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“That’s not a question I need answered”

But could you imagine, she’s fighting Ultron, she’s stuck, she’s probably going to die, her friends are possibly dead or dying, but she will fight to the end so Natasha reaches for a weapon, any weapon and it’s Thor’s hammer.

And she lifts it. And tony couldn’t in his Iron Man suit, the hulk couldn’t, Steve couldn’t. But she can.

Because she is worthy.

And that’s her answer. That despite her past, all the red in her ledger, she is worthy. She is a hero.

Leo Fitz thinks Jemma Simmons left because he loves her.

Jemma Simmons left Leo Fitz because she loves him.


I like the black/white/red theme of the Akashi page!!! Cool! 

[From Animedia]

Q: What do you think about the Kouhai-Senpai relationship of Akashi and Nijimura, who appears for the first time in the Teikou arc?
Since he is his senpai, I think there were obviously some concern and respect. I think that when Nijimura was still there, Akashi had his own set/version of behavior/demeanor towards him within the team. However, when Nijimura withdrew his captaincy and gave the seat to Akashi, he himself acquired a set of responsibilities. I think that he began to be more aware of his position as a “kouhai but also a captain”. I cannot tell you exactly how Akashi thought of Nijimura, but he does vocalize words of concern for Nijimura so I do think that (Akashi) did have a proper sense of their relationship as senpai and kouhai.

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alvin + full body shots

Oh, you’ve seen Osomatsu-san? Whose your favorite karact- I mean, character? *sweats nervously*

“To the Moon, through the stars, there we’ll find a place to be…”

If Dan and Phil played To the Moon on their gaming channel, I imagine the thumbnail being something like this only drawn decently maybe. Man, I really want to see them playing it, I think I’d cry çwç
Also, wanna see them as Sigmund Corp scientists? Take a look here!
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[ #106 ] lee jieun

Compilation - 08 Oct - Oct 15

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Note: A compilation of random videos, biased because I love jinyoung and personally for me because I have uni exams soon. Updated regularly but please send me a message (Anon/any) if I don’t have links it’s because I won’t have time to follow every video. List may get very long also not in chronological order.