One Night Stand?

Pairings: Noctis/Reader, Prompto/Reader, Gladio/Reader, Ignis/Reader
Rating: T (despite prompt and title)
Prompt: You are a geek who’s having an extraordinary birthday party at a male strip club. You meet a stripper/prostitute who your friends paid in advance to have sex with you. However, you spend the night with the man in an entirely different situation.

A/N: I’m a sucker for buttoned tops, so everyone wears it! O7O)/ also, a friendly reminder: sometimes you do crazy things when you’re drunk and I write like shite

Big thanks to @neko-otaku13 for helping me with what the boys’ best body trait would be and I’m tagging @gudetamazing for the helluva it (。≖ˇ3ˇ≖。)

It’s your birthday.

The night when you can drink alcohol without worry and determine how much you could stomach before becoming fully drunk.

Your girlfriends decided to take you to the best underground male strip club in the city. This club’s most popular servicemen was young and perfectly toned. Their handsome and beautiful appearances won the hearts of many. Although you would never visit such lewd and disorienting places like these, you went along with your friends. It was your birthday. What better way to spend the night of your birthday with a handsome man ripping his shirt off in front of your face?

That was your birthday present.

Your girlfriends found the perfect spot of the stage with a singular pole connecting the ceiling to the floor. As you sat between your friends, you felt your heart thumping violently against your chest. First time experiences made you slightly nauseas and anxious.

This was no different.

A man who you’ve never met or seen will strut down the stage and perform sensual dance moves with a pole for you.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and prepared yourself as the neon lights of the club became brighter in luminosity. There from the other side of the stage, a male silhouette approaches you and your friends, combing his hair back with his hand, his fingers still in his luscious hair for that added seduction factor.

As the man’s figure became more transparent, you tightened your fists and inhaled one last time to brace yourself.

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Watch my Heathers Animatic pls! I worked way too long on this and it’s not even good haha. Made lots of mistakes but pls watch ; v ; ? 


Drunk Snow appreciation post
Misery, meet company. 


He could hear the faint smile in her voice, and it made warmth bloom in his chest. Him. He was the cause of that, of making her day a little bit brighter. After the war, he wouldn’t mind if that was his only purpose everyday. “Goodbye, princess. Love you.” The commlink cut off as soon as the last word had left his mouth, and horrified, he let out a high pitched squeak. God he was an idiot—had she even heard it? Of course she had heard it, their commlink connection was good! It had just slipped out and now he couldn’t take it back, and—Maybe he was overreacting and it wasn’t as bad as he thought. Maybe she would take it the same way the rest of the team did. A platonic, brotherly love. Even if the way he felt about Allura was as about as non-familial as you could get it. If he was lucky, she’d think it was in the way friends loved one another. He could explain it away, easily… Did he want to explain it away?

“And Baxter still hasn’t returned my calls.”

uggghh I swear I worked on this for way too long
but I did it!
sorry if it’s kinda sloppy, I did this at 12:00 AM on a school night so I really didn’t have much time to work on this, especially when it takes me 5 tries to get the purple mew down perfectly… Or at least decently. (and forthington looks like trash, but its best not to focus on the ‘bads’)

Anyway, I don’t really know much about who you are, and I just discovered you recently, and I love your art! I drew this as some fanart for you, based on Rhythm Heaven’s Air Rally.
I swear, your Rhythm Heaven art is actually everywhere, I see it all the time, and I can’t help but look at how great it is! I wish I could talk about Rhythm Heaven here all day, but unfortunately Tumblr still doesn’t accept submission descriptions the length of a Harry Potter book. But I gotta come up with something to end this paragraph, so: Did you know Shoot-Em-Up 2 is really broken in terms of “balancing?” To get a superb, you can’t miss a single alien, but you can also get a perfect without killing a single alien!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!???? I LOVE THIS!!! oh my goodness gracious what a surprise I am grinning ear to ear I adore this. I love the colored outlines and the snoot and that 8T face gosh this is just. absolutely perfect. This is why you don’t get a purple cat to do a pink dog’s job lmao

I doubt my art is “everywhere” but I’m so glad to hear you and others have been enjoying my Rhythm heaven art so much!! it’s pretty much all I’ve been drawing lately and I really should finish more of the sketches I’ve done aaaaaa

Also this picture is actually hilarious because this is completely accurate to me playing Air Rally on Fever. I tried to play it on the WiiU, but it feels like… there’s some sort of a delay between when you press the button on the Wiimote and when it registers in game, since the Wii U is more-or-less emulating the Wii. It wouldn’t be as noticeable in other games, but in rhythm games with pretty strict timing it can completely throw off the player. That being said, I don’t know if the WiiU even does give it a bit of delay, or it’s just me being used to the handhelds more or not haha…

Gosh trust me I want to talk about Rhythm Heaven all day so much as well it’s all I’ve been thinking about since August 8′) YEAH a lot of the DS games have weird balancing for their games since it wasn’t as lenient. I believe Splashdown 2 is also one of those games where a single miss ruins any chance at a Superb; I remember spending so long on it since that one bit where you have to duck down right after the flick animation finishes kept throwing me off. Now I can perfect it along with nearly all the other games easily~

aaaa god I cannot get over this I adore everything about it ;w; Thank you so so much you have seriously made my day!!! <3 <3


age of youth [l i s t e n]

morning: "for in the morning we rise, my friend. this is the age of our youth. let us live it.“

afternoon: “our youth is the time to be alive. to sing. to laugh. to dance and scream until our voices give out. live, live, live, and don’t look back.”

evening: “i want to breathe you in. while we’re still young–while we’re still here–let us love, if only for this moment.”

night: “these times will pass. we’ll forget them. we might want to, or we might not. but no matter what happens, just remember that there is an ache in youth that only time can mend.”


Merthur AU: (PART ONE) Merlin is in a complicated relationship with a man and when he sees Arthur at his work, his ex-lover who was still in the closet when they were together, things are suddenly either a thousand times more complicated, or clearer. Arthur wants another chance now that he’s out and ready for this, but Merlin is (not so happily) taken now. [part two]