Dearest Father,

I am NOT a 6 year old anymore. I don’t need someone to plan my “play-dates”. I don’t need someone to protect me from the dark. And I don’t need your closed-minded opinions. I’m am 17 years old and all I need right now more than ever is your trust. I need your support. I NEED you to understand that I know what I’m doing. I have right to my own decisions, friends, and future. Please know that I can’t always please and fulfill your “rules.” I’m growing up and it’s about time you relax a little or a lot. Trust me…I’m not like you. I’m not a reckless child. I have control of my life. I just wish you’d understand. The more control you want of me…the further you’re pushing me away. I wish you could see the amount of stress you put on me when you’re around. I love you dad, I really do….but don’t hold on too tight. It won’t be long before I break away.

Someone you’re pushing away.