I want the volt.ron crew to troll us so bad. Like, after season two… which will probably end on a cliffhanger too…

And one of them (Please be Lauren or Chris lol) goes on twitter and is like: “Netflix has sited the death threats and harassment directed at fans and at the crew, purpetrated by other fans, as their reason for not renewing for season 3.”

Queue shitstrom for the next five minutes until they (Lauren or Chris) tweet “J/K, we’ll be back in August 2017! But seriously, stop your bs”

someone: why bother reading free books from gutenberg.org when they were all written like 100 years ago?

someone: I know it costs $15 for a movie ticket and you’re poor, but look, the movie won’t be in theaters forever! you have to see it NOW!

someone: lol you like that song? that song is from, like, my parents’ childhood hahaha

someone: ummmm I know that [horrible piece of world news] sucked and all but you do realize it happened almost five years ago right? why are you still talking about it?

me: time… is a thing… that exists…???


I just brushed my teeth together with mom (usually I go to bed much later so this doesn’t happen often) and when I went to go to bed she hugged me and was like ‘we’re just not a huggy family’ and i was like 'yeah i know’

and then after some more seconds of hugging she was like

'are you going through an identity crisis?’

me: *PANIC*
me: 'why do you ask that?’

mom: 'I don’t know’

me: *silence*
me: 'I don’t know’

mom: 'it’ll be alright’

will it mom




Yato is letting Hiyori go?? This can’t be happening?? HELP? Look at his face. HE LOVES HIYORI SO MUCH.

The more they drag out what happened after Coda and what happened to Beth’s body, the more likely it is that it’ll be explained with some kind of reveal.

If they wanted people to move on from her, they would’ve given her a funeral and stopped talking about her but she’s still a huge focus two episodes later.

That’s not for no reason.

I can’t believe this moment actually happened. The most spontaneous decision of my life was to jump on the next bus and try to meet one of my favourite singers of all time, and it was by far the best. Thank you so much for this incredible moment that I will never forget. You have no idea how much this means to me and I’m really sorry we couldn’t get you that power cable. @tylerrjoseph @twentyonepilots