| Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

A lil gouache painting of Hana and Mai inspired by Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol!!
I really love Chasing Cars and had an idea to draw this ^-^

unpopular opinion: I love kendyl and she really grew on me this past season but i’m glad they took the go fund me page down. in the long run, it’ll be better for kendyl. she’ll learn a lesson that you don’t need to have a ton of solos to do well at competitions. it teaches her to be grateful for what she has and has access to. having a lot of solos is great and fun, but what does that teach? money makes you better, more likely to win and is more fun? not at all. overall, you make the most progress in ballet class. she’s very talented and clearly works very hard. she’ll be humble at a younger age than most dancers and that is honestly better in the long run than extra solos.

Can I  just say that while of course Bitty and Jack’s defined, committed, fairy-tale relationship is of course the most beautiful and spectacular thing, I also really appreciate Shitty and Lardo and their “fuck if I know??” attitude. Because it’s extremely accurate for early 20s relationships. Some people find their Person and they just know right away, but for a lot of us it takes a lot longer and there’s a lot more uncertainty. So cheers to Shitty and Lardo. 

so i made a gif of mike :-) these are all drawings this took 67786186381 years to make and if you steal it i will personally kILL YOU

so if you reblog this i will give you a million puppies and all the love :)))) i love you guys!!! if you have anything you want me to draw i’ll put it into consideration :-) 


my other mikey drawing

signs as the funny things my friends have said about their target language
  • aries:..challenge accepted.
  • taurus:grammar is my fetish
  • gemini:idk spanish makes me feel like a sassy abuela who is turning up too hard at her granddaughter’s quincenera
  • cancer:"hi tired, i'm dad" "you died?"
  • leo:shove finnish grammar up my ass
  • virgo:literally if you dont love the little prince you shouldnt be learning french
  • libra:the french are so classy they even made the word penis look like a $10million dollar art exhibit
  • scorpio:"why"
  • sagittarius:sorry halfway through saying it my brain changed languages
  • capricorn:"you are now 1% fluent in polish" why must you lie to me this way??
  • aquarius:even the most disgusting names in italian sound like food
  • pisces:he's not choking he's just speaking danish

TK15: The Troye Sivan 2015 Video

So much happened in 2015 for Troye - from walking in fashion shows to debuting his first album - and this video is my attempt at something made to look back and remember the year for the incredible stuff we all achieved during it.

This took a ridiculously long time to make, so I would appreciate it so much if you’d reblog and share it (and all of Troye’s achievements this past year) :)