Mun is feeling sad

Narrator: Good evening, people of the Internet. Remember us? Yes, it’s been quite a while hasn’t it? It feels like an eternity on our end-

Stacey: That’s just ‘cause we can’t tell time from here.

Narrator: Silence Stacey, I’m making a point. *ahem* Look, long story short our mun is very bored, very sad, and very lonely at the moment. While she still isn’t able to get the blog back and running as usual, she has relayed to us how much she misses her friends from this blog, and wishes for us all to interact for a bit.

Stacey: So, if anyone we used to interact with is out there that has a few minutes to spare, we’d appreciate a simple ask or message directed at either myself or Narrator. It’s not much, but right now she just needs something to get her mind off of life. Thank you in advance, and let’s have a bit of fun, yeah? I think she needs it.

anonymous asked:

The only reason I could say rihanna need to chill is because she's rich af. So even if she stops working for a certain period of time she'll still be able to live the rich life and be good financially speaking. But I don't she overbooking herself and is more busy than anybody else. I mean regular people work as much with a few breaks too. So idk why her fans think she needs a break so bad

What I see lots of artist say is they wish they would have lived in the moment more. That things go by sooo fast and they look back and don’t remember.. But in Rihanna’s case I feel that she has mastered the balance… She’s living her life… It won’t all be just a blur..

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I still remember when Jennifer Aniston won an Emmy while she was married to Brad Pitt and loads of people believed she only won because of all the hype around her relationship...I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same for Tom if he wins.

Wait she won an Emmy? For what? Oh probably Friends lol. 

Listen, is it wrong that I kinda don’t want Tom to win? I mean I wish him success and shit, I guess, but IDK. I kinda want anyone else to get it. NGL I mainly want black and brown people to win. Although I think Olivia Coleman is nominated too? And I wouldn’t be too upset if she won. Hmm…. Yeah I’m just being petty.

like seriously I remember when I was 16 (not even that long ago, but whaddya know I was still a minor!) and I took part in the Bi Discourse and I really believed in the monosexual/monosexism stuff and the number of adults who were ready to hop on a kids post and fight, bully, and misgender me were. weirdly high, especially since I wasn’t a big or popular blog by any means.

I also remember when a bi trans woman said she only wanted to date other bi people so she wouldn’t face biphobia or transphobia (I think she made a joke about okcupid and how she wished there was also an “I don’t wanna see or be seen by gay people” option, which was really obviously a joke) and a shitton of people attacked her and compared her to Christian heterosexual cis men. they threw slurs at her and harassed her for a solid two weeks before she deleted.

and like. the bi discourse™ is still really tame in comparison to the ace discourse™, yknow? I mean damn, you’d think people would learn that harassment is wrong and you shouldn’t bully kids but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯