SHE’S BEEN UP TO SOMETHING + listen » “she smelled like cigarettes and cold midnights & missing that scent drowns me in insanity”

a playlist for a mindless, self-destructive girl who has lost her way. all the drugs in the world couldn’t save her from herself, but at least she’s a little less sad. living life with a death wish and breaking the hearts of boys who write songs about her.

i. carmen by lana del rey // ii. bubblegum bitch by marina and the diamonds // iii. swimming pools by kendrick lamar // iv. 17 by sky ferreira // v. she’s a riot by the jungle giants // vi. the fear by lily allen // vii. don’t let me get me by p!nk // viii. girls like you by the naked and famous // ix. work by iggy azalea // x. infinity guitars by sleigh bells // xi. girl anachronism by the dresden dolls // xii. numb by marina and the diamonds // xiii. seven nation army by melanie martinez // xiv. otherside by macklemore // xv. this is what makes us girls by lana del rey // xvi. good kush and alcohol by lil wayne ft. future & drake // xvii. problem by natalia kills // xviii. bad girls by mia

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             I WANT TO SHINE A LIGHT

                                                     ON THE THINGS YOU DO