I think most people know that feeling. You’ve been on a trip, on a journey, and some amazing things happen. And you come home and you want things to stay like that but at the same time, it’s easy to fall back into your old pattern. And I think, you know, he definitely wants to honor and… I mean, there’s a connection with Brienne, for sure. At the same time, he’s like ‘could you just go away? I have enough on my fucking plate. This is driving me crazy.’
—  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau gives insight into GoT Season 4 [x]



Yato is letting Hiyori go?? This can’t be happening?? HELP? Look at his face. HE LOVES HIYORI SO MUCH.

The more they drag out what happened after Coda and what happened to Beth’s body, the more likely it is that it’ll be explained with some kind of reveal.

If they wanted people to move on from her, they would’ve given her a funeral and stopped talking about her but she’s still a huge focus two episodes later.

That’s not for no reason.

I can’t believe this moment actually happened. The most spontaneous decision of my life was to jump on the next bus and try to meet one of my favourite singers of all time, and it was by far the best. Thank you so much for this incredible moment that I will never forget. You have no idea how much this means to me and I’m really sorry we couldn’t get you that power cable. @tylerrjoseph @twentyonepilots


I was in the grocery store and spotted some copies of The Fault in Our Stars and decided that one of them needed a nerdfighter note. I hastily scribbled a note to leave, set it up so it’s noticeable by a someone interested in the book, and set off to check out the rest of the store. 


I rounded the corner and happened upon Esther’s beautiful smile! This was the first time I’ve seen the book apart from online and copies I’ve ordered [I haven’t had much chance to be in a book store lately] and wanted to commemorate it. So, This Star Won’t Go Out got a nerdfighter note as well! 

I hope whoever picks up both of these books enjoys both the notes and the books! 

[PS. I love that Esther was placed next to Malala. These two young women have greatly influenced my life in the past year.]

I need the dctv actors to stop trying to throw shade at the dceu

It happened with Arrow, with Flash, and now with that new addition to Supergirl (I forget who the new guy is going to play, some kind of pack leader? Idk) it brings us to three shows with actors that are unaware of how exactly to stay in their lanes. So I guess I’ll shout it again: NONE OF YOU WILL BE IN THE DC MOVIES. With the only exception I’ll accept being Katie Cassidy in some shape or form, none of the dctv actors will ever be in the movies as the characters they play/played on tv. That was never the plan with the shows and that will never be the plan for the shows, unless DC wants to Crisis on Infinite Earths the tv shows out of existence like it did with all the other superfluous Earths there were in the comics*. The characters on these shows are not only just as deviated from the comics (if not more; no, definitely more) as people seem to think the dceu characters are, but they don’t fit inside the framework of the dceu in the way the characters in the dceu developed for that version of earth.

This goes for the people that cast dctv actors for the roles announced for the dceu: I promise you when they get around to casting Captain Cold for the Flash movie that Wentworth Miller, no matter how great he was in the role and how he made it his own, will not be in the running.

I hate bringing up Marvel when I’m not specifically talking about them, but this whole mess started with them: if they didn’t insist in trying (and failing) to have a connected universe with tv and movies, then the actors/viewers for a completely different comic book company wouldn’t insist in pushing their televised faves onto the big screen, no matter how improbable it was. I just wish it would get though to some people.

*this “superfluous” adj. does not apply to Legends of Tomorrow or Supergirl (despite whatever that pack guy said); these shows have wonderful actors that do stay in their lanes. Oddly enough, so do the actors in Gotham, the one that will have the most recast iconic characters. Imagine that. Learn something, Flash and Arrow crew.

I had a dream about Captain, but I can’t remember what even happened. @grandshepherd

if you see me making posts where it seems like I’m panicking, please message me with one of the following messages, “everything is alright, focus on breathing” “you’re real and you’re safe” “breathe, calm down and breathe” or just distract me, I’ve been having terrible anxiety attacks this past week to the point where I literally cannot move or forget to breathe or pace around endlessly while hyperventilating and it’s been happening almost every couple of hours, and sometimes they get out of control and my thoughts go haywire. thank you 💕