“I feel like I need to shake this idea that I’m just really arrogant. I mean, in the early years I was actually really insecure and I would puff my chest a lot and say things that I had no business saying. That’s the shame of it all. It can stick with you. But I don’t know, I don’t feel like there’s too many misconceptions about me.

I feel like in a lot of ways, I’m just starting to feel comfortable in my own skin and feel like I belong.”

- Brandon Flowers

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About the Season 6 episodes, there are people who have claimed that up to 20 episodes have been leaked. What can you make of this?

Its not true. People claim things like this because they (presumably) want attention and/or cause wank and get people to spread the fake info on sites like facebook, tumblr, deviantart, etc.

A good rule of thumb: if someone claims something and they do not have a link to a legit source or cannot find one (official Hetalia websites, an actual news website, a shopping site like Animate) they are probably lying or misinformed. A lot of these rumors seem to start on facebook fan pages and groups, so I would be especially wary of information posted on them.

(For those who have no idea what Anonymous is asking about, please read this post).

Having good personal style means understanding one’s own body as part of a composition.

My Whole Life I’ve Been Asked If I’m a Girl or a Boy - Features - The Stranger

This (fantastic) article is mostly about gender, but it also talks about style. I’ve been trying to figure out where my own style fits on the gender spectrum. I feel drawn to masculine/tomboy clothes, but in soft colors, or feminine clothes but in rough fabrics or traditionally masculine patterns. I love dresses and long skirts, and I also love suspenders and brogues and pinstripes. It’s a constant push and pull. And the fact that my body is not androgynous at all makes it more difficult, because the people I see on “tomboy” pinterest boards and tumblrs and everything are always skinnier and less curvy than I will ever be, so I don’t have a model for this shit. How do you play with masculine styles on a soft hourglass body? It doesn’t seem to be a thing people do. So this quote makes a lot of sense to me.


A few extra sketches of thefairygodmonster’s Apatite, because I couldn’t draw them just once :,P

Kito’s TRYING to make a new friend, but Goro’s being an overprotective butt-face
He gets Kito likes meeting new people to add to their ‘friend family’, but that won’t stop him getting all cranky jealous when he’s around and they even slightly remind him of himself ;Y

I actually think Kito would be really scared of Apatite at first (lotsssss n lots of nightmares about getting eaten, so big mouths dont done sit good for her), but I couldn’t think of any good way to draw that out since I don’t know enough about the character to feel like I could depict them in character properly ;v;

So I guess pretend this is an AU version of her trying to meet them >XDDD

Hope that ya like it! :,,D


Anyone else notice this? I immediately did since this girl has been my favorite backgrounder from the start and I’m actually legitimately wondering if they’re the same character. It would hardly be the first time the doll has deviated from her in-show counterpart and I mean, there’s A LOT of similarities going on here. I feel like the almost too many similarities for them not to be the same character

but who knows, what do you guys think?

Lisa, I greatly look forward to Monday’s now because of you. You’re the biggest darling ever.

I think in this photo my hair looks really good. I’ve been thinking about cutting it really short, but I’m not sure, thoughts? And my smile is rather smirky, I like it. :]


I think really short would suit you actually, but this does too so it’s up to you!!!

I wanna see when you do cut it tho omg, I’m so curious!!!!

you remind me a lot of Donna Pinciotti from ‘’That 70′s Show’’ btw!

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I used to think kaylor shippers were crazy and kaylor was fake ass but your blog is actually super convincing

Thank you. Now if other people would do the same, and educate themselves, they would see that we actually make fair points. They’re just uncomfortable with the fact that the PR game exists, and these “conspiracies” we talk about actually do happen. They’re not even conspiracies.. it’s looking at the circumstantial evidence we have, and using our damn brains to connect the dots. And honestly a lot of us here that really analyze this stuff are like mid 20′s to 30′s.. I’m 18 and I’m probably the youngest one. So these aren’t just fantasies we come up with. We know how the media and business work so when we see something that’s off, something is probably off. Also do they really think we would have stuck around these last 4 months while we’ve had Tayvin shoved down our throat unless we had evidence to actually back our claims? No way. I would be gone by now if we didn’t have this evidence, but we do. So for me personally, I’m here to stay. And I’m not going to let Taylor Swift make me feel guilty for something I know I’m right about.

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Hey man -- if you're serious about a meetup/mini convention for 2018, I'm down to help in any way possible. I know it seems overly ambitious but I like your passion for it. I have the means to attend and help run wherever it may be. We have a lot of time, but we would be better suited if we planned far in advance.

I am absolutely serious. I’ll start making posts about it, and also probably have a little side blog that holds all the information for the event coming up. I  noticed the fandom start calling it “Berkcon 2018″ which actually has a nice ring to it. :P I could probably use some help managing the  once I put it together? But the biggest thing anyone can do right now is keep the hype going, and get the word out there that I’ll be putting this together in a few years. When the time comes I’ll reach out for some more help maybe for organization purposes. I’d like to see that everyone who is attending (there will be a RSVP list) makes it here safely and okay. Cause I care about every single one of you! :) 

the museum

 i know, i said i would post more pictures. i can’t even imagine how excited you all are.

before we actually got to any of the exhibits, there was this thing

which was, obviously, how i knew i would like this museum.

the main reason we went to the museum was to see the model european village, because i wanted to know what else was in rooms besides barrels.  turns out that rooms didn’t have too many barrels in them (much like nowadays), but they did have lots of terrifying wax figures that no one bothered to warn me about.

she’s judging me

what the fuck

so i learned a whole lot, as you can tell.

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you're part of the free fandom right? i like the anime a lot but i'm hesitating at joining the fandom here because idk how they treat gou, she's a female character in a yaoi anime, and because of how unfair mikasa is treated (and snk it's not a yaoi anime and she's one of the 3 main characters) i'm actually afraid of what people think of gou and i don't want to stress myself because of that cause i like her a lot. So would you mind explaining it to me? thanks a lot <3

I enjoy Free, but I’m definitely far from being a part of the fandom!! lol

From what I do see though, I don’t think she gets treated unfairly, especially not in the way that some people treat Mikasa in SnK fandom. But there’s probably the fact that she doesn’t interfere with any of the yaoi ships to thank for that. 

But maybe if any of my followers who are actually active in the Free fandom could shed some light? I’m a bit ignorant on the happenings in the Free fandom other than some minor ship tension lol

5,000 miles!

Today I’m a proud wife! My husband and I are complete opposites. Some people may think we make an interesting looking couple. He’s an athletic Asian guy, and I’m an overweight white lady. But who cares? We make each other very happy.

My husband is a runner. I had friends that were runners, and when they ran races I would tell them good job but would not go to the races or anything. I didn’t get it. I did not understand how much time and effort go into training for a race. And then my husband decided he wanted to start running.

Being a runner’s spouse is very interesting. They spend a lot of time running including evenings after work or early mornings and long runs on at least one weekend day. You definitely have moments when you’re wondering, holy cow, is he really actually running all of this time or does he have a secret life I know nothing about?! Those shows like “Who the BLEEP did I Marry?” exist because stuff like that happens!

During the training times, it was easy for me to get frustrated with staying in and going to bed early on Friday and Saturday nights because he wanted to get up early to run, planning trips around races, and sometimes feeling like running > me. As a couple, sometimes it is easy to forget that your spouse is still a person who needs to do things for themselves. It is all put in perspective when I go cheer him on at races, through the sweat and sometimes the pain, and I can see the determination and pride that he feels accomplishing something he has worked so hard for. I can see that it means something to him that I’m there with a sign supporting him, and I will continue to do so. (And I try to be a better friend to my running friends!)

Running got my husband out of his shell. He made running friends and became more social. It seemed to give him a confidence boost. As much as I know I have complained about my husband’s running, I’m thankful for it.

Today my husband ran his 5,000th mile, and I could not be prouder of him.


~ Top 9 Games (In Order) ~

i’ve challenged myself and many of my irl friends over the years to do this, and now i challenge all of you. pick your favorite 9 games, in order, based on their overall impact they’ve had on you as a whole. fun factor, art, music, challenge… all aspects should influence your decision. think hard.

yeah, i know they’re just video games, but a lot of us really identify with what we play. they’ve helped shape us as a whole. if you could only have played 9 games over your whole life, what would you choose? oh, and as far as sequels go, you only have nine slots, so you’re better off just picking your favorite in the series. so idk how you’d let me know if any of you actually do this, but i’d absolutely love to see it. like tag me or pm me or whatever you have to do. i want to see inside of your minds!

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Man it would be nice if my hair actually did match my eyes. My eyes are green (one is a little darker than the other) but they have specs of gold and something that looks silverish, and a copper ring around the pupils. I've had a lot of people tell me my eyes are as ugly as sin just because of the color, but I still like them and I think it'd be neat to have my hair being a big mess of colors like that without even dying it (even if it'd look like barf from too much speckles of color but hey).

I have never seen eyes that are ugly in all my life. “Windows of the soul” my ass, even fuckboys have beautiful eyes. Wouldn’t your hair be close to this gorgeousness here?

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Yo what's the raven cycle about and should I bother reading it?

okay i’ll save u the trouble and summarize the synopsis: basically all her life, blue sargent was told that if she kissed her true love he would die. and i know that sounds like such an “ehh too dark” or “ehh another predictable shitty angsty love story” but i’m telling u now that it isn’t!!

it’s filled with magic and mystery and basically what i said here, and the characters are anything but the standard “we all feel an attraction towards u and how mary sue u are and we’re dark and we’re mysterious and we’re assholes and we’re pale and we also wear black a lot” they’re p much the complete opposite bc they’re actual human beings that u can relate to and u can connect with. and the way it’s written is so nice and the setting it takes place in is so pretty and the story is so good and YES YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ IT


I had a busy last few days so I almost missed it, but with one hour left till midnight here’s my stuff for Self-Insert Weekend!! I went through a big list of all the stuff I liked and what I would feel most at home in, and I finally landed on Gravity Falls.

I’ve drawn myself next to Bill before, but never full-on interacting with him (never drawn myself with any other characters either) so this was a lot of fun and helped me wind down earlier.

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Favorite live Prince performance?

Good question!

2015 Hit N Run Tour Live in DC

My general favorite would be the shows I saw June 14th. I had never seen Prince live before, but it was beyond amazing. He even had Stevie Wonder in the house. Their jam session was awesome. 3rd Eye Girl was really killing it, and the NPG horn section was doing a hell of a job. I even stole pics like the one above this caption that night. Truly out of this world. That’s my favorite live performance that I actually got to witness in person, but there are a couple of others that I wasn’t there to experience, that still mean a lot to me.

1991 Special Olympics Performance

Prince’s 1991 performance of “Diamonds & Pearls” at the International Special Olympics is one of the greatest performances he’s ever put on. It just adds so much to an already beautiful song, but I love this performance. This is damned near close to a perfect performance of such an incredible song. Rosie killed it. Prince and the yellow Cloud guitar solo. The entire NPG did such an amazing job. Plus, this is my favorite Prince band. The OG NPG is LIFE! And since everyone pretty much knows how much I love this era, it’s not a secret that I would pick a performance from that time. He was still hitting the splits, jumping off of pianos and doing amazing things. Don’t ask how I chose a performance from over 20 years ago, that I first read about on a message board. Just know I’m dedicated to this type of thing. Plus, he looked amazing that night. Couldn’t have chosen better if I tried.

Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show 2007

2007′s Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show is also up there. It rained during “Purple Rain”. What are the fucking chances? Not only that, but I was more excited to watch the Super Bowl than any man in the entire country at that point, because my baby was the halftime performer. I watched that entire game, and still forget who played, lol. And I actually watch football! Hell, I even like Peyton Manning, lol. I was purely there for Prince. Did you see the stage? You could put anything in the shape of the Love Symbol and I would probably fall in love with it. Prince was amazing that night. Nothing could prepare me for that kind of excitement. You would think I was there, but I was just watching on a damned big television that night. Still, I loved every minute of it. Greatest halftime performance of all time. And I must praise him for coming out wearing a goddamn scarf on that hair. My baby does not play. LAWD!

1991 VMA Performance

Prince’s 1991 VMA’s performance is the shit legends are made of. He literally showed his ass that night. And I was here for all of it. Brought the Yellow Cloud Guitar out there too. Matched the suit and everything. Plus, he’s still the crop top gawd at this point. Baby was bad. On top of all of that, there was a damn orgy onstage, lol. There are so many amazing performances. I could go back into the 90s or even just hang around in the 80s. Some of my favorite live performances happen to take place during award shows. The Purple Medley from the 1995 AMAs is out of this world. Even with him lip syncing, I love every minute of it. And probably one of the greatest performances I’ve ever watched, the first performance of “Purple Rain” at First Avenue. Much of it would be used for the finished version, and there’s a verse cut out of it, but still an amazing first run with his signature song. I got chills the first time I saw it. Matter of fact, I think I was on Tumblr when I saw it, lol.

Man, I love Prince. There’s more, but I feel like I’d never stop talking about it. I even left out the entire Nude Tour, but it’s such an amazing run. Prince was working it in Tokyo. I left out legendary runs during the Purple Rain Tour, and I even said nothing about Sign ‘O’ The Times. The concert film performances are top notch. He is the epitome of showmanship. This man defines artistry for me, and I have never left an experience feeling less than satisfied. He’s my baby for a reason, folks. Thanks for writing, pelicanreef!

Peace, Hip Hop & Purple Rain

You Know,

When Miles Morales was first being announced, there were numerous rumors about him actually being gay/ bisexual….And then I started to read the numerous hilariously closed minded posts on blog sites like–”he can’t be both black AND GAY!!”  As if its somehow IMPOSSIBLE…which makes me just literally laugh until my sides hurt.  As if two minorities  is just too much.  As if Miles would’ve been some sort of UNICORN.  Yes it would’ve been a lot to add to a 13 year old (no ones saying he should have a gay romance at that age) but it would’ve totally added more dimensions to him I think. 

I understand that for target audience reasons marvel went on the route they went on, so I’m not mad at all I love him just the way he is!!! But its really the fandom that really just has me taken aback with its logic half the time...