some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.

Yona extra chapter spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona extra chapter “The years come and go” summary with pics

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I’m just so sick of things! I’ve never been a girl bragging about stupid teenage problems and because of this my friends think that everything is okay with me, I should be the one source of their laughter and they should always see me smiling. But guess what, I am not perfect. I just don’t like to show things and that is because I know how life and family is valuable. As long as I have them, I think that I will be okay but sometimes I just feel well when I lose one of those. Just because I actually like my face and my body doesn’t mean that I am a snob. My life isn’t always pink and perfect just because I’m always funny or smiling. I wish someone, at least someone would understand.

How I feel.

I feel as if I’m alone, alone on everything. When I speak everyone has something negative to say about it and make me wish that I never even opened my mouth. People don’t know me and I’m scared of them finding out who I am… the real me. I just wish someone would understand…. I mean all people have ever said to me…. it hurts….

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