me if I’d rather eat dark chocolat or nutella. I love both but my chocolate has to be really fucking good while nutella is nutella.

College AUs are really great, and kind of my comfort trope. I want a funny rom com? College AU. A bit of angst but happy ending? College AU. An introduction to a topic I would never heard about otherwise? College AU. You can almost do anything with a college AU. You can go in every direction, you can use any kind of plot twist, it works. If the fic is amazingly written? Beautiful. Just nice writting? Perfect. Even a meh fic would be okay if I had a bad day and wanted a cuddle fic.

But Royalty AU? I love them even if I rarely read them. I like them complexe, smart, with complicated plots and suspence and epic drama and politic, heavy etiquette and I fucking love when there’s a bit of social manipulation, great descriptions and ambiguous characters. My ideal royalty au would be a mix between Elizabeth, Gladiator, Inception and probably a bit of Sissi.