Now that PTX is getting more and more successful negative press is starting to pop up like wildfire!

I hate that we as Christians, or just human beings, can be so judgmental and cruel.

I wish that people would understand that what someone does in their own lives is no one else’s business

Respect…something that more ppl should do

Sorry for ranting

Here is the link for anyone who wants to check out the whole article

there is a difference between someone being mean to you and fullblown oppression i wish ppl would understand this more and then maybe tumblr discourse wouldnt be so exhausting

INFJ Confession #891

I have lots of friends that I can have a conversation with, a few that I can hang out with, one or two that I can open up to, but I really don’t have anyone I can just tell anything to. I really wish I had someone that would genuinely understand me.

INFJ Confession #892

I have lots of friends that I can have a conversation with, a few that I can hang out with, one or two that I can open up to, but I really don’t have anyone I can just tell anything to. I really wish I had someone that would genuinely understand me.

do you ever run your hands through your hair and rub your scalp and think “holy shitballs this feels so good oh man I wish someone would do this whenever I wanted” and then suddenly you understand pets and everything is different

I’m just so sick of things! I’ve never been a girl bragging about stupid teenage problems and because of this my friends think that everything is okay with me, I should be the one source of their laughter and they should always see me smiling. But guess what, I am not perfect. I just don’t like to show things and that is because I know how life and family is valuable. As long as I have them, I think that I will be okay but sometimes I just feel well when I lose one of those. Just because I actually like my face and my body doesn’t mean that I am a snob. My life isn’t always pink and perfect just because I’m always funny or smiling. I wish someone, at least someone would understand.

I wish everyone would understand this. Being close to someone emotionally doesn’t require their physical presence 100% of the time. You don’t have to be with someone in person to love them.


I never knew what true loneliness felt until I was contemplating death.
Wishing I could share my thoughts with someone who would understand.
Someone like me.
Someone true.
Some with good intentions.
In the 8th grade I was bullied so much I sat alone everyday.
In 10th grade I tried to kill myself. I failed.
My family abused me.
I was alone then.
It wasn’t until I met you that I thought I could breathe a little.
Live a little
I had tried so hard to make you happy.
I really did.
I was so faithful.
But still you stopped loving me. And I guess you can’t love someone who doesn’t love themselves?
I used to tell myself you loved me.
I changed for you.
Became thinner. Prettier.
But it wasn’t enough.
I wasn’t enough.
So I buried myself in work and study
Wishing it all away.
And then as I’m 22
And feel the weight of the world on my shoulders
I was back to where I started.
And so hurt.
And suffocating on the words never spoken to you.

It’s hard being a sensitive male in a world that expects you to not feel a thing. That’s what I’ve been pretending to do, haven’t I? Since I was a kid, I’ve learnt to bottle it all up.
But I am sensitive. Little things affect me. I notice everything. I bruise easily. That’s how I’m so good at understanding everyone around me. I wish for once someone would understand me too. Even if for a little while, when I could let go of the fences and charades. You said you love me. That you really do. But you already have an end planned for us, you just want me there when you need me. It took me quite a while to understand that need and want are different things. You shouted at me yesterday for no fault of mine. You expect me to make everything better. That’s what you need me for, to make your life easier. Yes I’m good at that. I’d sacrifice my bits and pieces for your flashes of happiness. Did it ever cross your mind to do the same for me once in a while? You ask me why don’t I believe you anymore when you tell me those stupid three words?
You’re the reason I no longer believe that love lasts. No matter how hard I want to believe, like I used to, I hear your words.. that you want to end it as soon as we get out of college. I’m afraid to ask for it because I don’t want to ruin what we have now. Because if I left you’d be all alone and you won’t be able to handle it. That’s what you need me for, don’t you? to fill in the emptiness while you’re here. I’m coming to terms with it. I’m no longer the person who believed in love and romance. I’m getting comfortable with being alone. I’m making a home in myself. I’d never blame you for what you did to me. I let you. So it’s basically my fault. I’d never let you know. You have enough on your plate for now. I’ll be alright.. I always have been. Alone is what I have now, behind the fake smile that I put up with you, alone is what protects me.

I should be able to feel safe talking about stuff like executive dysfunction, auditory processing disorder, anxiety and comprehension issues without fearing that my mum will take it as proof that Im not competent and cant handle things and that she needs to take over/take the reigns. 

I wish mum would understand that theres a difference between supporting/helping someone, and taking over completely.

I wish someone would understand me so I wouldn’t feel so much like an outsider. Why do I keep trying to fit in with my family anyway? They’d never understand me.