He could hear the faint smile in her voice, and it made warmth bloom in his chest. Him. He was the cause of that, of making her day a little bit brighter. After the war, he wouldn’t mind if that was his only purpose everyday. “Goodbye, princess. Love you.” The commlink cut off as soon as the last word had left his mouth, and horrified, he let out a high pitched squeak. God he was an idiot—had she even heard it? Of course she had heard it, their commlink connection was good! It had just slipped out and now he couldn’t take it back, and—Maybe he was overreacting and it wasn’t as bad as he thought. Maybe she would take it the same way the rest of the team did. A platonic, brotherly love. Even if the way he felt about Allura was as about as non-familial as you could get it. If he was lucky, she’d think it was in the way friends loved one another. He could explain it away, easily… Did he want to explain it away?


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Drunk Snow appreciation post
Misery, meet company. 


Merthur AU: (PART ONE) Merlin is in a complicated relationship with a man and when he sees Arthur at his work, his ex-lover who was still in the closet when they were together, things are suddenly either a thousand times more complicated, or clearer. Arthur wants another chance now that he’s out and ready for this, but Merlin is (not so happily) taken now. [part two]