Just wanted to say real quick that im so proud of you baby. You’ve worked so hard for this and now you’re starting a huge step in your life and im so excited for you and happy that i get to share this with you and see what an amazing teacher you become. I mean you already teach me new things each day lol. I love you and goodluck on your first day! Dont let those little kids take advantage haha💙 @whitey13

i want to move back home :(

i cant do this, i dont make enough to live anywhere but here and here is not good for me. im miserable here, even if its my own, its not good i dont feel welcome and im miserable and i dont wanna move inwith 3 other strangers but thats all i can afford and im not a real adult at all

im doing so well and being so strong and working so hard and im really proud of myself, but with the way things are i cant leave this house and this house is making me miserable

its ok, though. it will be better in the morning. i can tough it out and then, hopefully, move in with another friend of mine. i dont want to count my chickens before they hatch, because im not 100% if theyll need a roommate and i dont want to impose or be bothersome, but thats pretty much my only option right now, other than quitting my job and moving back home. which i could do, except for the fact that i like living on my own

i dont know i was under so much stress with these midterms and now that those two are over, the stress isnt held back by that wall of “i need to get stuff done” and im lonely and falling apart
tomorrow will be better i’m sure i over-reacted. it’s fine here, i’m sure. im just too critical of others, and too stressed, and too emotional. believing that is easier than thinking something is wrong, right.

im so stressed i just want a hug i wnat my mom i want a break. tomorrow will be better. ill feel better tomorrow. i wish i was stronger than this. idk