one thing i love about bigbang is how honest they are to vips. and so im gonna keep it real right now. i wasnt here from the start. i wish i could say ive been here since the beginning, cheering them on, celebrating their wins and supporting them during hardships… but as frustrating as it is i cant. i wasnt here in the past, so i dont know what it was like. when it comes to the present though i KNOW that today, right now, bigbang is one of the most important things in my life. a huge source of strength, happiness, energy and vitality. the years ive spent and will spend with bigbang are extremely precious to me and i will cherish them forever. so thank you bigbang for the smiles and the laughs, for encouraging me to fight for my dreams, for making me strong during hard times and for helping me become a better version of myself. i know how much impact you can have in vips’ lives. hopefully we vips can fill your lives with the same energy. keep living gracefully, stay healthy and surround yourself with happiness. today is yours, and every other day after that, so together let’s make it great ones. 

happy 10th anniversary, bigbang 🙏🙏

im in such a shitty frame of mind where im like. just wishing shit was different u kno. like i wish the circumstances of my family were different. i wish everyone here wasnt so miserable