Jumin's Birthday
  • MC:Happy birthday, Oppa! I love you!
  • Jaehee:Happy birthday, Mr. Han. I sincerely wish you <strike>refrain from starting any kind of cat projects as you grow older</strike> all the best.
  • Yoosung:Happy birthday, Jumin! If Rika were here I'm sure you <strike>no actually it's me</strike> would be very happy!
  • 707:*will possibly break through all the security systems in Jumin's penthouse and secretly put a collar on Elly that has a speaker that automatically says "does Jumin Han is gay" everytime she meows as a birthday prank*
  • Zen:NO. *while secretly composing the right words to congratulate Jumin on the messenger*
Got7's Junior talks about his acting in 'My Love Eundong'

Article: ‘Eundong-ah’ Got7 Junior, “I didn’t want to be embarrassed playing Joo Jin Mo’s child role”

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+3,170, -37] He’s the model rookie. Good mindset but I mostly like that he’s a good actor too.

2. [+2,842, -38] His scenes were short but teen Hyun Soo left the most lasting impression on me… and now reading this interview, I see that he’s humble as well. I wish to see more of his acting.

3. [+2,446, -27] His acting was great! Started watching 'Eundong’ after falling for Junior ㅎㅎ

4. [+2,055, -22] Natural acting and really pulled off the emotional bits as well~ A rising star to look forward to~

5. [+339, -2] Realized now that his stage name is Junior because his name is Park Jin Young

6. [+337, -1] His acting left an impression. I even had to look up who this actor was because I was that curious.

7. [+329, -1] Probably wouldn’t have continued watching the drama if not for Junior-ssi. He really set the drama off to a good start.

8. [+321, -0] He’s not your traditional handsome face but like Kim Soo Hyun in “Will it snow on Christmas”, he has a type of charm that makes you fall for him bit by bit



Merry Christmas! 

It comes to an end of 2015. Just wanna stop by and thanks those amazing people on my dash who make my year happy. Also, my blog just hits 10,000 followers (a few hours ago). Thank you so much for my followers who are still following me after a long hiatus. Although this year my days were so hard, I am so thankful that I have my friends who take care me and some incredible people who inspire me a lot.

I wish all the people on earth have a wonderful Christmas! Wish a lot of luck and happiness and love to you guys!

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You purposely dropped it, right? My sheet music. You put a lot of effort into pretending it was an accident but it was super obvious. But what to do? I memorized all the pieces.
Are you bragging that you’re a prodigy right now?
No. How many times do I have to tell you? I’m telling you I’m not a genius. It’s just…you’re nothing special.

Mun: I did this one as a group scenario to keep it from being too repatative, I hope that’s okay. I wish you well, Nonnie!


The party had been going splendidly so far. Everyone was mingling, the guests were enjoying snacks and drinks from a bar specially set up for them, and the RFA was having an overall great time. Zen was chatting up a potential manager; Jaehee was relaxing and being more of a wallflower, with a cup of coffee in her hands; Yoosung was fooling around with guild members he had met in person for the first time; Jumin was speaking with various people about possible business ventures; and Seven was watching it all, a huge, dorky smile on his face. That is, until he noticed MC. Standing alone. And…. Were they talking to them self? Seven stealthily made his way around the room, discreetly getting the attention of the other RFA members, alerting them to the unusual behavior. He had noticed MC talking to them self in the apartment all the time, but he’d never really thought much of it. The other members all excused themselves, making their way with Seven to check on MC.

They were all worried when they noticed MC wasn’t just speaking, they were holding half a conversation, answering the invisible party they seemed to be engaged with. Yoosung was the first to make a move, placing a hand on MC’s shoulder. “MC… Who are you talking to?” he asked softly.

MC turned with a smile, explaining that this was a very good friend they hadn’t seen in a long time, that they were just catching up.

“MC…” they all whispered at the same time, but Jumin continued quickest. “There’s… No one there, MC.”

There was an uncomfortable silence around the group, and each of them was thankful no other guests had noticed what was going on.

“I….” MC looked to each of them, then back to the “friend” they had just been conversing with. “But he’s right there! How can you not see him?!”

“MC, no…” Jaehee now placed a hand on MC’s shoulder, sympathy and worry shining in her eyes. “No, no one’s there.”

Zen and Seven exchanged looks, and Seven decided to speak up. “MC, you need to tell them.” MC’s (color) eyes began welling up with tears as various questions were asked among the small group. When Jumin motioned for silence, everyone immediately complied.

“I… I have schizophrenia…” MC admitted, beginning to sob gently.

Each member, save Seven, gave MC a look of sympathy, speaking one at a time. “Why didn’t you tell us sooner?” “You’re okay, aren’t you?” “Do you need a doctor?” “You can talk to me if it’ll help!” But then they all realized the same, and turned to Seven. Before any of them could chastise him, MC spoke again. “I asked Seven not to tell you guys… I didn’t want you worrying because I thought my medicine was helping…” Again, sobs racked their frame. “I’m so sorry…”

They all gave various degrees of sighs, huddling in to hug MC. “We’re here for you, okay?” Yoosung smiled and hugged MC the closest. “This doesn’t change anything,” Jumin offered as reassurance. “We’ll make sure to take extra care of you now, MC!” Zen practically sang. Jaehee was starved for words but gave a soft kiss to MC’s cheek. Seven was the last to speak up.

“We’ll help you through this in any way we can.”