****all prices are in CAD****

Simple sketch - Bust: $10 - Torso: $15 - Full Body: $20  (+ $5 per extra char.)
Shaded - Bust: $15 - Torso: $20 - Full Body: $25 (+ $5 per extra char.)

Simple colour - Bust: $17 - Torso: $22 - Full Body: $27 (+ $7 per extra char.)
Lineless - Bust: $20 - Torso: $25 - Full Body: $30 (+ $7 per extra char.)

Cartoon: $30
Grayscale Realism: $35
Colour Realism: $40

*Anything with shading/colour comes with a simple background*

-Furry Characters
-Non-sexual NSFW ( **** 18+ Characters and Buyers only Please!****)
-LGBTQ+ Content

-Sexual NSFW
-Underage NSFW
-Anything including Slurs (swearing is okay)

Please Have a Ref or be very specific (Characters, colour scheme, mood, expressions, clothing, etc..) with what you would like (I want you to get exactly what you want for the outcome <3)

****I Reserve the right to refuse any commissions, If Accepted I require payment upfront (At least half upfront if you’re really weary Pls) Under any circumstances that I can’t finish a commission, you will get a full refund.****

****All payments Must be through paypal 

PLEASE SEND INQUIRIES TO pictorch@gmail.com 

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Percy Jackson Animatic starring Leo Valdez and Festus the dragon. I’ve been working on this for about a month and I just finished! I just really wanted Leo to have a good time.

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A scenario where Katsuki's and Todoroki's (separate) s/o is bragging about them over the phone and the boys overhear.

Sure thing lovely! I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it!


He pauses at their door, noticing that it’s not completely closed. Just as he’s about to push it open and step inside, he hears his partner’s voice.

“He’s great, really.”  They say and he can hear the smile in their voice. “And so damn strong, you should see his moves! God, he’s so damn good.”

Bakugou stops, his hands resting on the door handle and he feels a grin settling over his face when he realizes they’re talking about him.

“And you should see him when he sleeps too! Most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. His hair is so soft; I want to touch it all the time.” They laugh, quietly and warmly. “I’m always so damn happy when I’m with him.”

Bakugou silently mouths a curse, when he feels his face heating up and he presses a palm over his warm cheeks, his grin still on his face, though it’s softer now. Then he’s pushing the door open, ready to tackle his partner in a hug and get them off the phone so he can give them a damn big kiss.


Todoroki sees that his partner left their door open a crack and lifts his hand to knock, asking if he can come in; when he notices they’re talking to someone.

“I’m so happy, you have no idea.” His love says, laughing quietly. “Todoroki is really great. And you should see him fight! He’s really strong.”

He pauses at his name and just before he can step back and give his partner some privacy, they keep talking, their voice happy and excited.

“He’s so nice too, he’s always there for me and he has the cutest smile. I always want to hug him every time I see it.”

Todoroki feels a soft blush spreading over his face and he lifts a hand to hide the happy smile that’s spreading, shuffling a step to the side. Then he pushes the door open and quietly walks inside.

His partner glances up in surprise, though he’s already at their side and reaches out, entwining his fingers with their free hand as they smile up at him.

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best buy v headcanons…..

what hte fukc

- his best buy is the best in town cos everyone loves to see him
- so many emails from customers talking about how great v is?? so he gets a lot of rewards for that
- v has cute stickers on his name tag, most are given to him from coworkers. hearts, cameras, etc
- you can always find him in the cameras section, therefore a Lot of cameras sell

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In case you want to watch the heartbreak all over again with sound and music after this arc ends (though tamed a bit because of the anime) it is episode 40; it was likely the best handled for the BeeTrain anime standards, because it was the only episode they covered that they allowed any emotional trauma to happen. Then they of course added a scene in his past that wasn’t in the manga the next episode to cheer the kids watching up after the sorrow, but still.


I absolutely want to try this. 


i dont really post alot of personal stuff bc its an Edsword blog BUT I DIDNT FAIL ANY CLASSES THIS SEMESTER…..i passed n i was so happy i almost cried….

speaking of my dad’s somewhat disgusting career, my favorite story involving trying to tell people what he does for a living is this one:

I took french in 4th-6th grade, and at some point we were learning words for professions. The teacher had us go around the circle and say what our parents did, and then she’d tell us the word in for that profession in french, and we’d repeat it. Real cutting-edge pedagogical technique, clearly.
So we went around, learning french words for things like “dentist” and “restaurant owner” and “accountant” and “electrician”. Then she got to me.
“Mica, what does your mother do?” she asked, unsuspectingly.
“She makes larger than life, anatomically accurate, fully dissectible models of marine animals for nonprofit educational purposes” I said, giving my very practiced ‘mama’s job spiel’.
My teacher’s face was a study in blank incomprehension.
“Euh.” she said, “And… and what about your father?”
“He installs alternative eco-friendly wastewater treatment systems!” I said, now smiling broadly like the little shit I was.
“……” She was looking distinctly hunted now.
“He used to be a carpenter?” I added, doing what may or may not have been a convincing impression of 'helpful innocence’.
“Ah, charpentier.” she said, grasping the lifeline like a drowning person.

I have never in my life seen a person look more relieved to hear the word carpenter.