mah boy
I can’t stop drawing him help

So, I was wondering how would Juzo look like as a kid????
I’m not very creative and I suck at drawing kids but oK

here are some headcanons that I have, I guess-
I had some about Juzo getting his shsl bc of Munakata but then I remembered that they met only in high school oh well.

-Juzo started practising boxing at a young age, because his family (or he thought it about himself) that he wasn’t macho men enough bc gay;
-He kinda liked long hair, but since he was kind of a wimpy kid at the start, he was made fun of, and that’s why he, to this day, has that short haired hairstyle that’s weird tbh but i love it anyway;
-He spent way too much time practising and wanting to be the best™, so he never got to much time to his friends/classmates or even school work;
-He was a lazy student, he didn’t care much about homework and stuff;
- He would get in fights constantly;
-He didn’t got many friends until he met Kyosuke and Chisa;
-He was so obesessed in becoming the best boxer that, at some part of his life, he couldn’t distinguish anymore his talent from his personality and himself as a person, like, he believed that if he didn’t had his talent, he got nothing else. (And Munakata and Chisa helped him believe the opposite~)

i’m not too good with these

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!! I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DO SO MUCH!! THANK YOU FOR CONSTANTLY MAKING SMILE AND LAUGH! THANK YOU FOR BEING THE ONLY THING THAT WILL MAKE ME HAPPY AFTER A LONG DAY OF SCHOOL &/or OF WORK! Just thank you for existing. Thank you to your parents for birthing such a beautiful, hilarious, awesome, etc. (there are way too many adjectives to describe you) into this world!! Not sure why this text turned from uppercase to lowercase, but I’m not gonna change it because I would never change anything about you! Thank you for working so damn hard! A hard work ethic is a trait that I admire so much in people, and thank you for setting that example for me! Thank you for being so kind! Thank you for showing us that it’s better to be nice than to mean! I met you 7 months ago, and you were the nicest human being ever! Thank you for that! Also thank you for signing a maxipad for me,me that day, that was really cool of you! Thank you for thriving to make the best content that you can make! Thank you for constantly wanting to expand your horizons! Thank you for DIRTY 30! Thank you for NOT TOO DEEP! Thank you for ELECTRA WOMAN AND DYNA GIRL! Thank you for THE GRACE HELBIG SHOW! Thank you for ITS GRACE! Thank you for GRACE’S GUIDE: THE ART OF PRETENDING TO BE A GROWN-UP! Thank you for GRACE & STYLE: THE ART OF PRETENDING YOU HAVE IT! Thank you for CAMP TAKOTA! Thank you for the LOWES COMMERCIALS! Thank you for HEY USA SEASON 1! Thank you for HEY USA SEASON 2! Thank you for HEY USA SEASON 3! Thank you for FREAK WEEK! THANK YOU! I APPRECIATE YOU MORE THAN THIS CHEESY TUMBLR POST COULD EVER SAY! YOU CONSTANTLY INSPIRE ME IN WAYS HAT I CAN NOT PUT IN TO WORDS! I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT SO MANY PEOPLE LOVE YOU! THANK YOU FOR MAKING STUPID VLOGS WITH MICHELLE! thanks for everything!

P.S. I WILL NOT REREAD THIS BECAUSE I WILL BEGIN TO CRY MY EYES OUT! Ignore the immense amount of grammatical mistakes and weird structure!


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63) “Cross my heart and hope to die.” :D

63) “Cross my heart and hope to die.”

Michael liked to be silly, everyone knew that. He liked to play jokes on people for his own enjoyment. 

Having been with Michael for over 3 years, you knew you were the most prone to his antics, having started the day with a fake spider near your toothbrush. 

Today had not been going well. Everything seemed to all be going wrong: your computer wasn’t working, the microwave stopped, you had left pizza in the oven too long and it burned - nothing seemed to be going your way. You were more than frustrated at life. 

Just as you threw your book on the floor in anger, Michael peeked into your bedroom door. 

“Hey cutie! I just got home. What’s up? Why are you throwing things?” he questioned, timidly walking into the messy room, glancing at the piles of clothes strewn about. 

“Please just go away. Today has not been my day and I don’t need to make things worse,” you seethe, climbing off your bed and making your way over to your boyfriend to shove him out of the room.

“Whoa, slow down there partner,” Michael chuckles, gently taking your wrists to prevent you from getting any further. 

“Mike!” you grumble, trying to break free.

“No. Hey, I got you something love, let me give it to you,” Michael says, bending down and picking up a bag you didn’t notice he brought up with him.

“I swear Michael,” you say, taking the bag from his hand, “if this is one of your stupid pranks you can sleep on the couch tonight. Or wherever you want, so long as I can’t see you.”

“Babe, I promise you this isn’t anything silly. The boys and I stopped at the store on the way back and I saw this and thought of you. Cross my heart and hope to die,” he finishes, gently leading you over to your bed and pulling you down onto his lap.

You roll ours eyes at his cheesiness and reach into the purple bag, hands coming into contact with something soft. As you pull the object out, you are greeted with an Eeyore plushie. Michael wraps his arms around your waist and softly rests his chin on your shoulder. 

“I know how much you love Eeyore and the little guy was just sitting there all alone. Thought I’d bring him home for you to help keep you company while I’m not around,” he sweetly mumbles into your neck.

You turn around and wrap your arms around his neck, placing a quick kiss to Michael’s scruffy jaw. 

“Sorry I got a little mad at you baby, it’s just been a long day,” you speak into his neck, feeling hairs from his head tickling you.

“It’s alright sweetheart, I love you. Now let’s go watch some movies and cuddle with Eeyore, hopefully that’ll make your day a little better.”


I think the most frustrating thing about having a plot idea in your head that you’ve been working on but haven’t posted anything about is that if you wait too long, sometimes you’ll see someone else come along with that EXACT PLOT IDEA, or something very similar in structure, and at that point not only are you worried about posting now because you’ll feel like others will think you’re copying, but that other person’s interpretation will make you go “… Shit, this idea is executed way better than I could have done it.” 

    guys  i  have  another  ooc  related  question  …  after  how  long  of  splitting  up  should  you  go  ahead  &.  give  the  other  their  stuff  back  ?  &.  what’s  the  best  way  to  do  that  ?  i  mean  ,  we  have  been  broken  up  for  a  week  now  &.  personally  i  really  don’t  want  to  see  her  when  i  do  it  because  i  feel  like  it’ll  just  be  really  awkward  &.  i’ll  get  upset  .  so  i  thought  about  just  packing  it  all  in  a  box  &.  waiting  until  i  know  she’s  at  work  &.  then  leave  it  on  her  door  step  ?  is  that  too  rude  ?  i  don’t  know  what  to  do  ?

this week is going to be wonderful i think

i know this is a horrible way to start the week but a friend and i are planning photoshoots, my wonderful moirail is coming to visit and sleep over this weekend, there’s a wicca class avalible at a local college on monday, and my mom has a long weekend (i think it’s a jewish holiday?) which means she gets to hang out with me and i dont have to be alone for hours and hours. theres other friends im trying to work into them coming over too and i just feel…sort of wanted. and it’s nice. i know ill be worn out but it is good i think

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It works the other way too (in regards to Mayim's article) I'm a devoted Christian and sometimes I hear music that praises things I don't care for, but I don't get mad at the artist or the people who listen to them. Different people like different things, and I'm also a strong believer in encouraging people's rights to their own beliefs and ideals. As long as it's not self-destructive or harmful to others, exercise your free will!


It definitely goes both ways. Basically, be respectful and peaceful.


Finally drew a new blog header for myself! ^ ^ Everyone is happy and no one is dead, yes? ;D