do you think, if by chance one of the first memories link got back was the one where zelda was totally depressed knighting him & the champions are all like “ugh…..”, or the one where she’s like “stop following me!! >:(”, do you think link got sad because the only memory he has of these people that everyone keeps telling him are his friends are memories where they dont really seem to like him? do you think he would ever think like “why am i working so hard for these people that apparently didn’t even like me”

but then of course he remembers more and realizes hey they did like him a lot after all and then he’s :)

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Few days ago I tried to explain what does "blep" means to my friend, but I didn't know how, so I just showed him your icon, and it worked :'D

I giggled so hard I almost spat put my porridge


Rowan: “It’s going to be fiiiine. Trust me.”
Nina: “Nghrrr… I don’t know..”
Rowan: “Nina! You’re smart. You work hard. There’s no reason you would fail.”
Nina: “That makes it even worse though… What if I fail? And I’ve worked so hard..”
Rowan: “That’s not going to happen.”
Nina: “You don’t know that..”
Rowan: “I do know! I can tell the future.. Didn’t you know?”

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Hey Peaches :) First of all you're an amazing artist and I love everything you do and stand for. Your comics have helped my come to terms with my identity and opened my eyes to so many things as well as given me many hours of entertainment with your streams. Secondly I have a question, Are we allowed to reference you and your work in media, specifically radio? I'm being interviewed for a dissertation project about how fashion is used to portray gender identity and i wanted to talk about (contd.)

HOLY SHIT YES of course!

And aw oh my god thank you so much for your compliments! I work so so so so hard and it’s always amazing getting validation from you folks <3

Hope the interview goes swimmingly <3 

I’m now a Deputy District Attorney!

Yes, like Rafael Barba on SVU.

I’ve been with my office for the “post-bar” period – from August until now – as a post-bar law clerk. I got to do a lot of cool attorney shit, like my jury trial, but it was done under the supervision of a Deputy DA. So while I did my entire trial by myself, I had a supervisor sitting in the audience who could jump in if anything went terribly wrong.

Today, my office made me a job offer. I met with our elected District Attorney and he handed me an offer letter. I immediately accepted! I feel so lucky and humbled; I’ve worked so hard for this and now I’m getting what I’ve always dreamed about!

The pay and benefits are amazing, but those are secondary to what I really care about. I will now be in a position to serve my community, hold offenders accountable, give a voice to victims, and seek justice in the name of justice alone.

i have learned something from Monika Monday.

artists have it so hard guys.

i find really good pieces, like -really- good pieces. i do tons and tons of digging, and i find the artist and its -completely- detached from the artist.

i work hard to reach out to them and ask for permission to use their art, but its genuinely so disheartening that i have to work so hard to make sure someone gets their deserved recognition.

please please please please follow my source links and give some love to the artists who make Monika Monday possible, because theyre doing all the hard work <3

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On the one hand I love all the attention you get 'cause you deserve it! But on the other hand I'm jealous as fuck because I'm working so hard to create content and I'm getting better and better and nearly no one acknowledges it and it makes me want to quit, especially when I see people like you. I love your content and I love you because you are such a nice person but I'm also really, really jealous and I hate myself for it.

Dude :(. This ask makes me sad, but it’s mostly because I relate to it as well. 

Envy sucks. I know people like my content, I know some ask for it, yet compared to some of my friends here - it never feels like enough. Like I’m not working hard enough, trying hard enough, being good enough. I envy too. People like @funkzpiel @coffeesugarcream to name a few, because I know that I’ll never equate their level of writing with my own, even though I have made a lot of progress. I also envy those people on AO3 who just get the right idea and even though the writing is sloppy sometimes, they still get a lot of love and kudos and comments compared to some other writers who deserve the world and get barely anything in return. I’m not talking about me here; I’m talking about people like headbuttingbears on AO3, whose story reads so historically accurate it feels like you’re in it : New York in the thirties, with its shops and clothes and galas and slang; people like shionch , whose fic just feels so incredibly raw and vivid and real you want to meet the writer behind it to ask what happened to them; the characters so layered and human you feel overwhelmed by them when they’re just words on a screen. or people like @thepiperofhameln​, whose worldbuilding and pacing and character developement is astounding. I envy all those people, but I pluck from them. I read, I analyze, I wonder what makes it work so well, and I write and I keep trying and it is quite frankly exhausting. 

Envying other people and always wanting more than what you already have sucks, but it’s human. Just don’t let it eat you. I don’t know who you are, but I’m sure the content you put out there is worth gold.  

Been feeling unwell all day – pretty bad stomach pain but not bad enough i felt like i needed to stay home especially since its only a 2 ½ day week. 

But when I grabbed something off the floor today I felt like shocks of just… pure pain shoot through me and all my students freaked out because I needed a second to breathe and ya know let it pass. I feel so bad, like one minute we’re joking around the next I’m practically double-overed and  they’re freaking out asking if they need to get the nurse, am i ok, i shouldn’t work myself so hard, why don’t i go home, etc.

So they’re all sure I’m dying and if I don’t go to work tomorrow they’re taking it as confirmation I’m dead or in the hospital dying. (IF I have learned anything about working with 11 year olds it is they are human-shaped bundles of hysteria)

And I’m like PFFt. I never miss school i’m ok.

But when I got home i felt really sick after an hour and fiance just took my temperature and I’ve got a 103 degree fever. 




why do i always end up loving the boys who could never love me back because every time i see myself falling i notice i’m falling for the ones who deep down and even not so deep down i know could never possibly love me at least in the way that i love them so why do i keep doing this to myself do i control this somehow i mean really what is the reasoning towards this i mean really why must it be so blatantly obvious that i could never be theirs so then my brain is wired to think oh nice that’s a challenge let’s fall in love like no that’s not how this is supposed to fucking work that’s not how this is supposed to fucking be that’s not how this is supposed to fucking turn out because i have worked so hard every second of my life to be perfect and yet i had to fall in love with the boy with blonde hair and kind eyes who could never love me back

some unlucky kiddos :’)

how to spot the signs

**check moon, venus, and rising sign too though bc y’know

aries // it’s probably fairly easy to spot that aries. they’re the one that screams aggressively when their pottery project crumbles in their hands. the one that always wants to try ziplining or bungee jumping or skydiving. 

in private - aries in private are one of those signs that are very similar to the way they are in general or in public. they don’t feel the need to have to cover up their emotions or their thoughts. if you’re with an aries in private, you will probably notice that they’re more chill than you thought they were, though. and not as angry as they seem. 

flirting - the ones that subtly flirt but still seem to get their message across. flirts a lot too, though. anytime they can get close to their crush, they’re flirting.  

features - they probably have like one really striking feature. like the most beautiful hair you’ve ever seen or really great natural eyebrows. 

taurus // a taurus may be a little harder to spot. they probably have a plant/nature aesthetic. they’re the ones who can be outgoing and shy at the same time. they’re quite calm and collected. thinks through their decisions before making them. suggests hiking and camping a lot. 

in private - taurus in private are probably sweeter than they are in public, especially if you’re close to them. many of them may also be a little more emotional than you’d think. sometimes they’ll talk for hours, sometimes they’ll barely say a single word. 

flirting - you probably won’t even notice a taurus flirting. they’re quite subtle about it, because it makes them feel awkward. this doesn’t mean they’re bad at flirting though, usually they’re able to become good friends with their crush, and things may go from there. 

features - soft features that all fit together really nicely. soft, rounded nose. cute eyes. not too strongly defined eyebrows. 

gemini // ah, the gemini. it’s probably one of the popular girls in your class, or the guy who’s the class clown. they’re fun, energetic, and definitely quite talkative. they have a lot of nice things to say about people. 

in private - at first, gemini seems just like they are in public. talkative, got a lot of stories up their sleeve, smiles a bunch. but pay attention to their words. they’re different. in private, they’re more comfortable with sharing a lot of gossip. they’re probably also a lot smarter than you thought they were. may react differently to the same thing than if they were in public. 

flirting - a gemini is a pretty solid flirter. they’re good at never making their crush bored. they rarely tell the same story twice, even if in reality it’s the same story with a few tweaks here and there. 

features - a gemini is just cute, man. beautiful smile. bright and alert eyes. 

cancer // a cancer may be a little bit hard to spot. they’re either super shy and reserved, or pretty talkative and outgoing, but not much of an in-between. probably the ones that get a little offended by a joke, and can take criticism pretty personally and to the heart. 

in private - a cancer is one of those people you want to know privately. like someone you want to spend one-on-one time with. they’re cuddly, cute, sweet, ad comforting. if you’re close, you’ll probably be able to notice the transition from being awkward in public to smooth af in private. 

flirting - a cancer may not be the best flirter of all time. but, they may get their way. they probably clam up and sweat when being close to their crush. but hey, they’re cute and lovable so maybe it won’t be hard for their crush to notice them.

features - a cancer has soft features. they look really kind. the type of person that if you’re in a crowd and you have to ask someone for the time, you’d ask them because they seem like they won’t be too bothered by you and will be nice about it. 

leo // not hard to spot a leo. usually loud and confident, but not usually in the cocky way. they’re always with a group of people, and probably the one that’s talking. super fun and adventurous. the kind of person to bring ten bags of marshmallows to the campfire. 

in private - a leo in private may surprise you from the way they seem in public. probably one of the most different from in private to in public compared to all the other signs. they have insecurities hidden. they’re not always super happy. may get stressed out a lot. needs to know you’ll always be there for them.

flirting - leo is one of the best flirters hands down. their crush probably is already attracted to them anyways. good storytellers, pretty hilarious. can make their crush feel like them flirting is almost addictive. they’re also obvious with their flirting. 

features - a leo is beautiful. could rock the catwalk or the red carpet. they may enjoy wearing a lot of makeup (not necessarily to ‘cover up’ but more so bc they just like to) but are just as glamorous without. 

virgo // a virgo looks at the small details rather than the big picture. probably the perfectionist in the class, who has perfect handwriting and good grades. the one that makes good, smart decisions. knows what’s going on in the world. 

in private - a virgo is more willing to try new things and will say things that surprise you when you first have one-on-one time with a virgo. even though they’re fairly entertainig themselves, they’ll always beg you to entertain them or tell them some good jokes. 

flirting - a virgo is also a pretty subtle flirter, and seems like just a friend, which is okay because they may say some creepy things that would be super embarrassing if their crush knew they were flirting with them. you know like or “i love the neighborhood you live in”. don’t like leading people on.

features - a virgo likes to focus on their appearance. good fashion sense, perfect makeup, astounding hair. 

libra // a libra is probably the one you automatically feel like is kind of “fake” as a first impression. they’re probably not “fake”, they just try too hard to cover up their real emotions and show different ones instead so they don’t seem detached. pretty intelligent and a good talker. 

in private - a libra is another sign you want to know personally. you just always want to know what they have to say and their opinion on things. they can be either mature or childish depending on their mood. very peaceful. doesn’t like fighting with the ones they love. 

flirting - a libra is pretty good at flirting. they can be the touchy type, so they’re probably not as subtle. they have such a natural charm to them and are so intriguing. easy to get along with.

features - a libra probably has gorgeous eyes. you can tell they’re thinking about something important all the time. probably very light (not in color, in terms of feeling ig). 

scorpio // a scorpio is intense. they’re highly opinionated and good at arguing, and have clear emotions. they can be either loud or quiet. everyone is probably either aesthetically attracted to a scorpio, or attracted to their personality. they’re just cool. 

in private - a scorpio in private is intense. they want to know a lot about you. they also want you to know a lot about them. they’re very real and honest people. don’t say “no offense but…” to them. straightforward (but not rude) people work well with them.

flirting - a scorpio is definitely a touchy flirty, but they’re so good at flirting they can control whether their touching seems more friendly or more physical. it’s their presence that intrigues their crush more than their words. like a scorpio doesn’t have to say anything and their crush probably won’t even be bored. 

features - a scorpio is sexy, fierce, and mysteriously beautiful. they’ve got that perfect smirk, pout, smile, etc. down. 

sagittarius //  a sagittarius could be a little hard to spot. they can be fairly stubborn, though many other signs can be too. they also usually feel like they’re right, and pretend to listen to your side. pretty outgoing, a little weird but in a way that makes you crave it. 

in private - when it comes to humor- sags are underrated. they’re pretty damn funny. they’re also very opinionated. if you mean something to them though, they’ll protect you well and put your before themselves. 

flirting - a sag is neither good nor bad at flirting. sometimes they try, sometimes they don’t. they believe that if it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen. with this in mind, they probably don’t flirt too much with strangers. 

features - bold features all around. irresistible smile and eyes. strong nose. 

capricorn // a capricorn always gets their work done- even if some of them procrastinate until the last minute. they’re only talkative around the people they’re comfortable with. is into more old-fashioned things. very nice, but stubborn and opinionated. 

in private - sarcastic, witty, and enjoyable. they’re the kinds of people you take for granted but once they’re gone (they don’t like giving more than second chances), you’ll realize how much you miss and need them. good at giving direction, but not at giving advice. very realistic and often pessimistic. good friends. loyal friends.

flirting - they don’t even flirt. they probably flirt with their eyes and admire from afar. depending on their crush (the kind of person they are) the aura they have may be really intriguing and attractive, or they may not even be noticed. 

features - gorgeous hair. they’re so pretty but so underrated.

aquarius // idealistic. talks about the future and ignores the past. probably one of the smartest people you’ll talk to- not just academically but socially as well. may be a little weird but people love it. people just know them, they’re well known. they also know that they’re funny, but they don’t like taking the role of class clown. know that when receiving a compliment from them, it’s genuine and will make your day. 

in private - an aquarius in private is someone you almost feel like you need to know personally. if they let you in, consider yourself lucky- but don’t think you’ve broken down their walls. they’ve got secrets. they’re so interesting that you never get bored, even if you’re talking about yourself, the way they look at you is heart-warming. can be both dreamy and realistic.

flirting - an aquarius may or may not be a good flirter. they tend to get better with practice. however, other people may not notice them flirting. they treat their crush like a friend and signals may be a bit messed up. 

features - aquarians may have wonderful features that you miss if you don’t pay attention close enough. sweet smile and knowing eyes.

pisces // a pisces is that daydreamer. the one who speaks with “if” instead of “when”. very calm and sweet. a good person to befriend if you want someone loyal and adorable. 

in private - a pisces in private is pretty much the same as when they’re in public. they love to listen to you and offer emotional support rather than giving advice. they tend to be pretty gullible. very loving and easy to love back.

flirting - a pisces is a touchy flirter, but an awkward touchy flirter. they’ll go to touch your shoulder but quickly retract as soon as their fingertips brush. it may be obvious when they’re flirting. they tend to ramble and maybe even stutter. 

features - a pisces is just a big ol’ ball of cuteness. no specifics. just awesome. 


Avatar Korra cosplay
Hope Kutsche

Edit: Thank you all for the notes! I really, really enjoyed finally having a character who was real representation for me. Being half Chinese, I really don’t see any characters that look a lot like me. But not only does Korra look not completely Chinese or Asian, she is definitely not white. And she is bisexual, just like me. Korra is the first character I’ve ever really been able to see myself in, and cosplaying as her was the best thing I’ve ever done.