Stupid fnaf thoughts

Ok so i am sat here and a thought came to me whilst watching people

If springtrap is out and about in 2017 after a 30 year imprisonment… springy in 2017 fashion, vaping in the park late at night, getting frustrated at his clunky finger pads not working on his new smartphone. Wearing stupid emoji teeshirts over the suit and playing Ed Sheeran out from his bluetooth speaker.

Mmmm 90s fashion ennard and 2017 fashion springtrap mmmm these are ideas i need to think about mmmmmmmm

I WISH i could kill myself so people would pretend to care about me. All the fake people who say hi to me when I go back to my high school who actually couldn’t give a single fuck about me. Everyone who acts like they care but doesnt know me at all. I dont even care anymore i just wish i wasnt here i wish i could die