This week’s WTW theme is All or Nothing!! Wonder trading will start at 9 PM PST.

You may be wondering what All or Nothing means and why the hell I’m using that as a theme. What it means is that I’ll be wonder trading five different mythical Pokemon. Currently, mythical Pokemon can’t be sent over the GTS because deposits for them won’t show up (we’ve tried it before). So if you get one of my mythical Pokemon through Wonder Trade and you submit proof to me, you get to link trade me for the rest of the set!

I’m doing this because I have a big giveaway plan for April Fool’s Day and I don’t want to run two big giveaways at once. I guess you can consider this April Fool’s WTW.

anonymous asked:

Ok, seems like I can't stop thinking about the demiguise predicting future scene after Katherine's interview. So I was wondering, what do you think the sad conversation was about? What means ~things got a bit romantic? (ARE WE GONNA BE ABLE TO SEE IT?) Also, I'm already dying to think about tina with newt in Paris only after three months of separation.


I did wonder what the “sad conversation” was about: Leta? Perhaps the war? The Sudanese girl? Perhaps angst over being the little brother of Theseus “War-Hero” Scamander (and everyone being disappointed he’s not like Theseus)? Angsting over how he’s odd/strange?

THINGS GOT A BIT ROMANTIC - WHAT IF SHE TOOK HIS HAND TO COMFORT HIM?! What if she was all “I don’t think you’re odd/It’s not your fault (about the girl)/I know what feel like” and THEY KISSED


Newt and Tina in Paris together - the thought gives me all kinds of feels! :3

developingdev  asked:

Hey, Noah. Just another Canadian trans guy here. I have a question that could be taken the wrong way, so I'm going to do my best to avoid that. In regards to the anon you made mention of fetishing, may I ask why it came across as fetishing to you? For myself, I worried about not being accepted and loved as I'm trans, so when people say they love and accept trans guys I'm quick to see it as a positive thing. Kind of like acceptance, you know? I'm just wondering how our opinions different. Thanks!

Hey, i totally see what you mean. Let me explain: 

So in regards to trans fetishization, theres a lot of stigma around trans men especially. People see a lot of us as cute little things. They think we’re“better than cis guys” because according to some of them, we were “girls” once and therefore now supply fetishizers with a “best of both worlds” scenario, now that we have come out as male. This is all very similar to the “i want a gay best friend” cliche. Fetishizing becomes offensive because to me, it turns my life and the life of other trans individuals into a show for cis people. It also separates us a lot from the actual male identity. So despite the fact that I’m a guy just like anyone else, I’m forced into this entirely different section of gender because people see transgender as this identity to stereotype and take advantage of, instead of just the adjective it is. 

When people say “trans guys are so much more attractive/the most attractive” it appears fetishizing/transphobic even because it’s encouraging the act of separation from the rest of the male population. It also raises the question of why? Why are trans guys more attractive? Because we look feminine? because we look more androgynous? because its “the best of both worlds” so to speak? Trans guys are not better than cis guys for their trans identities, in looks or otherwise, and vice versa. 

I’m proud of my identity, and i appreciate the acceptance, but the whole point of transitioning for me is so that people can’t tell I’m trans. I don’t want to be called cute because i still look fem. I don’t want to be told “I’m so much better” than cis guys. I don’t want to be separated or seen different than my cis male friends, because I really am not that different at all.  

I hope this made some sense, this is just how i feel about comments like that. I def get that it was meant with kind intentions, and i appreciate it. 

peachyklo  asked:

If im 16, 5'3 and weigh 215, what should my goal weight be? I want to be skinny and have a flat tummy and thigh gap but i do not want to show bones. I want to be a healthy skinny i dont want to danger myself too much. Plus I don't like bonespo

I totally understand what you mean! I think 120-130 would look wonderful!

I’ve read lots of people write about how Yuuri is such a wonderful gay icon but what about Victor?! I MEAN

Come on

The guy has a pink ferrari for God’s sake 


He has been the pro of what he does since he was a teen 

he takes cute pictures with him and his beloved dog for the press

his whole country loves him

he is not only comfortable but happy to play both a female and male part

He can get away with those lines

this one speaks for itself

he has insecurities about his hair


He is more beautiful than a disney princess

and he is a genuinely kind person 


he gets to spend the rest of his life

with the cute boy he fell in love with 

and live happily ever after

really, Vitya is an inspiration to us all


In which Bakugou is me

askcaitlinthehedgehog  asked:

I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies


The world is changing so rapidly and we with it. I fear the day will soon come when we no longer recognize either.


The point is that when I see a sunset or a waterfall or something, for a split second it’s so great, because for a little bit I’m out of my brain, and it’s got nothing to do with me. I’m not trying to figure it out, you know what I mean? And I wonder if I can somehow find a way to maintain that mind stillness.


Fifth Harmony editing challenge: Part 1 → Favorite member ½: Lauren Jauregui
“Is it weird that I feel like i’m somewhat closer to people just cause thay show up in my dreams? Like, Rihanna and I are best friends now”

so…anybody else can’t wait to see their kids or is that just me?

Hiro Mashima