Koujaku and Ren do it - Happy Birthday, Kindra!!
  • Koujaku and Ren do it - Happy Birthday, Kindra!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dreaming-shark!! Thank you for being such a nice friend, putting up with me, giving me all the kourenao feels, letting me see your WIPs and overall, just being the sweet person you are!

Please enjoy this audio featuring Ren suddenly kissing Koujaku, suddenly blowing him and Koujaku taking him against a wall, all of this happening in Salon Suzume, if you want. You are a terrible influence.

The lovely art was kindly provided by eemamminy. Translations are under the cut:

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a hot mess 10

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Heirs Love Letters


“I think,” Eun-Sang teased as Rachel watched from her perch in the balcony, “the great Yoo Rachel has turned into a groupie.”

She wrinkled her nose and struggled to maintain her composure. For the last two weeks she listened to Hyo-Shin perform for an ever growing crowd. Bo-Na kept her promise. Lee Hyo-Shin was a draw for the resort’s premiere club. Eun-Sang had convinced Bo-Na to let him do a set during lunch at the restaurant a few times a week.

“I love him. The days are too long when we’re apart. At least here I can be close to him.”

She knew Eun-Sang understood that. “Young-Do has noticed that you’re not coming into work when Hyo-Shin is off. He’s come into my restaurant three times this week looking for you.”

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plumblobs replied to your post:I am so sick of my games minimising when I launch…

can’t u just do the thing i do and like after it minimizes, just fucking right click until it stays open lol that’s what i did with ME

Lmao, I tried. I nearly broke my mouse because I clicked it so hard in ABSOLUTE RAGE. I am going to close every fucker in taskmanager and if that doesn’t work then I’ll set it on fire >:(


“Haters can only bother you if you aren’t doing anything to prove them wrong. I can’t sing? I’m singing on the treadmill and practicing my ass off. You think I’m fat? I’m already in the gym!!!!! You think I’m irrelevant? WATCH THA F*** OUT.. 2014 I’m GOING IN with my music and touring!!!!!!! Nobody’s gonna stop my grind….. LET’S DO THIS LOVATICS!!!!!! #PUMPED”



So a particularly sassy barista called Antönias serves the characters of The Mortal Instruments in present day Alicante’s sole mundane business. 

Things get interesting.

(Loosely inspired by this glorious post.)

William Shakespeare, everyone’s heard of him. You’d have to be stuck in a cave on Mars with your eyes and ears closed shut to not of heard of him.

Adaptations of original works

R O M E O  A N D  J U L I E T || [read]

H A M L E T || [read]

O T H E L L O || [read]

A  M I D S U M M E R ’ S  N I G H T  D R E A M || [read]

M A C B E T H || [read]

T H E  T W O  G E N T L E M E N  O F  V E R O N A || [read]

T H E  T E M P E S T || [read]

T H E  T A M I N G  O F  T H E  S H R E W || [read]

K I N G  L E A R || [read]

Other works that I couldn't find adaptations for
Inspired by Shakespeare
the truth about your sun sign
  1. Aries ♈ | born of fire, the sign of the ram, representative of the phrase “i am,” rules the first house (the self), confident, independent as fuck, adventurous, often a natural leader, rely on their instincts, tend to be impulsive, incredibly opinionated, courageous as hell, they don’t fuck around
  2. Taurus ♉ | born of earth, the sign of the bull, representative of the phrase “i have,” rules the second house (money and valuables), hella stubborn, sensual rather than sexual, cautious and patient, a lil possessive, self-indulgent, craves consistency and security, generous, loyal, they’ll be your ride or die
  3. Gemini ♊ | born of air, the sign of the twins, representative of the phrase “i think,” rules the third house (communication and learning), really fuckin talkative, flirtatious, superficial, can adapt to any situation, loves variety, has a broad range of interests, witty and clever as frick, uncommitted, open-minded
  4. Cancer ♋| born of water, the sign of the crab, representative of the phrase “i feel,” rules the fourth house (home and family), cares more than most, friendly, tends to be moody, sensitive, sympathetic and understanding, supports others so much they sometimes forget to focus on themselves
  5. Leo ♌| born of fire, the sign of the lion, representative of the phrase “i will,” rules the fifth house (creativity, talents, speculation), self-confident, ambitious as fuck, they get shit done, generous, tend to be a lil pretentious, encouraging of others, warm, original in everything they do
  6. Virgo ♍ | born of earth, the sign of the virgin (don’t let that fool u), representative of the phrase “i serve,” rules the sixth house (health, work, pets), thoughtful, tend to be perfectionists, observant as heck, they see everything i s2g, can be cold and fussy, faithful, tend to overthink, charitable, sensual, they are givers
  7. Libra ♎ | born of air, the sign of the scales, representative of the phrase “i balance,” rules the seventh house (partnership, relationships, marriage), they seek peace and harmony, they just want everyone to get along, idealistic, can be superficial and a lil wishy-washy, good at putting feelings aside and remaining objective, intellectual
  8. Scorpio ♏ | born of water, the sign of the scorpion, representative of the phrase “i desire,” rules the eighth house (sex, death, regeneration) wow that’s metal as fuck, passionate, hyper-sensitive, obsessive, self-willed, unmatched sex appeal, mysterious, manipulative, with them it’s all or nothing (in love and in hate), don’t fuck w/ them they will kill u
  9. Sagittarius ♐ | born of fire, the sign of the archer, representative of the phrase “i expand,” rules the ninth house (education, ideals, travels), hella proud, almost cocky tbh, tend to be optimists, adventurous, philosophical, love to argue just for shits and giggles, reckless, free, honest to a fault
  10. Capricorn ♑ | born of earth, the sign of the goat, representative of the phrase “i use,” rules the tenth house (career, reputation, social status), they are strong-willed and ambitious, love to prove people wrong, practical, can be a lil unimaginative, realistic, can make it big on their own, seek success and power, resilient 
  11. Aquarius ♒ | born of air, the sign of the water-bearer, representative of the phrase “i know,” rules the eleventh house (friendships, causes, social activities), humanitarians at heart, unpredictable, independent, charming as all hell, tends to have shallow emotions, rebellious, seeks freedom, unique and inventive, always wants to know more, kinky as fuck
  12. Pisces ♓ | born of water, the sign of the fish, representative of the phrase “i believe,” rules the twelfth house (handicaps, secrets, the Shadow Self), they are believed to be a collective of all of the signs, tend to be escapists, can be out of touch with reality, accepting, loving to a fault, unmatched empathy, they’re always beautiful tbh, mysterious, wants to help others, tends to play the victim, hella sensitive