What is seen can never be unseen
  • Seven: *throws open door to Zen's room with a shit eating grin* aha! you two are having se-
  • [truth of the matter was they really were]
  • Seven: shit, just wanted to make a joke, I regret my whole life, I wish I was never born but never mind me, continue please. I definitely didn't just see that zen does in fact have a tattoo on his ass,nope didn't see a thing
  • [he then disappeared off the face of the earth for a very long time]

Taehyun’s letter to the fans.

“Hello. This is Nam Tae Hyun. I am sorry that this unfortunate news was received by people who love me. There were a lot of events during that short or long time. I was really happy when I received undeserved love as WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun. Although this decision was made after a long discussion, my wish to make good music has not changed and I will meet you through other music and projects. Stay healthy in this cold weather and I genuinely thank everyone who is supporting me.

“From Nam Tae Hyun.”


The RFA and PostSurgery!MC

Mkay, so I got out of major surgery on Thursday and have been recuperating for the past two-three days or so.

“Golly, I wish Yoosung were here to give me hugs and take care of me after my surgery.”

Thus, my own self-serving headcanon post.


  • When you got out of surgery, you were super loopy
  • The medication you were on was very strong and as such you were really just sort of without a filter
  • You were gushing over him, which he found flattering, but only for a little bit because he could tell you were in pain, regardless
  • “Mm… To be honest, I don’t even care that I feel like I’m dying inside, because I just saw the rest of my life flash before my eyes, and you were there for all of it.”
  • “….Sweetie”
  • “Sweetie are you okay”
  • Over the next few days, you’re almost entirely in bed, your meds are making you really sleepy and while you can cut back, it also means that you’re in more pain
  • When this happens… Out comes the Cuddle Beast™
  • He can’t stand the thought of his true love being in pain
  • Offers to carry you everywhere you need to go
  • “Zen, sweetie, it’s fine… I have a wheelchair…”
  • “…But… But I can carry you”
  • Just let him do it why would you pass up the opportunity to be carried everywhere
  • Probably buys a MASSIVE amount of ice cream so that you have something easy on your stomach
  • Carries the TV into your room so that he doesn’t have to carry you into the living room to watch movies
  • Sets an alarm on his phone to remind you that you need to take your meds and give you kisses once they’re taken
  • Awww


  • She closed down the cafe for a week to make sure that you were doing okay
  • Made a bunch of freezer meals in preparation just in case you wouldn’t be well enough for her to make anything
  • Has a large array of DVDs and TV shows to binge watch while you’re recovering
  • All of Zen’s musicals, for example
  • “This is the perfect opportunity to watch them all the way through!”
  • How can you say no to a face like that
  • She’s the perfect nurse omg seems to have your med schedule in her head
  • Always ready with pillows if you’re uncomfortable
  • Coffee ice cream
  • So much coffee ice cream
  • Part of you feels guilty for letting her go to as much effort as she is but golly if she doesn’t secretly feel proud of herself for being such a good caretaker


  • BOI
  • Oh my God he’s so cute
  • …I, ah, don’t just mean in general but
  • Anyways
  • He also has a massive amount of ice cream on hand, but also is the type to make a lot of healthy meals while you’re off your feet
  • “Really, Yoosung, I’m fine with just… instant ramen or something… yOU DIDN’T HAVE TO MAKE CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP WITH HOMEMADE CHICKEN STOCK AND BISCUITS FROM SCRATCH”
  • “Oh, do you not like it? I can just make ramen”
  • He’s honestly super super worried I mean you’re obviously in pain how can he help
  • He’s a veterinarian, there really can’t be that much of a difference between taking care of a sick cat and taking care of a sick MC
  • Right?
  • Always has ice and pillows at the ready
  • He’s on his feet all the time bringing you stuff and trying to entertain him
  • He’s so tired my poor bby
  • At one point you tell him he’s going a little overboard, it’s okay sweetie, I’ll be okay, just cuddle with me for a while, okay?
  • You don’t have to say it twice, you have an armful of exhausted Yoosung in like 0.0002 seconds
  • Is no the self appointed Hug and Cuddle Master, dedicated to keeping you warm and comfortable
  • Sigh


  • Honestly he’s kind of VERY, VERY stressed out by this
  • Jumin is very rarely ill, he has the best doctors and nutritionists on hand at all times, there’s not much that can get him off of his feet
  • and on the rare occasion that he is sick, he has nurses to take care of him
  • So when he hears that you actually need surgery and there’s something majorly wrong with your body he’s just panicking like
  • “Oh God I have zero experience with this”
  • “Everything is going to be fine MC, I’ll get you the best doctors money can buy”
  • “Jumin it’s okay”
  • Poor nerdy baby is so worried for his best friend
  • When the surgery is over and you come out of the anesthetic, you are very, very out of it, and in your delirium, you tell him that his tie looks odd, and he deserves better
  • (definitely not something I did in the hospital, nope)
  • He never mentions it, but he doesn’t wear that tie any more
  • He hires a nurse for you, but he still remains by your side the entire time
  • eventually seems to realize that you aren’t as high maintenance as he was suspecting, and he can take care of you if you let him know what you want
  • So the nurse leaves, and you end up in Jumin’s lap while he’s feeding you soup
  • You can definitely hold a spoon, there’s nothing wrong with your arms, but you’re not going to tell him that


  • “Seven, if I see one more sexy nurse costume, I will hobble over to where you are, non-weight-bearing or not, and swing my cast at your head”
  • You’d be lying if you said it wasn’t funny the first few times though
  • Seven is by no means very good with health matters, he thinks it’s a good idea to give you PhD Pepper
  • You have to tell him what you need
  • At one point, you’re trying to get into the other room, and your wheelchair/rollabout tips over/crutches give out, and you fall on the floor
  • P A N I C
  • He almost screams and he rushes you over to the bed again, where you have to tell him over and over again that you’re okay, you’re not hurt, 
  • he’s like 10 more scared than you were he’s shaking the poor thing
  • After this, he doesn’t let you get up unless you absolutely HAVE to
  • Vanderwood helps him make decent food for once
  • The things they’ll do for you and Seven
  • Does his work in bed with you
  • At one point you forget your meds and you wake up crying and in pain and he manages to give you your meds but not before wrapping himself around you and crying with you he’s so upset and can’t see you hurt
  • “Everything will be okay, I promise, I’ll protect you and take care of you”


  • He really can’t do as much as he’d like to which makes him so upset
  • He can’t drive to the store and fill your prescriptions
  • Or find out how to make a good chicken noodle soup
  • But Jumin recognizes the issues that come with being blind and being a caretaker as well, so he sends over a nurse
  • He basically spends all of his time fawning over you and making sure you’re comfortable
  • Practically wrapped around you at all times
  • He has to know you’re all right, so he accompanies you everywhere
  • “V, sweetie, I know ou want to help, but I can go to the bathroom by myself”
  • “But what if you fall over?”
  • “V”
  • “Or hit your [insert body part that was operated on] on something?”
  • “V please”
  • C O N S T A N T   A N X I E T Y


  • Actually surprisingly capable
  • Saeran gets what it feels like to be so vulnerable
  • He grew up with virtually no immune system, he was sick all the time
  • He’s really good at deducing what you need and bringing it to you
  • “Hm… They keep coughing a little weird… They must need water, and they have a lot of blankets, so ice water”
  • “Oh, how did you know I need ice water? I didn’t even ask”
  • “…….Magic”
  • He’s very attentive, but don’t ask him to cook you anything please
  • He loves to make you ice cream because it means there’s an excuse to make  HIM ice cream
  • And you guys can sit and eat ice cream together while he paints your toenails
  • Because it’s surprisingly difficult to paint your toenails when they’re in a cast
  • They’re mint green, like his eyes
  • Whereas your fingernails are red, like his hair
  • He definitely gets the reference, but jokes that you look like a Christmas decoration
Wish You Were Here. (Zen + MC) Happy End

I’ve written a lot with this, so I put a read more link underneath the first couple of paragraphs! hope you enjoy! xx (this post is the happy end to this headcanon)

Tears dripped onto the magazine you held in your lap, his expression dull and eyes looking almost sunken into his face as he gave the camera a dead eye. You’d never seen him look horrible; especially on the front cover of an issue, and that’s how you knew that just maybe, you weren’t the only one currently suffering from what had happened.

You both haven’t spoken to each other in a month, you refusing to enter the chatroom because whenever you did so, he entered and spammed it with apologies and endless I love you’s. But it wasn’t enough to make you forget what you saw, forget the endless pain that you felt when you turned to run away and didn’t hear his voice behind you calling for you to come back.

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Big Bang reaction to kissing you at midnight on New Year's Eve


I hope you guys are healthy and I wish you the most happiest year and I hope you get lots of kisses from your s/o and please love Big Bang a lot even tho they will enlist in army soon.

[to make it interesting let’s say you were just really good friends and he confessed to you right now and then kissed you]


This year his boss Yang Hyun-suk invited all YG artist and each of them could bring a close friend so he decided to take you. He took you on the roof of the building where you could see th whole Seoul. He was suddenly standing really close to you, but you didn’t lean back.
“Y/N I am so happy I am here with you. I always want to be with only YOU.”He softly kissed you, but when he felt you returned the kiss he didn’t stop, he just made it more passionate. The fireworks started and you ended the kiss to hold his hand and watch them. After the kiss you both went back in holding hands and people clapped, you were confused, but then Seungri explained he saw everything and might have said something while he was on stage talking. After that TopRi relationship got little intense.

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This New Year’s Eve you decided to be with other Big Bang members. It was really fun and few others came too. When it was almost midnight he took you out on the glassy balcony on the 2nd floor. You felt strange, because you were never actually alone with him. Your hand was on the fence and suddenly his hand was covering yours.
“You know you make my heart flutter.” he said and kissed you.He never wanted the kiss to end….but there was that one guy called T.O.P who kind of saw you kissing and really wanted to wish you happy New Year. GD got really awkward and so did T.O.P but at least he wished you both happy New Year and great relationship.  

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He was planning this for a couple months now and so he invited you to a New Year’s Eve party. You had no idea that would mean only you and him in his apartment. It was very romantic and there was path made of roses. You couldn’t feel more happy about this. He wanted to make clear he liked you a lot and you liked him too. It was funny since you just talked and played games and watched movies all day. but the clock was ticking and it was almost midnight. He lives on the top floor and you had great view of the city, when he softly caressed your arm and held your hand.
“I hope you know what I’m about to say, because I waited so long to tell you this. I love you.” it was you who kissed him right after his sentance ended.He was feeling like he just won the lottery. After all this waiting it finally paid off. He promised to take good care of you and to make you the happiest woman on this planet.

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He invited you to GD’s  New Year’s Eve party since GD said to invite you too. You were good friends with all of the members, but you liked Daesung the most. You got all dressed up and get your make up and hair done for the party. When you arrived he couldn’t take his eyes of you. Everybody started to count down, but Daesung grabbed your hand and pulled you to the hallway. His hand was on the wall, blocking your way and he was getting closer.
“You are my only wish for this year” He kissed you. He could feel you felt the same way. He really couldn’t help himself but to get even closer and feel the warmth of your body. He was thinking how he wishes this moment will last forever… But forever didn’t last long since Taeyang found you two and he awkwardly left the hallway.

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He and you were invited to a big party hosted by one and only GD. You were best friends ever since you met in high school even tho you hated each other then. You enjoyed the party and it was almost midnight. He wanted you to go with him upstairs where you could see the whole party hall.You were just talking like usually he was just way too flirty than usually. It was only 10 seconds until midnight. He held both of your hands and looked deeply in your eyes.
“This will blow your mind.” That’s what he said and kissed you. He was finally gonna have you, he thought. He was so happy that he could finally confess to his own way. As he said to his hyungs to look up for midnight he meant to look at him and how happy he looked while kissing you. They did look up, but not at him, but the fireworks. He did brag to them right that moment when you both went back down. 

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Jumin's Birthday
  • <p> <b>MC:</b> Happy birthday, Oppa! I love you!<p/><b>Jaehee:</b> Happy birthday, Mr. Han. I sincerely wish you <strike>refrain from starting any kind of cat projects as you grow older</strike> all the best.<p/><b>Yoosung:</b> Happy birthday, Jumin! If Rika were here I'm sure you <strike>no actually it's me</strike> would be very happy!<p/><b>707:</b> *will possibly break through all the security systems in Jumin's penthouse and secretly put a collar on Elly that has a speaker that automatically says "does Jumin Han is gay" everytime she meows as a birthday prank*<p/><b>Zen:</b> NO. *while secretly composing the right words to congratulate Jumin on the messenger*<p/></p>
Mystic messenger in real life

*In bed with MC*

*At 2 am*
*rises like robot*
707: well look at the time!
707: are you awake?
707: well its kinda late,
707: you know the other day I did this and that, (etc.
707: *expects reply*
707: I have midnight thoughts as well,(etc.
707: * expects reply *
707: blah blah blah
707: *stares*
707: you know, I wish you were awake.
707: * continues talking *
707: *stares at you expecting some reply*
707: and this and that and this and that-
707: *expects reply*
707: well I-
MC : I get it, but we aren’t In. A. FuCking chatroom. AnymorE. StoP

Kim Gu Ra: Am I abnormal for letting my son do everything he wants?

MC GREE: I actually make money on my own and do other duties as his child. My dad’s public image wasn’t that great, but with my cuteness when I was younger, I think I improved his image. 30% of his success is aided by me. Now I know how I’m supposed to behave so the pressure isn’t as bad as it used to be, but I am worried about making mistakes because I don’t want to affect my dad negatively… It’s worse because I am also in the entertainment industry. Like earlier, when we were discussing alcohol, I was cautious about making comments.

Jun Hyun Moo: What do you wish your dad wouldn’t make you do?

MC GREE: I really don’t like it when he asks me to do freestyle rap. I have to do it when we’re on the air live, but it’s usually not good, and I feel so embarrassed thinking about it later.

Jun Hyun Moo: Jessi also hates it. She said that she was going to kill me if I asked her to.


You purposely dropped it, right? My sheet music. You put a lot of effort into pretending it was an accident but it was super obvious. But what to do? I memorized all the pieces.
Are you bragging that you’re a prodigy right now?
No. How many times do I have to tell you? I’m telling you I’m not a genius. It’s just…you’re nothing special.


Merry Christmas! 

It comes to an end of 2015. Just wanna stop by and thanks those amazing people on my dash who make my year happy. Also, my blog just hits 10,000 followers (a few hours ago). Thank you so much for my followers who are still following me after a long hiatus. Although this year my days were so hard, I am so thankful that I have my friends who take care me and some incredible people who inspire me a lot.

I wish all the people on earth have a wonderful Christmas! Wish a lot of luck and happiness and love to you guys!

P.S. I hope my gifset work. I have counted the time right but they don’t move in the right order as I see now. So I don’t know ㅠ ㅠ 

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