ok so the other day my older sister was cleaning out her closet and she found a bunch of old things from her childhood and reminiscing, and it made me think that I don’t really have anything that I could reminisce about? like I don’t have a diary, I haven’t taken a selfie in almost a year, and I don’t really have any special things to hold on to? Idk I feel like one day when I’m like 22 or something I won’t remember what I’m like now and then I’ll regret not having keepsakes from when I was younger.

I want the volt.ron crew to troll us so bad. Like, after season two… which will probably end on a cliffhanger too…

And one of them (Please be Lauren or Chris lol) goes on twitter and is like: “Netflix has sited the death threats and harassment directed at fans and at the crew, purpetrated by other fans, as their reason for not renewing for season 3.”

Queue shitstrom for the next five minutes until they (Lauren or Chris) tweet “J/K, we’ll be back in August 2017! But seriously, stop your bs”

I once saw [Henry] James quarrelling with his brother William James, the psychologist. He had lost his calm; he was terribly unnerved. He appealed to me, to me of all people, to adjudicate on what was and what was not permissible behaviour in England. William was arguing about it in an indisputably American accent, with an indecently naked reasonableness. I had come to Rye with a car to fetch William James and his daughter to my home at Sandgate. William had none of Henry’s passionate regard for the polish upon the surfaces of life and he was immensely excited by the fact that in the little Rye inn, which had its garden just over the high brick wall of the garden of Lamb House, G. K. Chesterton was staying. William James had corresponded with our vast contemporary and he sorely wanted to see him. So with a scandalous directness he had put the gardener’s ladder against that ripe red wall and clambered up and peeped over!

Henry had caught him at it.

It was the sort of thing that isn’t done. It was most emphatically the sort of thing that isn’t done…. Henry had instructed the gardener to put away that ladder and William was looking thoroughly naughty about it.

To Henry’s manifest relief, I carried William off and in the road just outside the town we ran against the Chestertons who had been for a drive in Romney Marsh; Chesterton was heated and I think rather swollen by the sunshine; he seemed to overhang his one-horse fly; he descended slowly but firmly; he was moist and steamy but cordial; we chatted in the road for a time and William got his coveted impression.

—  H.G. Wells, Experiment in Autobiography: Discoveries and Conclusions of a Very Ordinary Brain (Since 1866)

I don’t give a fuck about hate right now, imma do this now.

A long time ago I started drawing nuclear catastrophes like…this.
I know this is an extremely difficult topic to talk about so let me explain.
Exactly 6 years ago, on March 11th, an very bad earthquake happened in Japan with a following 30 meter tsunami hitting the nuclear power plant Fukushima 2, or Fukushima daiichi. It caused 3 nuclear melt downs in the core of the plant and many people lost their homes and lives.
I was very unsure quite a bit, but after watching TV and not hearing anything as a slight reminder I decided to remind people themselves.
This isn’t supposed to be troll or joke, just an IMPORTANT reminder of what happened back then.

Unfollow me as you wish, I’m usually not that type, but if you can’t handle such content, or think this is gross and unnecessary I do not want you to follow me. Forgetting is the worst you can do.
Cloudii out-

Kanan: Cruelty

“Eyes into the future… get past the bleak uncertainty… I want to be granted that warm light once again…”

“Kanan, you need to let go. Nobody expects this to happen. We know you’re hurting, but we’re also the same. No one’s happy with this, so please…, at least let us ease each other’s pain, okay?”

“You said that as if it was an easy thing to do, huh Dia?”

“Please, Kanan…”

“Just forget it! If it meant only that much to you then it’s fine. It’s not like this matter affects you in the slightest.”

She went and said those cruel words even though deep inside she knew she’s wrong. Dia clearly wasn’t happy that her friend was taken from them, and more than that, she’s clearly sad that her other childhood friend was on the verge of leaving her too, in the different context. “Why did you have to make this difficult, Kanan…?” the blue-haired girl complained inside her mind as she recalled that stupidity she did the last time she met the black-haired girl.

“It’s almost half a year, Kanan-san.”


“I won’t pester you further but you do know what you need to do, right?”


“What do you want me to do, then?”

“Hmmmmm. For starter, why don’t you make sure Chika and You-chan stopped coming into my house and try to drag me out? They’re just wasting their breaths.”

“They are clearly worried about you, Kanan-san… C’mon, why is it becoming this hard for you to just correct one mistake you did that day? Or do you want to hurt Dia-san that badly?”

“Mind your mouth! One more word about Dia and you’ll be treated the same as them!”

“It’s like I’m talking to a deaf girl. Listen here, I’m trying my best all this time so that you could at least protect what was left for you. Don’t expect me to be your babysitter, Kanan-san!”

“Then just abandon me. It won’t hurt you, right?”



“If I didn’t respect Mari’s wish I would never bother to do like this, okay!? Besides, isn’t this what you always wanted, Kanan-san? If Mari disappear from your life, you will finally gain your right to chase after Dia, right?”

“I’m sorry, Riko. Please spare me the sarcasm.”

“So, what do you want to do now? The usual?”

“It might be good. Visit me in 10 like usual. Don’t let anyone see you heading here, okay?”


That day, two girls were cruelly taken away from them. As Kanan finally arrived at the hospital that day, she saw Riko who almost looked like she has no life inside at all. When she saw that, she finally accept the fact that Mari and Yoshiko did have the cruel taste of fate. Riko lost her most respected senior, and more than that, her own girlfriend whom she promised would marry in only a month from that day on. Kanan couldn’t even shed a tears as to respect her junior who lost almost everything. Kanan herself, on the other hand, could only went to Mari’s place that night and broke in tears as Mari’s family tried their best to hold their owns’.

“You’re not in the position to act like this, Kanan…” she said that to herself as she tried to get up from her bed. The routine is about to start, so she needed to at least clean her house. “Till when we will try to close each other’s pain like this…?” she wondered as she looked from the window and she saw the figure who looked like Riko heading to her house. “It’s time…” Kanan went and open the door to let Riko in as the junior sat on the couch afterwards. Her eyes seemed like those of person void of life. Kanan could only curse herself for troubling such person on her wimp. “If only I’m a little bit stronger than this…” whispered Kanan to herself as she gave sign for Riko to follow her to her room.


That day, Riko was in seventh heaven. She was overly joyful as she happily humming as she saw the calendar on her wall. September 19th. On her birthday, there was another note she left, a big “marrying Yocchan and be happy together forever”, which was the sole reason of her humming every day from the day Yoshiko proposed to her a month’s before. She was overjoyed when she heard Yoshiko said she wanted to be always together with her. But fate didn’t want her to obtain that happiness. And so, the call came from her senior.

“Hello, Mari-san? What’s up? Are you trying to pick a fight with me now that you managed to convince Yocchan to take a day-off together with you? Hehehe~”

“Riko-chan… I’m sorry…”

“Eh? What do you mean by that? You’re joking, right? C’mon, it’s not funny at all…”

“I’m sorry for not being capable to protect Yoshiko…”

“Mari-san…? Mari-san???!! Mari-san!!?”

As her heartbeat started to thump loudly inside, she got herself up from her bed and she took the key and headed down to the garage and took her car. She went as fast as she could while she ignored the fact that Mari might be playing a trick on her. “Please be okay, Yocchan! Please be okay, Yocchan! Please be okay, Yocchan!!” she repeated those words frantically inside as her car heading to the vacation spot both Mari and Yoshiko took yesterday. When she arrived at that place, she realized that Mari wasn’t trying to joke with her at all. There, under the cliff she saw her fiancé’s body being hugged by her senior whose eyes were closed and blood was clearly visible on the area around her lips.

“It was as if the world ended in the most wrong way possible for her. She was just ‘this’ close to the happiness she’d been waiting for and then, without a care whatsoever, fate took them away from her, and consequently led her life to ruin.”

Despair. She tasted the bitter side of life as she hopelessly tried to pray that this whole thing that day was only a trick to surprise her. But there was no sign whatsoever. What’s gone can only be remembered and thus she felt that almost every part of her soul taken from her. Not long after, when she woke up, she found herself inside the hospital after You-chan calling her name for who know how many time until she woke up. Afterwards, the grey-haired girl hugged her and cried, which in turn made Riko shed hers, too. She looked at Chika whose crying while holding Hanamaru in her arms and thus the reality presented itself in the cruelest way ever to her.

“That wasn’t the last joke that Mari-san spouted… It was real…” said Riko as her vision started to blur

As daycare workers

1. We bath kids when they haven’t had a bath the entire week.
2. We file children’s nails when parents don’t so they dont scratch themselves or their friends.
3. We buy them food when parents forget to pack their child’s lunch (which happens more than you think it should).
4. We buy food for when parents packed the same meal three months in a row; a meal parents know their child won’t eat.
5. When parents are half an hour late to pick up their child without a phone call to the daycare, we stay later to be with that child.
6. We have two teachers for every nine toddlers.
7. We have one teacher for four toddlers. So when one child poops you have to change them on the rug because you have three other children to watch.

When daycare workers complain about being overworked and underpaid, it’s because we HAVE to do more than what’s required to keep children safe and healthy.



Yato is letting Hiyori go?? This can’t be happening?? HELP? Look at his face. HE LOVES HIYORI SO MUCH.

The more they drag out what happened after Coda and what happened to Beth’s body, the more likely it is that it’ll be explained with some kind of reveal.

If they wanted people to move on from her, they would’ve given her a funeral and stopped talking about her but she’s still a huge focus two episodes later.

That’s not for no reason.

I can’t believe this moment actually happened. The most spontaneous decision of my life was to jump on the next bus and try to meet one of my favourite singers of all time, and it was by far the best. Thank you so much for this incredible moment that I will never forget. You have no idea how much this means to me and I’m really sorry we couldn’t get you that power cable. @tylerrjoseph @twentyonepilots