So Roots was a story I was going to write about Ruby growing up as a trans girl & figuring out her identity, as well as unraveling the mystery of “why do ruby and yang have different last names? and who is Summer?” but it’s mostly a story about Yang and Summer

When I started writing it we knew NOTHING about Yang, Ruby, or Summer, so in this story Yang isn’t Ruby’s sister, but Summer is. Their dad is named Ash Rose and I never gave their mother a name. Naturally a lot of shit got jossed so I dropped it but @arulaen reminded me I’ve never posted the whole story. I’m literally never going to write any more but I did like the ideas I had. (And it’s very On Brand for the shit I like). 

Anyway, in the last chapter of Roots we met the death-predicting cat named Grimm. (This is based on a real cat.) Summer watches that cat with dread as over the next few days he goes to every single person she saved in the hospital, just hours before they die, until there’s only one person left. Summer is sick with grief at not being able to save these people, and Ruby sees being a huntress isn’t all heroism and fairy tales.

Summer hates that cat. Ruby feels a little bad for him and suggest that maybe predicting death is like his Semblance, he didn’t choose it : ( don’t be mean to the cat, sis. Summer  stays with that last patient until one day Grimm comes back. He always wanders around but every time she sees him, Summer gets a little heart attack. Please take me instead, she thinks weakly, sleep-deprived and weary from days spent in the hospital watching over the sole survivor. Please let me save just one person.

Maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t, maybe Summer was praying to a cat. But Grimm never swings by and the last person survives and recovers and wakes up. Her name, of course, is Yang Xiao Long.

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*cracks knuckles* Heavy is my fave, here’s some headcanons

  • He’s a very light sleeper. Even if he creaks the bed a little he’ll bolt up fully alert like whatwasthat
  • Has a lot of scars on his back from the gulag. He’d take beatings for his sisters and mother because he needed to protect them and knew he could take it.
  • Lost 3 toes to frostbite, pinkie on his left, pinkie and fourth toe on his right.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine where Kuro's s/o is about to die so he turns her into his subclass and doesn't talk to her for a few weeks because he regrets it so much. Can it end in a bit of smut please? Thank you!

(Sure thing, my dear! I hope you enjoy this, and I hope the smut at the end wasn’t too weird! Putting it under a “Read More” since it gets a bit long! And I used female pronouns, since you said “her”!)

Kuro’s eyes drank in the sight of your form beneath him. Your own crimson eyes looked back at him, hazy with want but still as clear and bright as he knew them to be. He momentarily thought about what had happened in the weeks before, feeling his chest tighten and then relax as the memories played in his head like a movie.

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Late Kyouken birthday and the tiniest bit of BandAU! 
I actually have quite a bunch planned out and I’m excited for the break to get a bit of time to work on it! ^__^v 

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The Seasonal Ministers of another time, and the fairies they appointed as their successors.

Hazel, the Minister of Autumn: Hazel was a calming and kindly minister devoted to her season, and completely unflappable. Even early frosts never shook her. Her time of fading came second, whilst delivering Autumn to the Mainland, and she took it with the dignity and calm all fairies knew her for even though it must have pained her to fade far from her home. Due to the circumstances, she was forced to pass her title to the animal-talent Redleaf without consulting Queen Clarion first, but she knew the choice to be the right one.

Nettle, the Minister of Spring: Loud, boisterous and enthusiastic, Nettle was all about announcing the new life of Spring. She just loved nurturing each and every new life - plant or animal - and always encouraged every fairy to do their best. Her time of fading came last, and only Queen Clarion bore witness to it. Not every fairy can make their peace with Disbelief, and there are rumours that unhappiness and distress surrounded Nettle’s, as the Queen delivered the news of her fading with a solumn quiet tone. Much to the surprise of most, the quiet lonesome garden-talent Hyacinth was chosen as Nettle’s successor but, whilst it took some time for him to accept the title, Hyacinth proved himself to be worthy of the role.

Topaz, the Minister of Summer: If Nettle was enthusiastic, Topaz was pure cheer concentrated in fairy form. Summer was a time of celebration and laughter and love and life to Topaz, and he’d always be sure that whilst hard work was needed to bring Summer to the mainland, each and every fairy was also taking the time to enjoy the sun. His time of fading came third, and while he didn’t have long, he still managed to throw a bit of a party during his fading. He had put forward Sunflower as his successor to Queen Clarion with time to spare, certain that she understood Summer as he did - as laughter and life.

Galanthus, the Minister of Winter: Galanthus, often nicknamed “Snowdrop” much to his dismay, was the short-tempered sharp-tongued minister of Winter. A very meticulous efficient and driven fairy, the wind wouldn’t blow in the Winter Woods without his knowledge. For all of his harsh tone and scowling though, Galanthus never had ill-intent. He thought very highly of every fairy in his charge, and so never accepted anything less than their best. His time of fading came first, and he’d been well prepared for it, having already made all the necessary arrangements to appoint Snowflake the frost-talent as his successor, impressed by her organisation and efficiency.

WIP //shot

No.. It’s just…
I want to test my skill after so long… And here I know, I still have a lot of work to get myself move higher and become what I wish to be the real pro. ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧

Oh by the way, this… ermmm this false?fake? x’D comic page is an LLSS!AU where @berryargento and I are collaborating~

She’s still struggling to write the newest chapter, go go go Berry!!

Also some kind of I want to draw something from our AU. And it might related to the real story. Or not? ohoho..


so overdue dies……but this is a collab with my buddy toiek!!! they did the lineart and i colored !!!! they drew my boy abel + co….im so happy….TT..he would totally make other people carry him around…cries


Summary: You just decide to test Cass, because you don’t know if he likes you or not.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warinings: smutty smut, kinda fluffy (if it needs a warning lol)

Words: 1389

A/N: | Again, sorry for every mistake I made, English isn’t my first language. |

Well, I was wondering if I should tag you or not, but I thought that you may like it, so here you are.


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P.S. I love your work <3

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It was exactly a year since you were living in the bunker with boys, exactly a year since you hadn’t any action and it was a year since you decided that you need to be with the Angel. That year was difficult; Cass was… weird. One time he was overprotective, no matter if it was a monster, ghost or just a men that was trying to pick you up, and the other times, you felt invisible to him. Boys were making jokes about that.

One day, Dean heard you pleasuring yourself and moaning the Angel’s name and he was teasing you about that for two weeks. And you were sick of this by now.

So, that one evening with your boys and whisky you thought about a great plan. You decided to test your Angel. If he won’t be madly in love with you and your body after the attempts, you will stop and find yourself a date.


The next evening was the perfect time for your first plan. Castiel showed up and was doing research with boys, they were looking for a new case, so you went to your room and changed. Well, you just take off your flannel and bra, leaving yourself in just your tight tank top. You loved your boobs and you knew that no men can take their eyes off of you. You made sure that your nipples were hard and then you headed to library.

One step in the room and six pairs of eyes were on you. Dean shift in his chair, Sam tried to not look, and Cass… Well, Cass covered himself more in his trench coat and licked his lips not even trying to not be seen. You smiled to everyone and pretended that you saw nothing.

“What’s up, boys?” you sat beside Sam, opposite Castiel and Dean.”Found something?” That look on their faces… They had no idea what you were talking about, so you laught. “Guys, I live here a year now, you should get used to it.” your words hit Dean and he smirked, but before he could answer you, Cass caught.

“You live with two guys, you shouldn’t walk around this place like this.” said your Angel, which caused you to raised your eyebrows.

“That’s just Dean and Sam and you shouldn’t care.” you smiled kinda horridly, but deep down you knew that this was the reaction you wanted. “I will walk around this place naked,”you stood up and started walking away without turning around.”and you have nothing to say, because this place is my home, and, oh, look” you took off your tank top and tossed it somewhere”in my home, I do what I want to do.”

You were sure you heard all of them moaning, when they saw your naked back, but you went streight to your room.

That night you heard not only your moans, but Dean’s and Sam’s as well. You had no idea that both of them would whispered your name, but it was really amusing and it turned you on even more, but you wanted Cass to break.

You stoped wearing a bra and get used to see Winchester brothers with boners or not see them at all. It was strange to you, but funny. Both of them knew that you wanted to break Castiel and, guessing by the groans and moans at night and smiles in the meantime of the day, they didn’t cared as long as you were okay with them pleasuring themselves to the thought of you.


And then, after a week, Cass showed up again, just before you went to the shower. Your fate wanted you to met Dean in the hall so you told him about your second plan and he joined it with a huge smile. You went to get a shower and he stole your clothes, it was this simple.

“Dean? What is it?” asked Castiel just after older Winchester crossed threshold of map room. “Is that… These aren’t (Y/N)?”

“Yeah, they are.” he smiled. “You can count the seconds, she will be here any minute, wet, angry and only in…”

“Dean!!!” you screamed, knowing you have to be really mad at him. “Dean Winchester! Where are my clothes?!” you stood just at the door. Your hair wet, only in a fluffy towel. You met Cass’ blown eyes and before you knew it, you where standing in your room, opposite Castiel.

He rushed twords you and crashed his lips on yours. You never thought that Castiel would be this great at kissing. His lips were soft, but the kiss was taking your breath away and made your knees weak. Leaning on his chest, you felt his erection pressed at your stomach. His hands hugged your face, just so you couldn’t break, and he just throw that towel on the floor. Not breaking the kiss, he put you on the bed of yours and made himself comfortable above you. He nestled his head in your neck and left there a few kisses then he traveled lower.

You moand when his lips found your nipple and sucked it. His hands were everywhere, but not where you needed his touch most and it was driving you crazy.

“Cass..”you begged. “Cass, please.” he groaned and rocked his hips into yours which caused you to squirm. He lowerd his mouth, kissing his way through your belly and he easly found your throbing clit and licked it. “Cass!” you were sure that Winchesters heard you, but you didn’t care, the only thing that was important right now was that men between your legs.

He pressed his tounge flat to your clit and started doing circles around your entry with his finger. Your hands found its place in his hair and when you pulled him, he moand.

“(Y/N),” he started softly, ”I never thought that you could be this wet for me.” his words tickled you in a way that you never felt. He started to kiss and lick your sex like a primal, but you found in it a lot of a plan.

You felt your climax even before he slip his long fingers in you, but when he curled them, you fell of the edge, screaming his name and squirm under his touch. He rode you through your orgasm and got up to look at you. His smile was your blessing.

“You’re so beautiful, (Y/N). Are you gonna cum for me one more time?” you couldn’t stop that smirk that climed up to your mouth.

“Just one more?” you raised your eyebrows.

“I was waiting for it since the day I met you, I can’t wait any longer to fuck you.” he said simply, starting to rock his hips into yours which took your breath away, so you just nodded.

“Please, Cass, make me yours.” you murmured between moans and your lust made him want you even more.

He snapped his fingers and was completely naked. Skin to skin, finally. He thrust into you easly and nestled his head in your neck again, moaning. Starting pace was slow, but soon, it was really fast, at the same time - not rough.

You felt that tightness in your lower belly and you couldn’t stop yourself from squirming.

“Come, (Y/N), come on, love.” he whisperd and you fell another time, screaming, begging, moaning. Soon after you, he began to be a mess, crumbling and leaving kisses everywhere on your body, you back up your hips to give him the realise you wanted him to have; you just simply rode his orgasm.

“Oh my, (Y/N), don’t stop, please… Don’t you dare stopping…” his tone was everything you wanted; he shook and then he reached his own climax, losing his breath.

Cass fell beside you and tried to catch his breath. You cuddled to his chest, happy that you made him such a mess.

“Wow” he whisperd. “Dean should steal your clothes more often.” Castiel kissed your temple.

“I don’t think we need him to butt in again” you smiled. “I love you, Cass.” you said quickly.

“Rest, (Y/N).”he hugged you hard and covered carefully. “I love you too, love.” he said right to your ear and you fell asleep with a huge smile.

  • shiro: i should go to bed but... you know i could also try to go 48 hours without sleep
  • lance: just sleep, dude
  • lance: daddy if you don't sleep i'll be sad
  • shiro: i'll go as long as you agree to never call me daddy again
  • lance: done