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People think football is a violent contact sport. But football players got nothing on hockey players. Hockey players wear less padding, there’s razor sharp blades on their feet, only sport where fighting is allowed without suspension, they got 100+ mph clumps of rubber being shot at them, football players get a bruise and miss 3 games, hockey players break bones and miss 3 minutes. In American football, hair pulling is allowed. In hockey, bare knuckle fights are allowed.


got a haircut :o i never had hair this short before.. the man was nice enough to straighten it for me as well uwu

-tohruhonda replied to your post: I feel like no one notices me in the Digimon…

But I love your blog…You’re the number one on my crushes. :)


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IT’s ok! They just don’t realize how awesome you are!?!?!?!?

nah, I’m a lazy gif-er and dejimon covers all fan art so I don’t post as much anymore I guess??

I got tagged yo~

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1) What’s your tumblr story? Who/what made you join?
 Uuuuhhh as far as i remember, i just saw loads of youtubers on twitter putting tumblr links and so i was like ‘ehh i’ll give it a go’

2) Favourite book?
 At the minute I think it’ll have to be The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. It’s a really good read i strongly recommend it if you haven’t read it already

3)What Disney character do you think you’re most like?
 Maybe Ariel? Just coz I don’t think most things through

4)On a scale to Matt Smith, how clumsy are you?
 It varies, but usually I’m around a Matt Smith

5)If I gave you the money to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
 It’s a toss up between either Comic Con or Rome because Comic Con is… well Comic Con and Rome is just so interesting

6)What is the weirdest dream you’ve had?
 Let me tell you that every dream i’ve had has been pretty bonkers (with the exceptions of like 3), but I think it might be the one where I went on some school trip where everyone brought their parents and Tyler Oakley was there and we both had braces? (idk i have a lot of dreams about youtubers) Or maybe when I was a vampire hunter and i was riding this weird caterpillar-horse-dog-thing whilst being chased by a haunted coconut…. yeah i’d say it’s that one

7) Do you have a weird talent/party trick?
 Uhhh I can spread my toes pretty far apart… ?

8)Pizza or pasta?

9) Grab the nearest book, go to page 63 and give me the 9th line.
 OK it’s called Captain John Emmett by Elizabeth Speller and the line iisss: Mary looked thoughtful.
(yeah sorry that was a bit of an anticlimax)

10) If the Doctor asked you to be his new companion, how would you respond?
 I’d like to think I’d be really calm and collected like 'yeah that sounds amazing!’ but it’d probably be more like 'uhm yeah sure that sounds cool but like only if you wouldn’t mind…’ and i’d just kinda stand there awkwardly looking like I didn’t want to go whereas on the inside i’d be like 'ASDHJFKDSOHVNSFFFFFASBIPVAKJRG!!!’

11) What celeb/fictional character would you most like to have as a roommate?
 Maybe Nobody Owens from that book I talked about for 2? I feel he’d be good to talk to but also wouldn’t be too invasive of you’re personal space

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  3. Would you rather go forwards or backwards in time and why?
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  6. Orange juice or apple juice?
  7. What would be your dream job for now or the future?
  8. What makes you the most stressed?
  9. What’s your favourite smell?
  10. What’s your worst habit?
  11. Give a random fact about yourself (sorry I was running out of ideas…)

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