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after watching movies that namjoon recommend (like leon and blue is the warmest color) i think namjoon is trying to tell us that he's trying to know about women deeper ?

Ohh i haven’t thought about it in that way, but i guess you have a point there! Namjoon is kind of person who tries to grow and became better everyday, he tries to understand everyone! most of people aren’t capable of doing that

im not against non offending pedophiles who know what they are attracted to is wrong.
im not against non offending pedophiles who to seek help to cope with the stress and everything that comes with it- especially if they cant stop it.
i honestly am a very kind and caring person and i want to help as many people as i can.
i would never wish harm upon someone who understands the problems that they have with that kind of thing.
theres good and bad people of everything.
i get it.

im as much of a hopeless romantic as the next fool over here but u kno what? end the idea that to be in love you have to be 100% in love with whatever your partner does. and i know there’s the “love them for their flaws” cliché but nah. you don’t have to love every single part of them. you don’t even have to love 90% of them. you just have to love however much of them is good enough for you and good enough for them and you’re both fine. there isn’t any magical mx. right waiting out there for everyone, so instead of framing the issue as “you should settle” i wish people would frame it more as “to love someone is to understand they have flaws and decide they aren’t as important as what you like about them.”


I never knew what true loneliness felt until I was contemplating death.
Wishing I could share my thoughts with someone who would understand.
Someone like me.
Someone true.
Some with good intentions.
In the 8th grade I was bullied so much I sat alone everyday.
In 10th grade I tried to kill myself. I failed.
My family abused me.
I was alone then.
It wasn’t until I met you that I thought I could breathe a little.
Live a little
I had tried so hard to make you happy.
I really did.
I was so faithful.
But still you stopped loving me. And I guess you can’t love someone who doesn’t love themselves?
I used to tell myself you loved me.
I changed for you.
Became thinner. Prettier.
But it wasn’t enough.
I wasn’t enough.
So I buried myself in work and study
Wishing it all away.
And then as I’m 22
And feel the weight of the world on my shoulders
I was back to where I started.
And so hurt.
And suffocating on the words never spoken to you.

do you ever run your hands through your hair and rub your scalp and think “holy shitballs this feels so good oh man I wish someone would do this whenever I wanted” and then suddenly you understand pets and everything is different