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Forte stumbled out of the elevator, her stomach churning as she tried to process everything that had happened. One life was gone, stolen by another, and that life was stolen… This time by their own hands.

She wasn’t sure what was worse: that or the fact that others revelled in it. Both were equally disgusting, but maybe it was the latter which took the cake. A shuddering sigh escaped her lips as she recalled a conversation she won’t soon forget.

“Graah! I wish I could just kill that bastard manager!”

“Hyun-Ae, don’t say that. I know you don’t mean it but still… We aren’t gods, and while I agree he is a terrible person… It doesn’t justify those kinds of thoughts.”

“Eh? You don’t wish him dead?”

“No, of course not. Maybe it’s silly of me to believe, but no matter what, no one deserves death…”

“Because they have the potential to be something great.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she slumped against the wall. Did… The trial drain more out of her than she realized? Fuck–her vision blurred and the world shifted beneath her feet as she took one more step. Before she knew it…


clark-kent-kal-el  asked:

I understand people are hopping on Hyun Min x Ha Won ship from C4K and all, but Hyun Min is using Ha Won. He is never in love with her. He is fascinated by her, but he treats her like a toy. In the EP 4, when he mentions about giving her a house before even dating, he is intent to get Ha Won kicked out of the house. Quite frankly, Hyun Min is using her to get back at Hye Ji for hanging out w/ JW.

(2) So if I were scriptwriter, I would have Ha Won take the college money after fulfilling missions and date Secretary. He’s the only mature adult who respects her and cooks for her.

Hello love! Oh how I wish I didn’t have a huge issue with age gaps. I really struggle to accept romantic relationships with such a big age difference. And never before have I hated the fact that I do, then when I watch Cinderella and Four Knights. Because you’re right, the secretary is the only man in the series that treats Ha Won with maturity, care and respect, in the way that Hyun Min and Ji Woon don’t. I want so badly to be okay with it, so I can comfortably ship them tbh.

But alas, since that’s a huge problem for me to get past, I can’t see a romantic relationship between her and the secretary. It’s just a personal thing I guess? 

As for Hyun Min, no, he doesn’t love Ha Won. Not yet. But it’s impossible for him to love her at this stage because he still has a lot of growing up to do, and they’ve only just gotten to know each other. It takes a lot of growth and development, and chemistry, for a romance to blossom. I disagree with you that Hyun Min treats her like a toy, because while he sees her as someone who can help him act out and get back at his grandpa, he never gets physical with her. And he never forces her into anything. Nothing that Ha Won wouldn’t be able to just say no to. Because we know that if Ha Won really didn’t want to play along with Hyun Min, she wouldn’t. She’d put him in his place and not waste time doing exactly what she did to Ji Woon when he roughed her up/pushed her up against the wall. She’s not someone to be easily messed with. So to me, she clearly enjoys their banter, Hyun Min’s playfulness, and there’s some level of comfort there. I think what makes her uncomfortable with Hyun Min is her attraction to him because she knows he’s a playboy and that he’s a natural flirt. And she’s resisting the attraction. 

When he mentions giving her a house, I interpreted it more as him telling her that her mission is hopeless and he can’t see why she’s still trying. And it’s his way of compensation? For all her effort? In a way? And the dating part was half joking, half not, because he’s slowly becoming attracted to her (eg. his kiss dream at the beginning of episode 4). I think Hyun Min genuinely is starting to enjoy spending his time with Ha Won, I mean we even see him looking for her qualities in other women, because she’s quickly setting a standard. So I don’t think toy is the right word for what he sees Ha Won as. Because he genuinely enjoys spending time with her, talking to her.  

As for Hyun Min using her to get back at Hye Jin. I don’t think that’s it. Hye Jin is the one who is constantly obsessively chasing after him, and acting like she has claim to him. Hyun Min just wants to be left alone, and that’s why he is a bit of an asshole to her and he uses the situation around him in those moments to continually push her away and get her to stop coming around. And from his perspective, I understand that. Because when someone clearly can’t understand “no, I don’t want you in my life”, you’re going to do what you can to push them away. Especially if that’s someone you’ve been close to since childhood, and they’ve hurt you deeply. Which I’m getting the feeling that Hye Jin did something to hurt Hyun Min pretty badly. Because Hyun Min doesn’t normally outright hurt women. He doesn’t go out of his way to be mean to them. He dates them, has fun with them till he is bored, then breaks up with them. But he’s only really hostile with Hye Jin. It may have something to do with Ji Woon? But also it might not, since if Ji Woon was the problem, Hye Jin would probably just have cut Ji Woon out of her life because of how obsessively she wants Hyun Min. Also Hye Jin is the one who keeps showing up, Hyun Min doesn’t actively look for her. She’s the one who comes to him, otherwise he would just leave her alone tbh. I think. 

For all Hyun Min’s faults, and as much as he is as ass, the reason I don’t hate him, is because in comparison to Ji Woon, he’s basically a hyperactive hurt puppy that’s searching for love and affection but fails every time because he doesn’t know how to bring his walls down. He hasn’t grown up just yet, or resolved all the hurt/pain he has inside. And something I like about him, is that he’s a huge flirt and tease. But for all his assholery, he doesn’t ever take away a woman’s choice and agency. He plays around but he never truly forces anything on her. It’s all about choice. Also Hyun Min hurts with words i’ve noticed, while Ji Woon is all about the physical. 

With Ji Woon, he continually plays the victim, disregards anyone else’s feelings, has violent undertones in all his interactions with Ha Won tbh, and violent undertones in general. Like even when he’s not violent with Ha Won, it’s just super uncomfortable? Because you can tell she’s frightened AF of him. And while she’s strong and will fight back, when it comes to Ji Woon she really is quite scared of him. There’s some hesitation due to fear I think. Also he acts self righteous, which I hate because psst. Hey buddy. You’re not the only one who’s hurting. You’re not the only one with problems. And your problems don’t give you an excuse to hurt others. You’re not on some moral high ground that means you can go around judging how people treat each other when you can’t treat people well either and 90% of the time you treat them much much worse. I think he’s the cousin who has the most growing up to do.

This is a very long winded way to say, that I think this ask is a response to this post of mine (x) . And I wasn’t specifically stating that Hyun Min should necessarily end up with Ha Won. I just think it’s hypocritical for him to be so mad at the way Hyun Min treats Hye Jin, when he treats Ha Won way worse. And at least Hyun Min is acting this way because he’s rejected Hye Jin and told her he doesn’t want her but she won’t leave him alone. Whether he has lingering feelings for Hye Jin or not, boy wants space and she’s not giving it to him so he acts that way. What’s Ji Woon’s reason for threatening Ha Won and being consistently hostile to her to the point where she’s frightened of him? Nothing. She has literally done jack shit to deserve hostility. In saying all this, I won’t complain if she ends up with the secretary, but I just. age gaps. I have a real problem with huge age gaps? :| 

PS. OMG . SORRY FOR THE LONG RESPONSE. This is all just my own thoughts and opinions and by no means am imposing them on you if you disagree.